Monday, December 31, 2007

The end of 07

You know what I really like....checking facebook messages and wall post in my webmail. Its great, maybe I should look into that facebook mobile crap. I mean, Its nice to communicate with people and not have that annoying blue and white shit everywhere. So its new years, and that means that another year of crazy ass bitches. I've had a few this year. Man, when I sit and look back at it, I've done pretty good. I have a lot to be thnkful for, and for all the bitchin I do, Its nice and comfoting to look back and say wow, I'm really lucky. Oh, carmelo, facebooked me, I'm def just ignoring that, its a new year, I need to get a good start in a new direction. Maybe a few Awards...

Friday, December 28, 2007

I see you Stack!

pwned! I can't wait to make my NBA photos album

new teams vs dolphins

OK, realistically speaking. Why does everyone think that the patriots are unstoppable. I think Its not fair to compare the dolphins to the patriots and say that the patriots are stronger and faster so they'd win. Instead, you have to see how the dolphins matched up against their era. They'll never be able to play each other so its silly to think if you put them on the same field they'd be less talented than the pats. I mean, all the medical innovations and training programs guys have now its a no brainer. The thing is, lets look at how strong the dolphins were compared to their peers. How fast were they amongst their counterparts. Thats how you judge speed, and power. I mean, speed and power alone, I think the jaguars would beat the 72 dolphins. So I don't know who would win, but people will always think they're own era's athletes are superior to the past. period. Lets just wait 30 years and see what we think about the patriots.

Be there or be square...whoever came up with that, you suck.

I wanna get that Chelsea Handler(above) book, and the 30 Rock DVD.

I was freestylin today, It was pretty wack but some of it ended up being pretty tight. oh well, I know this, my dream isn't something I can share with everyone because people will try and take that dream away from you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Heating up?

So this needs to get going. Posts everyday til the new year, which means, you get w/e the hell i'm thinkin about at the moment.

The Heat are terrible. Shaq looks like a big black bean bag, and d-wade got clowned on the wrong end of a sportscenter top ten.

Christmas was cool though. I got the Lost season 3 DVD. nice.

I hope the patriots lose. I want tom to throw no TDs and Randy to break his leg. I can't stand the patriots and they need to be stopped.

The Gauntlet looks to be coming back pretty soon. I'm pumped, I'm also a little upset because I think real world'll be coming to an end pretty soon. Isaac, Kelly Anne, Dunbar, Parisa and comp have really grown on me. They're the only staple on Wednesday night TV.

Speaking of TV, reality is getting really bad. The duel, that dance off challenge, clash of the choirs, mom and daughter pagaent. Well, at least clash is cool, I really like team lachey's bumblebee song.

I need to find a way to get a camera.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wack Awards

If you get one of these awards basically, you're wack.

Zac Efron- you're wack because you're orange and I'm 100% sure that you are a douche bag in real life. I don't buy one second of that interview you had on the view. btw, you look a lot like dani, who should have been chosen by....

Tila Tequila- You have no talent. You are a myspace whore whose fame will probably only last as long as you can crank out these shots of love. A shot at love...more like a shot at herpes.

Kim Kardashian- Are you serious? now you do have a big ole booty. and I love that, but as soon as you open your mouth and don't have ray j's penis it, you blow it for me(poor choice of words) I can't stand your show, and the only people worse than you are your sisters trying to reach stardom on the coattails of their extape heiress sister. And you're mom, wow, she really thinks she's a star. Guess what bitch, when the make-up comes off, you're old wrinkley, and smelly. You're almost as bad as the next person.

Sister Patterson; you suck. at everything. and you obviously did a bang up job raising tiffany. I mean I bet you got to tell all your friends how adorable it was when the entertainer decided to slurp the nastiness that is the foot of new york. at least its not like you're daughter is sleeping with a man for his money. good work sister patterson, (mr. patterson?, you gotta say it like the agent from the matrix, mr. patterson...) make sure your weave looks good for season 3. That face...(ughlpgh...)

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Of all the chalie brown's in the world I feel like the charlie browniest. I mean, its christmas, but I'm really not excited. I'm not upset, but I'm certainly not pumped. I used to love christmas. Oh well, maybe it has something to do with Carmelo. I called her on her b-day. I called her a few weeks ago. Nothing.

I was thinking about calling her again sometime over break, but I think I'm done. If she wanted me to stop calling, then great. She gets her wish. Merry Christmas. But what if thats not the case at all, I make an effort and she doesnt respond, I'm not gonna put myself out there like that. Fuck her. And I care about her. But I'm gonna need some not seeing her time to really make it sink in this time. I got a new girl though. Andrew Bynum.

Maybe things'll work out with her. I can't wait to start giving out awards and doing my very own best ofs. I'm gonna do that between now and the first week of the year. So basically I'm back to where I started. This is for me, this is for me to practice. I'm gonna make it big one day. No better way to hone my craft than starting right now.

I need to get a video camera too. That would be real tight, make a bunch of boring documentaries but what evs. I might do a "My date with Tina Fey" kinda thing. Although, me and my noy were talking about this, I might not be able to get away with a white chick. Probably latina, My Date with Salma Hayek?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So...where to?

Yup, its almost been a month and I haven't posted. Its time to catch up. Babe of the day goes to Miss Tina Fey. 30 Rock is hilarious, but its about to go off the air soon because of this writers strike. I wish I could work for her...
So what happened in the last 30 days:

Dexter has been incredible. Best show of the season. You never know whats going to happen next, and thats what I love about it. In the end, I think its the characters too, this show is a notch below Lost.

The Hills Season 3 wrapped up. Even though Lauren's big announcement was that the season isn't over and its continuing, it was cool. I'm not sure what I wanted (location change?) but w/e. You know, as much as I love the Hills, Maybe its better to go off the air a year too early than a year too late.

There's a mouse in the house: Yup there are mice, and they snuck in, the thing is, they're smart and they're organixed. They jump over mousetraps(Superman!), go around sticky pads, and always peek at me when I'm on the computer. I even thought one stole my phone for a little bit. But I got one, his ass got snapped up tryna get some bacon, thats right bitch. I left his body there so his friends would see and decide its time to peace out.

The semester is wrapping and its the best one for me so far. A couple more essays and hopefully a couple more A's.

Baseball Prospectus: I met a shortstop, and a second baseman. I need more details though. I'll have to keep scouting. I think I might have to release melo. and pick up those two free agents.

Vick is gone for 23 months. See ya in o'10

***i struggle with whether lauren is tight or not. i honestly don't know. but lo def is***

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Writers Strike

I need this to be over. Seriously, The Sarah Silverman Program didn't come on last night. And its all because of this stupid strike. I mean, both sides are greedy, but can't they find a nice compromise right down the middle so everyone is happy. Bionic Woman might get cancelled, Pushing Daises, and a number of other new shows will get canned before people can watch them. I need 30 rock back. I don't want scrubs to be a dvd special. At least weeds, curb, and dexter are all unaffected, but every other show i watch is gone. One plus, winter big brother. I need to apply for that.


So that 14 thing has pretty much fallen by the wayside. But here's what I hate:

The Phrase "all hands on deck."
Ok, so it seems harmless, but too many people are using it like its something original. The first time, I was like, this is cool. Second time, ok, still cool, but now its wack, and it sounds played out.

Melo: I'm over her, at least until I see her again. I just don't get her and I guess thats her way of telling me she's not interested. SO i'm officially done, which is nice. I mean, I called her to wish her a happy birthday and got nothing, no call, no IM, no facebook message...its just a little inconsiderate. It would really be a shame if she tryna holla at me though. oh well, I'll never know, because this time, like Mick Vick, I'm done.

Coming down the pipeline: I got a lot of things in the works though. I might have a steve nash on my hands. She's cool, she laughs at my jokes. I just don't talk talk to her enough, If I get an opening though, I'm gonna take it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Patriots...

are who the colts THOUGHT THEY WERE. and yes, they let them off the hook.

But First, The hills:

I Dunno how they do it, but they keep the hits rolling. The weird thing is the past two episodes I've hated it until a little past the midway point and then i've appreciated the whole episode. LAst week was no excpetion. I feel bad for the guy trying to get Audrina, and big ups to Hilary Duff making a cameo. The crazy thing is, Lauren is just as much a celebrity as they are so that has to be awkward. A listers are paryting and you're working their party when we could all see you on their level. hmm...

Now, the classic Conundrum:

Here's One. So there are three girls I want to holla at. Problem is, they're all friends. The good thing is now I get to work on them all at once, Im just getting to know their little clique. BAd thing is, once I decide to pursue one, and I have to or I'll lose my value (thanks Mystery), then the other two are off limits. You cant ask one out and then if she's not feeling it ask the other one. Its awkward. I mean, maybe it can be done, but lets say i'm successful at getting one to go out with me, then the other two are DEF off limits. Oh man, Decisions, decisions...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Opening Act

Well its finally here, yes i'm talking about the new NBA season. And gilbert arenas wasted no time making amends for that terrible basketball game with his face on it. I mean, how clutch is agent 0, i don't think there's anyone i'd want to have the ball in the last three seconds any more than that man.

Nuggets looked good last night. And how about AI with his 14 assists. For a shooting guard he gets the ball an awful lot and chances are they'll continue to run the offense through him. Allen isn't selfish or over the hill in my opinion.

100s- I thought devin hester was the only person with a 100 rating in madden. Nope, of course it had to be Peyton Manning and the Golden Boy for awareness, but there were a few i was surprised by. Harrison runs 100 routes, Larry Allen has 100 strength, and Bush has 100 elusiveness. Kinda Random, but whatevs.

I really like that D-wade commercial.

Things are coming together, I need to call some people back, get that good karma rolling, but i think I might have a DWAI on my hands soon enough.

Oh, my fantasy basketball team might be good this year. And I actually have three solid fantasy football teams now. This is crazy, But I guess not having much to do makes it a lot easier to run a fantasy team:-(

Monday, October 29, 2007

Crank Dat...wait what???

Why does everyone think they can crank that soulja boy. Check Youtube, there are hundreds of thousands of people who really think they can crank that soulja boy, and this is not the case. Its cool when you have little kids fuckin up but they try, that shit is funny, and entertaining. But when you have some people,(who's skin color will remain the anonymous and pale) doing it, its hard to watch. Its so terrible, check LSU girls or some shit. I think the second one from the right may have eaten soulja boy. I mean has anyone seen him lately... and other thing, why do there have to be three people. If i didnt know what I was doing I wouldn't do it with two other equally uncoordinated people. Seriously, don't you have some black friends that can draw the camera's attention away from you. Cranking dat soulja boy is not as simple as it looks. If it was soulja biy wouldn't have released an instructional video. But if you're going to do it, at least get the superman part down. that is all. oh, i've decided its 14 straight posts in november...gouda.

p.s i was on facebook and my friends newsfeed said this: **MOM** has tagged an album of ***CHILD***

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It has arrived...

But I wasn't here for the delivery and somebody has to sign for it. Hopefully i'll get it tmw. soon, very WNBA paper is going great.

I kinda wanna hit on a married woman. And she has three kids. Buts she's tall, blonde, and gorgeous...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lets Double Up!

Okay so Curtis Granderson is my new favorite sports persona. He seems like a real smart, humble guy andhe won me over on sportscenter today. I can't wait to get him on my fantasy team next year, and when I get my box back...on my 2k7 team.

Oh man, these 2k8 and live commercials are starting to get to me. I need my box. I need it. Good thing is basketball is back. I'm watchin Bron in China this morning. Its crazy how the game of basketball is a global game now, more so than any other US big 4 sports.

The Hills...who do we believe Brody or Team Speidi. I dunno, they both def have motive, I can't wait til next week. And Jen Bunney is back. That makes me happy. Even though I don't think she's cute, I love her name. And she probably would give me a chance anyway.

I need to find this girl. She has brown hair. I don't really know too much else than I met her in the bathroom??? weird...

A little off..

ok so I missed yesterday. w/ so over it. and still 7 in 7 days. not everyday. I could've did em all in one day so here we go....

Yesterday was a great day. Drivinmg with the top down and windows down and blasting joss stone. Man, I love her album. And the crazy thing is she's younger than me. you know whats wack..seriously wack./ Wires.

I like wireless shit. I'm so glad so much shit is wireless now because anytime I deal with some shit with wires the shit always gets tangled up. My headphones are the worst. But the wild thing is, you can have a bunch of wires completely untangled, and if you throw them in the same bag they magically tangle up. Its bullshit.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fantasy Woes

Its official. The fantasy league that my preacher made sucks. balls. its really bad. There's so much wrong with it. And here's the kicker...I had to pay for it. Yeah, I've done leagues on yahoo, that are free and much easier to use than this one. Aside from ease of use, (which is almost everything in fantasy football) it looks ugly, and the points system doesn't reward kick returners. Who knows how defenses score points and the people take it wayyyyy to seriously. I don't wanna quit, because everyone will freak out, but I don't even care about that league anymore. I'm so Over It....

At least the Hills is tonight. Business is pickin up. Can't wait to see what Brody has to say for himself. And things are real bad for the rams. This season could get uglier than I thought, and I thought worst case scenario we'd win 3 games...hmm.

I think my teacher has a crush on me....

I now believe in Tom Brady. But I just don't want to hear him speak or see his face. I just want him to be another faceless player like jerametrius butler.

...and i need 100 yards and a TD from my two ATL backs tonight or i lose...great

pressing questions: when will my xbox be back???

Sunday, October 14, 2007


football+zelda+hopefully quality time w/ buds

I really wanna see Bee Movie. Don't sleep on it. Its gonna be good.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jennifer Garner is Amazing

So I'm watching Top Model/Best Week Ever/The Hills/Whatever's on MTV and I decide to start youtubing. I can't believe Jennifer Garner hosted! But she hosted before I was an Alias fan so I didnt really care about her. Actually, I kinda despised her, I really didn't think she was that cute(I was young and stupid) Anyway, Its a shame that you can't go back and buy original broadcast versions of your favorite Stars hosting SNL. They would make so much money. I'm a genius. I want the show Luda hosted too.

Why is nobody boycotting Bill O Reilly. He hates black people. He sees us all the same. But he's the most watched man on TV, says something about America.

The Twilight Princess isn't bad, It eats up hours. And I guess thats what a good game does, but I'm playing it because I want it to be over. Is that a bad thing?

I need to find something to do with my time, I'm trying to download episodes of Lost but its really time consuming and tedious because of that rapidshare limit bullshit.*wack*

A Jack Russell Terrier in November. A puppy, dammit, that means I'm going to end up cleaning up after him. But at least I'll like the dog unlike those damn fish. Who can all burn in hell if they get wind of this blog.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I really need to get my box back, its killing me. I knew I hit rock bottom when I started stalking the UPS guy for a little bit. It got kinda awkward so I stopped, but I need that device, I've been thinking about all the ways to get my xbox back and most of them end up with me robbing an old lady. You know whats wack, this new NBC and itunes thing. I couldn't get 30 rock or new episodes of the office, and yes, yesterday's episodes were very good. Anyway, I think im gonna start a life for myself in Laguna beach. I can't wait til I graduate, Im gonna ball. Im gonna be ridiculous and have a diamond encrusted microwave. yeah...this not being able to ball thing is getting old.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

7 Posts in 7 Days

Yes, I'm going to do it. Seeing as how I haven't been here in like 10 days I really need to commit. So, in order to guarantee I beat last month I have to post for the next week straight. I don't really see any hold ups, It should be fun. Things that bug me.

-Yankees Lost
-People who take their class too seriously (I'm lookin at you Nigro)
-All the people in all of my classes (esp. Jessica, what a perverted weirdo)
-Hour long episodes of the office that include retarded filler like Micheal driving into a lake, thats too much. This show is going downhill, I'll report on it tmw.
-The fact that La Russa might get the yankee job or stay in the Lou
-Parisa, and Trisha, and Shauvon..Kelly Anne is the only sane one, and she's pushin it. Get 'em Hutta, I got em!
-The repeated episode of "It's a Mall World."
-The Three Fuckin Red Lights that ruined my Xbox. (when's that thing coming back anyway)

Things I'm lovin

-Jodie Foster, even though she scares me.
-Sarah Silverman's last new epsidode, the one with Dougs Butt
-Resident Evil (Please make the 4th one!!!!)
-Introducing Joss Stone

Things I'm not sure about

-Hanna Montana
-Bionic Woman
-Ipod Touch
-Old people who have that smell
-Keifer/Lindsay Lohan
-Dallas Cowboys
-My Fantasy teams

Ok so, I need some new ringtones, and to call my bud. And to get paid. And quick. Think, think, (quick put me in the closet) I am out.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Did you realize, that you were a champion!?

Yes I did! I won my fantasy baseball league. It feels good to come out on top. On my yahoo profile thingy I now have five trophies. I'm doin it big. The hills is progressing very well. Who knew Spencer could be the voice of reason when he told heidi it doesnt make sense to have people buy you stuff you don't need or won't use. good work butthead. Anyway, every episode is engrossing and connects nicely as it flows into the next episode with nice revelations as we go along. I'm glad it doesn't have desperate housewives syndrome, you know, nothing happens until the last five minutes. Speaking of that, I watched Dexter last night and It was great. I'm glad I chose that over DH because honestly, I watched the first five minutes of DH to see what happened to Edie, and then the rest didnt really matter, I'll wait to see it later. Its a great background show. Oh, the office is so five minutes ago. Does anyone think that they do the same stuff over and over again. Its not funny anymore, its more of the same, and It wouldn't be that bad if they kept the laughs coming. But it seemed like it just dragged on. And seriously, there are too many episodes where there is one laugh. I guess thats why shows with characters work, Pam and Jim work, but the rest, i dunno. SNL this week. great stuff. I can't believe its October, im gonna shoot for more than 6 posts. we'll see. Oh! my X-Box is three red lights. and right after halo/before Live & 2k8. oh well, at least i've got gina gershon to look at(above). she's my new discovery, i always find out about hot girls before they blow up. see jessica biel. and fergie's album is tight, i know this is way behind schedule. but she laid it down. and lastly, curb is great. i love jb smooth, he's incredible. "thats that jaculate!"

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kurt Warner!

He's back. Hurt went 15/20 with 2TDs yesterday! I'm so happy Kurt's back. And my season prediction seems to be holding up pretty well. The rams are lousy, why didnt everyone see this coming. This just goes to show you that you can't bet on your own team because it clouds your judgment. Thats why I don't pick eagles games. The hills is tonight...nice. I'm very upset that big brother is over. I don't know what to do with myself on T/Th/and Sun. I'm sure i'll figure something out. Oh yeah, I need to go see the Brave One, He's back. Hurt went 15/20 with 2TDs yesterday! I'm so happy Kurt's back. And my season prediction seems to be holding up pretty well. The rams are lousy, why didnt everyone see this coming. This just goes to show you that you can't bet on your own team because it clouds your judgment. Thats why I don't pick eagles games. The hills is tonight...nice. I'm very upset that big brother is over. I don't know what to do with myself on T/Th/and Sun. I'm sure i'll figure something out. Oh yeah, I need to go see the Brave One, Resident Evil, and Then go see the Kingdom before they get out of theaters. Jennifer garner is in the Kingdom(holla!) and I never miss a Jodie flick so I gotta get on the grind. What else....Oh the Cards fell off the Earth, maybe I can get those tickets soon. Maybe, my fantasy team will win it all this year(fingers crossed). Whoa, so I've run into two girls from school lately, I'm wondering if I should talk to them, but I don't know If thats the best place to pick up women. I'm talkin caliber. I dunno, but that one girl has some massive MASSIVE jugs...her codename is titties. I saw her when I was getting my Clinique at Macy's but i didn't say shit because 1. I would have just stared at her titties. and 2. I'm tryna build attraction, and higher value, all that shit Mystery is talking about. What a great show btw.....Its going to be hard getting through the next few months, but I know i'll be alright. I hope so....

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wife that Bitch Up

The time is now...she's at her lowest point mentally and professionally. I have to wife up that bald headed bitch britney spears right now. Buy low, sell high. simple economics. I'm sure she's walkin around the house goin "where's jaden james ya'll" so its all good.

(Lay that hit stick)

Monday, September 10, 2007

LLoyd Carr is not alone...

This is going to be a bad year for the rams. Seriously bad, Like Jason Wahler on celebrity rap superstar bad. It doesnt help that we don't play any playoff teams that will rest their starters down the stretch. The way I see it worst case scenario we end at 3-13, best case at 7-9. Its a crap shoot with the games in the division just because we play them so much but i'm very worried about those games too. For all the people saying the rams were going to win the division or even 10 games sunday was a wake up call. Wake Up Mr. West! We have no defense. In fact there are about 3 guys who are good enough to start on defense, and on offense there are five guys. So what does that leave us with....14 guys who have no business being on the football field. 14 guys who go out to the field with their popane tanks and matches and do their very best to burn the edward jones dome right to the ground. It was just bad football, I got bored watching the game. I guess that happens when bulger cant find a wide open dane looker, or the D cant stop a 3rd and 10 draw play. There's no heart. No Creativity. The play calling leaves a lot to be desired and I could pick better plays from my madden playbook. They made a few nice vertical throws late, but they were just that....too late. Here's how the season shakes down:

vs CAR 24-13- in the books
Flex vs SF you never know, but i think they'll carve us up
L @ TB there's no way we win this. too much tampa d and cadillac
L @ DAL TO will dominate, over 150 yds
Flex vs. ARI you never know, its a young football team that's prone to mistakes, we could pull this one out, we could get run out of the building
L @ BAL HAHAHAHahahahah!!!#*(&$@&%#$&*, this game will be painful to watch
Flex @ SEA we we're close, we'll probably win 1 seattle game this year
W vs. CLE No doubt. We win, but by 7ish
L @ NO too much duece + reggie
Flex @ SF above
Flex vs SEA above
L vs ATL they run the ball, game over
L @ CIN too much chad and carson, and too much D. tough game
L vs GB favre will get his revenge for the 2001 divisional game
L vs PIT no way, beatdown, on all sides
Flex @ ARI above

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Cards, Top Model, and LA Ink

Well, It appears Mark Mulder is up to his usual tricks. And i'm really surprised rick ankle has kept it up. lets wait til the playoffs and see if he cracks again. I think he will, whoa, did I just say playoffs. I can't believe it, under .500 in september and righjt in the thick of it...*sigh*

Does anyone else not understand Top Model? I watch this show everyday, (not because I want to but because MTV forces me to, and i'm not going to stop watching MTV....why should I, I was there first.... so looks like i'll be watching top model) and everyday I am more and more confused. I have no idea what a good picture is because everytime I like one the judges hate it. They use their buzzwords like fierce, and connecting, just weird shit. The worst part is the ugly girls always win. The cuties get sent home, and not even based on performance. Sometimes Tyra just says, you take great photos, but I don't think you're a model, goodbye! what the hell is that? And what the hell is that Ms. Jay weirdo...moving on.

Kat Von D is so tight. She's my new infatuation. I would never get a tatoo, but I would get inked by her in a heartbeat.


as Le Batard would say. Apple just announced the new touch screen Ipod and I must say that I want one really bad. I also want the 30 Rock Dvd because if my love for Tina Fey but Ipod is just above that now. Anyway, this news made me think about my trip to the mall this past weekend. I wanted to get my Dad a giftcard but to my dismay the apple store was packed. I mean people were in there shoulder to shoulder. which begs the question...

A. what the hell are you doing chillin in the apple store?
B. who goes to the mall without a purpose?

its like get out of the way, go home, you are not wanted! you are just in the way

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


Been gone for a while but its all good. while i'm here, big ups to J. Bob! Lo is steady rising...she may be better than audrina now. Kanye's Album is hot. He won't sell as many records as 50 but he'll get the critical acclaim. I'm gonna keep this face lift thing going. ALso, people who have been implicated in Mike's Dog fighting ring next...Jen Bunney is Back!Sometimes you just feel like posting pics.

Monday, August 20, 2007

It Is What It Is...Trapped, and Frosted Flakes

Justin Bobby, he gets the credit for naming this weeks hills episode and my post! good work bobby. How awkward was that drinks date...ugh. Lauren tried really hard but he was trying his best to be an ass. And then the fake, I love lauren thing didnt work so well. She looked really cute this episode, Lauren I mean...Audrina is always fine but Lauren is def closing the gap. So it appears Lauren is doing the roommate with crappy BF storyline again, damn, some people have all the luck. Switching gears, I loved how Heidi flipped the script on Spence this week. She literally cracked his face with a "wonderful surprise." How could he not see that one coming though after he started putting huge arcade games in the house with centipedes and shit. Its one thing to have an Xbox, but cmon Spence. The biggest revelation in this episope came when spencer picked up the brush and finished painting over the hollywood sign. I can now actually kinda see why she thinks he's so sweet. Kudos spence, and this time its for doing the right thing. Just know my friend, its a slippery slope. As George COstanza once put it " you lost hand." When she said we'll make decisions together she meant you'll make decisions together and if you disagree you'll do it her way...

R. Kelly: I am addicted to my daily new chapter of trapped in the closet. But the last few haven't been songs as much as the hip hopera characters talking their way through the plot. ANd is anyone keeping count of how many characters R is playing? There's too many to count, but I love how he keeps all their accents with perfect pitch. R. Kelly is the only person who can cuss you out in tune, to the beat, in any register. Truly a feat, no doubt, but i'm starting to wonder if he's crazy. The white guy sitting next to him certainly thinks so. And when I see him react the way he does its hard not to feel for that uncomfortable little white dude. Please don't go off the deep end Kells. We can't have you and Ookie go down this year....

Frosted Flakes: They're crunchy, they're delicious, they're grrr...ok you get it. But anybody who's ever eaten the flakes regularly has surely faced my dilemma. I'm not talkin about people who've eaten one bowl, I'm talkin about the seasoned vets. Don't you hate it when your enjoying a great bowl and the shit gets stuck on your teeth. And when you bite down you feel it impeding your natural bite. Its extremely irritating. And the only way to get it off is to brush your teeth. But your not down, so you're forced to try and pick your teeth to no avail. It makes you look ridculous, basically this is a cereal you should eat in the comfort of your home. I never thought I would sink so low as to have to creep and eat cereal. That is my life. I make no apologies.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Big Brother 8 and Kells!

I read something today that resonated so well it was wild "R. kelly walks that fine line between genius and crazy and we walk it with him." chapter 13 of trapped in the closet was a classic. It's some of the funniest shit i've ever heard. Included are a pigeon shitting on someone's face and a fish with titties! Oh kells, you never cease to amaze me. I can't wait until the 22nd chapter. I heard something like there's 50 chapters, get ya popcorn ready i guess.

Big Brother: Yup, ED and Daniele pulled it off! I've never been so anxious during an episode before. This was real intense. First off, Dustin is an idiot for being so cocky as to volunteer himself for the hot seat. The look on his face was priceless as chen bot told him he'd been evicted. It'll be interesting to see where the game goes from here. I know everyone at CBS is rejoicing, they cant wait to play that rock and roll music and cue up the dick rant. You know its funny, I hated Eric before but now he's alright. Oh! Girls are so shady. So Jessica was like "we'll see what happens out of the house," but she def didnt say that to Eric. I guess the chen bot is disarming. She is a robot by the way, I am certain she feels no emotion. Like Nicole Kidman in Invasion. Another movie I am certainly going to miss....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Hills, Fantasy Baseball, and Stuff

Well, where to begin...first off there's sooo much going on right now but a few things i like. Carrie and Jenny are going off to school. I hope they do well. great kids. I finally feel good, after praying about the girl situation. There's this great passage in Matthew i stumbled upon, its funny how that happens whenever you read the bible. Anyway, the passage was like "whatever you need, ask God and he'll give it to you. If you ask your father for bread, what father would give his son a rock." It was so powerful, and it really helped me. I feel like I have peace finally. So without further ado...the hills!Its been three days since the premiere and i've watched it three more times since then. This is a great show that really hit its stride the second half of last season. I hope they keep it up. I'm wondering if its scripted but then I listen to what heidi says and its def not scripted. So here's what i took away from the two episodes. The Music: They had, umbrella, beautiful girls, and fergie. All nice choices, i was pleasantly surprised at the hip-hop influence. But then they tried to pull a fast one. Did anybody catch that umbrella cover-ish white pop softened bullshit. It was honestly just like dream girls and the "got me a cadillac" song. The shit elvis used to pull re-recording black hits, that didnt sit too well.

Audrina's ex: Justin, Bobby, Justin Bobby. Apparently his name is Justin, but his friends call him bobby. (identity crises are weird) To me, he's wack. He looks so grimey, and not in a young jeezy kinda way. And I really like audrina, she's gorgeous. It makes me think I have a shot though, so I guess it ain't all bad. Lo def called it when she was like "did we hurt his feelings?" He was so sad it was funny. The thing is, if you're gonna be weird(i.e.have an identity crisis) don't get upset if people call you on it. just be blissfully weird. My favorite, moments came from Playboy Spence: the walls. What was he thinking putting that big ugly grafitti shit on the wall. You gotta talk about that first. I loved his rationalization that heidi had three other walls to work with. She must really love him, because the look on her face was was like " i should've known and why me" all rolled into one. Next playboy is rollin in his car with brody when he told brody he was gonna propose and brody said what was on everybody's mind "you spencer, marriage, you can't even say that with as straight face" [cut to spencer's classic beavis and butthead grin] it was perfect.

Fantasy Baseball: So i was looking at the standings yesterday and the yankees are five games out and 14 games over .500. meanwhile the cards were 4.5 back and 4 games under .500, how does that happen. The central is so weak its pathetic. It seems like everyday I look at the standings and its cubs lose, brewers, lose, and cards win. And then I think about..if the cardinals pitching staff wasn't devastated they would be running away with this division. They are the world champs, and milwaukee and chicago are used to being mediocre. I think the cards will win the division because the other two clubs are resigned to not mattering. It makes me sad, when the cardinals lose, i get free tickets to the game. They're losing, but they're only 3.5 out so no free tickets. dammit. Oh, so the fantasy team was in last place since march. We've sucked, but now people wanna play. I don't get it. Thats what i like about head to head- the regular season means nothing. Big moves: drop zito(he'll be back next year), j.j. hardy, and dontrelle...enter stage left: fausto carmona, erik bedard, the remergence of miggy and torii hunter. hopefully we can stay hot until the playoffs. Last year my team was nice and we fell apart in the end. we might be able to pull one out of a hat this time.

Can't wait for Big brother tonight....more on that tmw. but who knew heidi was in stuff

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Simpsonize Me

These don't work. Don't post them as your facebook pics. They do not. I REPEAT...DO NOT LOOK ANYTHING REMOTELY RESEMBLING YOU. case in point...

Friday, August 3, 2007

My Day In Court and RASHO

R. Kelly Double Up

I'm obviously devastated by the news the R. Kelly is going to court on child porn. Although, five years after the fact they are just now getting around to him so that tells me that they don't have that strong a case. I mean just look at how fast they swooped on ookie. Anyway, I wish kells the best. He made Ignition, and Ignition (Remix), chocolate factory, feelin on yo booty, sex weed, sex in the kitchen, sex planet etc. no one does remixes better than kells. not diddy. not anybody.

**Something that upsets me**
I hate the facebook status "Marci is ." Notice the space after the is. Thats not as deep as you think! it means you were too lazy to come up with something. Now I know I can't have my cake and eat it too as I equally hate people who put their status as "Marci is in the kitchen eating salad and then going to the fiji!" I hate hate hate bragging updates. i just move on and say what a d-bag.

I was upset to see Nick leave the big brother house last night. He got a raw deal with everyone thinking that he voted for Kail to leave when he truly did tow the company line. It was heartbreaking to see that danielle didnt even believe him. He'll be vindicated when they leave the house and find out he was honest. I was equally upset at Jen for allowing Jameka to take her off the chopping block. Its the smart move but she would drive the stake through Jameka's back if given the opportunity. it just makes you think.

Stephen A. Smith is on first and ten today.
Stephen A. Smith

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Movies and the Hills

The Hills Whitney Lauren Heidi Audrina

So...i'm a little sad that who's now is coming to an end. I hope they do this every year. It'll be one of those things that I look forward to every summer like wimbeldon, madden, and a new season mtv shows. Which by the way, I am very excited that the hills is coming back on the 13th. I'm kind of in love with audrina( far left), but heidi (2nd from right) is a close second because she is so stupid and easy to manipulate.

I saw the harry potter movie today. And I have to say that I didnt hate it. I didnt like the first or second one. I loved the third, and the fourth was alright. although, wtf is gillyweed. I'm not feelin it J.K. anyway, i didn't hate the fifth one, I wish I knew the name of it. The theater listed it as harry 5. how fitting, because i had no fucking idea what the point was. and why does(i know im spelling this wrong) voldamort like like michael jackson. and the parts where he's supposed to be creepy are actually really funny. oh well... thats one off the list. And in case you're keeping score at home:

Movies I have yet to see because I don't have any friends who like movies:
Samuel L. Jackson
1408- I warned you!!!!! (sam jackson is amazing, and crazy as hell, if only my friends appreciated him)
Catch and Release -Jennifer Garner, GrindHouse, Hostel II, Transformers, Simpsons
I think I know who killed me (not sure on the title, its a Lohan flick), Mr. Brooks, Chuck & Larry
Hairspray -Love amanda bynes
Pictured Above: Sam "fixing" christina ricci by chaining her to a radiator! look at his face! look how serious he is!

Friday, July 27, 2007


Tiger Woods
Ok seriously, who can take out tiger woods. The man is going to win it all. Seriously its game over.

So yesterday i was talking to one of my best friends whom i haven't seen in a while and she told me she was planning on getting was crazy. I can't we're all growing up and moving on. I actually want to come back home but i guess thats because I've been away for so long. I dunno. It seems like everyone else is leaving though.

Its been a rough week, but everything that happens happens for a reason, and I trust his plan.

So I called this girl on tuesday and she hasnt called me back. Its hard dealing with rejection. It may not even be that bad, but when it comes to women I generally have a worst case scenario approach.

I think i'm gonna start writing again...sketches, poetry, finish my rap album. Who knows maybe i'll blow up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MADE, Bonds, and Ookie

Barry Bonds
My favorite Episode of MADE is on today. Its the one with Brian and Tariq Nasheed. Where he's trying to be made into a ladies man. it on if you get a chance. Anyway..

I hope the Cards continue to suck because when they suck I get free tickets. Yes! and I hope the Yankees hot streak continues. They're only 7 games back with plenty of time. Looks like Arod clutched up again and sparked a four run come from behind rally. The fans were even chanting MVP. I think now might be a good time for Joe Torre to apologize for batting him 8-rod.

Bonds homered today. He's just three away from Hank Aaron. I would just like to say that I totally called that and right now he's 3-3 with 2 Bombs (753) 3 runs scored 6RBIs and a BB! Like I said, the man can still rake. p.s. i had him on the bench for my fantasy team *sigh* p.s.s. he hit the 2nd homer with 2 ON AND 2 OUT!

I'm really happy that I've gotten closer to one of my friends. I didn't like her too much when I first met her but she's a really good person. There's something about her that makes you love her or hate her but for me its def the former.

**Something that Upsets Me**

Big Brother 8 After Dark on showtime. I love big brother so when i heard they were going to have live camera feeds at night I was really happy. But here's the problem. Everything that happens in that haouse happens on one day. So if you watch the show (AfterDark) on monday night you'll find out what happens on thursdays episode. And the show airs on tues, thursday, saturday and sunday i think. They should have it where you can watch the live feed without spoilers. it just makes me upset, thats all.

Michael VickAhh Michael Vick, also known as "ookie" in the dogfighting world...(allegedly), is in the deep stuff right now. Its pretty much over for Ron Mexico. He may have been able to get away with having the mystery compartment water bottle but with the way PacMan got broken off by the commish just imagine what he'll do to Vick. Oh wait, this just in, there are different rules for different people. Ookie is the 2nd highest paid player in the league and one of the faces of the NFL in a league where players faces are covered a majority of the time. Goodell isn't stupid and suspending ookie would cause a lot of problems with parity in the NFC, but I hope he doesn't think the fans are stupid either. Dont give me that, he's not a repeat offender story. You have one rule for the elite players and one rule for everyone else. understood commish. And I do think there is a racial component to all this. I think there is a much bigger backlash against Ookie because of the color of his skin, but he brought it on himself. Im sure there are plenty of people who want him gone because of the color of his skin and he just gave them the hammer they needed to put over his head. The other issue of race that I find absurd is the notion that black people or the hip-hop community embrace dog fighting. What!? thats ridiculous. There are degenerates of all races, economic classes, gender you name it. You can't single out one group of people. When ludacris penned the phrase, move bitch, im pretty sure he wasnt talking about a female dog. All I know is that Mike Tyson thinks Vick needs to get his act together.