Friday, July 27, 2007


Tiger Woods
Ok seriously, who can take out tiger woods. The man is going to win it all. Seriously its game over.

So yesterday i was talking to one of my best friends whom i haven't seen in a while and she told me she was planning on getting was crazy. I can't we're all growing up and moving on. I actually want to come back home but i guess thats because I've been away for so long. I dunno. It seems like everyone else is leaving though.

Its been a rough week, but everything that happens happens for a reason, and I trust his plan.

So I called this girl on tuesday and she hasnt called me back. Its hard dealing with rejection. It may not even be that bad, but when it comes to women I generally have a worst case scenario approach.

I think i'm gonna start writing again...sketches, poetry, finish my rap album. Who knows maybe i'll blow up.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

MADE, Bonds, and Ookie

Barry Bonds
My favorite Episode of MADE is on today. Its the one with Brian and Tariq Nasheed. Where he's trying to be made into a ladies man. it on if you get a chance. Anyway..

I hope the Cards continue to suck because when they suck I get free tickets. Yes! and I hope the Yankees hot streak continues. They're only 7 games back with plenty of time. Looks like Arod clutched up again and sparked a four run come from behind rally. The fans were even chanting MVP. I think now might be a good time for Joe Torre to apologize for batting him 8-rod.

Bonds homered today. He's just three away from Hank Aaron. I would just like to say that I totally called that and right now he's 3-3 with 2 Bombs (753) 3 runs scored 6RBIs and a BB! Like I said, the man can still rake. p.s. i had him on the bench for my fantasy team *sigh* p.s.s. he hit the 2nd homer with 2 ON AND 2 OUT!

I'm really happy that I've gotten closer to one of my friends. I didn't like her too much when I first met her but she's a really good person. There's something about her that makes you love her or hate her but for me its def the former.

**Something that Upsets Me**

Big Brother 8 After Dark on showtime. I love big brother so when i heard they were going to have live camera feeds at night I was really happy. But here's the problem. Everything that happens in that haouse happens on one day. So if you watch the show (AfterDark) on monday night you'll find out what happens on thursdays episode. And the show airs on tues, thursday, saturday and sunday i think. They should have it where you can watch the live feed without spoilers. it just makes me upset, thats all.

Michael VickAhh Michael Vick, also known as "ookie" in the dogfighting world...(allegedly), is in the deep stuff right now. Its pretty much over for Ron Mexico. He may have been able to get away with having the mystery compartment water bottle but with the way PacMan got broken off by the commish just imagine what he'll do to Vick. Oh wait, this just in, there are different rules for different people. Ookie is the 2nd highest paid player in the league and one of the faces of the NFL in a league where players faces are covered a majority of the time. Goodell isn't stupid and suspending ookie would cause a lot of problems with parity in the NFC, but I hope he doesn't think the fans are stupid either. Dont give me that, he's not a repeat offender story. You have one rule for the elite players and one rule for everyone else. understood commish. And I do think there is a racial component to all this. I think there is a much bigger backlash against Ookie because of the color of his skin, but he brought it on himself. Im sure there are plenty of people who want him gone because of the color of his skin and he just gave them the hammer they needed to put over his head. The other issue of race that I find absurd is the notion that black people or the hip-hop community embrace dog fighting. What!? thats ridiculous. There are degenerates of all races, economic classes, gender you name it. You can't single out one group of people. When ludacris penned the phrase, move bitch, im pretty sure he wasnt talking about a female dog. All I know is that Mike Tyson thinks Vick needs to get his act together.

Monday, July 16, 2007

This makes no sense...Girls, Bonds, and Hef

kendra wilkinson
I've been watching the Girls Next Door lately and I must say its a pretty entertaining show. The only problem I have is that Bridget (further down) is one of "those girls." You know the kind that put on tons of make up, but when they wake up....its game over. She looks like the crypt keeper. check that shit out. Its like, cmon hef, you can do better. Kendra is a keeper (right) . Trust me, she's gonna blow up.

So I get home for the summer after a pretty tough year expecting to get some girls and nope. What do I get...wack bitches. they're everywhere. All I know is I have wack bitches tryin hard to get at me. Bitch #1, she's wack. broke, busted, butterhead, whatever you wanna call it. She's not worth my hard earned money. I recently got fired from my yard maintenace job, what a catch right? anyway, money is hard to come by which brings me to Bitch #2. She's tight, a real cutie. But she's crazy, like for real, that bitch is retarded. She got straight up dementia. I can't sign on to aim or log into facebook for the next week because I was supposed to take her out to dinner Saturday....and i didn't. Anyway, I know she's lookin for me. Last Bitch is broke, busted, and unavailable. Im not sayin I cant hit it if I wanted to, but she has a BF and Im not tryna lock her up so its really not worth it. bridgetThe worst part is I wish I could get these bitches to holla at me at school. Even wack ones. cuz you cant be selective at school. you take what you can get. go with the pitch and drive the ball to the opposite field. Good news is I know im getting a fastball soon, this girl(we'll call her carmelo) is coming home soon and I just dont wanna miss my pitch. I understand I'm pretty much 0 for the year, but the way I see it, I'm due. One things for sure, i'll go down like jim edmonds before I take strike three.....looking.

Sheffield...I dunno If Joe Torre treats people differently because of race but i'm not as quick as some other people to go ahead and write this off as another Sheff (i'm disrespected, no one appreciates my otherworldy talent) rant. I do think that he should stop being vague and call Torre out or shut up. How were you treated differently, in your opinion, and then we can start somewhere. I think race is an issue thats all too often swept under the rug, its evident to me that race does in fact play a role in sports because of the spin on carmelo's fight at the garden, and how no one cares when the gloves hit the ice or the bullpens empty.

Bonds is tired. Physically. The man is 42 years old. of course he's 0 for his last 20. I saw him play about a week ago and trust me the guy can still rake. He needs a few days off, and he'll go back to blasting balls into the atmosphere. on a side note, look for Bonds to sit out a majority of this road trip as they certainly don't want him to break it on the road. Thats why I don;t understand why Bud won't get on a plane and watch Barry break the record. Its real simple, as a matter of fact he already did it. Buy yourself a ticket to San Francisco, set up shop, and wait.