Thursday, August 2, 2007

Movies and the Hills

The Hills Whitney Lauren Heidi Audrina

So...i'm a little sad that who's now is coming to an end. I hope they do this every year. It'll be one of those things that I look forward to every summer like wimbeldon, madden, and a new season mtv shows. Which by the way, I am very excited that the hills is coming back on the 13th. I'm kind of in love with audrina( far left), but heidi (2nd from right) is a close second because she is so stupid and easy to manipulate.

I saw the harry potter movie today. And I have to say that I didnt hate it. I didnt like the first or second one. I loved the third, and the fourth was alright. although, wtf is gillyweed. I'm not feelin it J.K. anyway, i didn't hate the fifth one, I wish I knew the name of it. The theater listed it as harry 5. how fitting, because i had no fucking idea what the point was. and why does(i know im spelling this wrong) voldamort like like michael jackson. and the parts where he's supposed to be creepy are actually really funny. oh well... thats one off the list. And in case you're keeping score at home:

Movies I have yet to see because I don't have any friends who like movies:
Samuel L. Jackson
1408- I warned you!!!!! (sam jackson is amazing, and crazy as hell, if only my friends appreciated him)
Catch and Release -Jennifer Garner, GrindHouse, Hostel II, Transformers, Simpsons
I think I know who killed me (not sure on the title, its a Lohan flick), Mr. Brooks, Chuck & Larry
Hairspray -Love amanda bynes
Pictured Above: Sam "fixing" christina ricci by chaining her to a radiator! look at his face! look how serious he is!

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