Monday, October 29, 2007

Crank Dat...wait what???

Why does everyone think they can crank that soulja boy. Check Youtube, there are hundreds of thousands of people who really think they can crank that soulja boy, and this is not the case. Its cool when you have little kids fuckin up but they try, that shit is funny, and entertaining. But when you have some people,(who's skin color will remain the anonymous and pale) doing it, its hard to watch. Its so terrible, check LSU girls or some shit. I think the second one from the right may have eaten soulja boy. I mean has anyone seen him lately... and other thing, why do there have to be three people. If i didnt know what I was doing I wouldn't do it with two other equally uncoordinated people. Seriously, don't you have some black friends that can draw the camera's attention away from you. Cranking dat soulja boy is not as simple as it looks. If it was soulja biy wouldn't have released an instructional video. But if you're going to do it, at least get the superman part down. that is all. oh, i've decided its 14 straight posts in november...gouda.

p.s i was on facebook and my friends newsfeed said this: **MOM** has tagged an album of ***CHILD***

Thursday, October 18, 2007

It has arrived...

But I wasn't here for the delivery and somebody has to sign for it. Hopefully i'll get it tmw. soon, very WNBA paper is going great.

I kinda wanna hit on a married woman. And she has three kids. Buts she's tall, blonde, and gorgeous...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Lets Double Up!

Okay so Curtis Granderson is my new favorite sports persona. He seems like a real smart, humble guy andhe won me over on sportscenter today. I can't wait to get him on my fantasy team next year, and when I get my box back...on my 2k7 team.

Oh man, these 2k8 and live commercials are starting to get to me. I need my box. I need it. Good thing is basketball is back. I'm watchin Bron in China this morning. Its crazy how the game of basketball is a global game now, more so than any other US big 4 sports.

The Hills...who do we believe Brody or Team Speidi. I dunno, they both def have motive, I can't wait til next week. And Jen Bunney is back. That makes me happy. Even though I don't think she's cute, I love her name. And she probably would give me a chance anyway.

I need to find this girl. She has brown hair. I don't really know too much else than I met her in the bathroom??? weird...

A little off..

ok so I missed yesterday. w/ so over it. and still 7 in 7 days. not everyday. I could've did em all in one day so here we go....

Yesterday was a great day. Drivinmg with the top down and windows down and blasting joss stone. Man, I love her album. And the crazy thing is she's younger than me. you know whats wack..seriously wack./ Wires.

I like wireless shit. I'm so glad so much shit is wireless now because anytime I deal with some shit with wires the shit always gets tangled up. My headphones are the worst. But the wild thing is, you can have a bunch of wires completely untangled, and if you throw them in the same bag they magically tangle up. Its bullshit.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fantasy Woes

Its official. The fantasy league that my preacher made sucks. balls. its really bad. There's so much wrong with it. And here's the kicker...I had to pay for it. Yeah, I've done leagues on yahoo, that are free and much easier to use than this one. Aside from ease of use, (which is almost everything in fantasy football) it looks ugly, and the points system doesn't reward kick returners. Who knows how defenses score points and the people take it wayyyyy to seriously. I don't wanna quit, because everyone will freak out, but I don't even care about that league anymore. I'm so Over It....

At least the Hills is tonight. Business is pickin up. Can't wait to see what Brody has to say for himself. And things are real bad for the rams. This season could get uglier than I thought, and I thought worst case scenario we'd win 3 games...hmm.

I think my teacher has a crush on me....

I now believe in Tom Brady. But I just don't want to hear him speak or see his face. I just want him to be another faceless player like jerametrius butler.

...and i need 100 yards and a TD from my two ATL backs tonight or i lose...great

pressing questions: when will my xbox be back???

Sunday, October 14, 2007


football+zelda+hopefully quality time w/ buds

I really wanna see Bee Movie. Don't sleep on it. Its gonna be good.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Jennifer Garner is Amazing

So I'm watching Top Model/Best Week Ever/The Hills/Whatever's on MTV and I decide to start youtubing. I can't believe Jennifer Garner hosted! But she hosted before I was an Alias fan so I didnt really care about her. Actually, I kinda despised her, I really didn't think she was that cute(I was young and stupid) Anyway, Its a shame that you can't go back and buy original broadcast versions of your favorite Stars hosting SNL. They would make so much money. I'm a genius. I want the show Luda hosted too.

Why is nobody boycotting Bill O Reilly. He hates black people. He sees us all the same. But he's the most watched man on TV, says something about America.

The Twilight Princess isn't bad, It eats up hours. And I guess thats what a good game does, but I'm playing it because I want it to be over. Is that a bad thing?

I need to find something to do with my time, I'm trying to download episodes of Lost but its really time consuming and tedious because of that rapidshare limit bullshit.*wack*

A Jack Russell Terrier in November. A puppy, dammit, that means I'm going to end up cleaning up after him. But at least I'll like the dog unlike those damn fish. Who can all burn in hell if they get wind of this blog.

Friday, October 12, 2007


I really need to get my box back, its killing me. I knew I hit rock bottom when I started stalking the UPS guy for a little bit. It got kinda awkward so I stopped, but I need that device, I've been thinking about all the ways to get my xbox back and most of them end up with me robbing an old lady. You know whats wack, this new NBC and itunes thing. I couldn't get 30 rock or new episodes of the office, and yes, yesterday's episodes were very good. Anyway, I think im gonna start a life for myself in Laguna beach. I can't wait til I graduate, Im gonna ball. Im gonna be ridiculous and have a diamond encrusted microwave. yeah...this not being able to ball thing is getting old.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

7 Posts in 7 Days

Yes, I'm going to do it. Seeing as how I haven't been here in like 10 days I really need to commit. So, in order to guarantee I beat last month I have to post for the next week straight. I don't really see any hold ups, It should be fun. Things that bug me.

-Yankees Lost
-People who take their class too seriously (I'm lookin at you Nigro)
-All the people in all of my classes (esp. Jessica, what a perverted weirdo)
-Hour long episodes of the office that include retarded filler like Micheal driving into a lake, thats too much. This show is going downhill, I'll report on it tmw.
-The fact that La Russa might get the yankee job or stay in the Lou
-Parisa, and Trisha, and Shauvon..Kelly Anne is the only sane one, and she's pushin it. Get 'em Hutta, I got em!
-The repeated episode of "It's a Mall World."
-The Three Fuckin Red Lights that ruined my Xbox. (when's that thing coming back anyway)

Things I'm lovin

-Jodie Foster, even though she scares me.
-Sarah Silverman's last new epsidode, the one with Dougs Butt
-Resident Evil (Please make the 4th one!!!!)
-Introducing Joss Stone

Things I'm not sure about

-Hanna Montana
-Bionic Woman
-Ipod Touch
-Old people who have that smell
-Keifer/Lindsay Lohan
-Dallas Cowboys
-My Fantasy teams

Ok so, I need some new ringtones, and to call my bud. And to get paid. And quick. Think, think, (quick put me in the closet) I am out.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Did you realize, that you were a champion!?

Yes I did! I won my fantasy baseball league. It feels good to come out on top. On my yahoo profile thingy I now have five trophies. I'm doin it big. The hills is progressing very well. Who knew Spencer could be the voice of reason when he told heidi it doesnt make sense to have people buy you stuff you don't need or won't use. good work butthead. Anyway, every episode is engrossing and connects nicely as it flows into the next episode with nice revelations as we go along. I'm glad it doesn't have desperate housewives syndrome, you know, nothing happens until the last five minutes. Speaking of that, I watched Dexter last night and It was great. I'm glad I chose that over DH because honestly, I watched the first five minutes of DH to see what happened to Edie, and then the rest didnt really matter, I'll wait to see it later. Its a great background show. Oh, the office is so five minutes ago. Does anyone think that they do the same stuff over and over again. Its not funny anymore, its more of the same, and It wouldn't be that bad if they kept the laughs coming. But it seemed like it just dragged on. And seriously, there are too many episodes where there is one laugh. I guess thats why shows with characters work, Pam and Jim work, but the rest, i dunno. SNL this week. great stuff. I can't believe its October, im gonna shoot for more than 6 posts. we'll see. Oh! my X-Box is three red lights. and right after halo/before Live & 2k8. oh well, at least i've got gina gershon to look at(above). she's my new discovery, i always find out about hot girls before they blow up. see jessica biel. and fergie's album is tight, i know this is way behind schedule. but she laid it down. and lastly, curb is great. i love jb smooth, he's incredible. "thats that jaculate!"