Monday, October 1, 2007

Did you realize, that you were a champion!?

Yes I did! I won my fantasy baseball league. It feels good to come out on top. On my yahoo profile thingy I now have five trophies. I'm doin it big. The hills is progressing very well. Who knew Spencer could be the voice of reason when he told heidi it doesnt make sense to have people buy you stuff you don't need or won't use. good work butthead. Anyway, every episode is engrossing and connects nicely as it flows into the next episode with nice revelations as we go along. I'm glad it doesn't have desperate housewives syndrome, you know, nothing happens until the last five minutes. Speaking of that, I watched Dexter last night and It was great. I'm glad I chose that over DH because honestly, I watched the first five minutes of DH to see what happened to Edie, and then the rest didnt really matter, I'll wait to see it later. Its a great background show. Oh, the office is so five minutes ago. Does anyone think that they do the same stuff over and over again. Its not funny anymore, its more of the same, and It wouldn't be that bad if they kept the laughs coming. But it seemed like it just dragged on. And seriously, there are too many episodes where there is one laugh. I guess thats why shows with characters work, Pam and Jim work, but the rest, i dunno. SNL this week. great stuff. I can't believe its October, im gonna shoot for more than 6 posts. we'll see. Oh! my X-Box is three red lights. and right after halo/before Live & 2k8. oh well, at least i've got gina gershon to look at(above). she's my new discovery, i always find out about hot girls before they blow up. see jessica biel. and fergie's album is tight, i know this is way behind schedule. but she laid it down. and lastly, curb is great. i love jb smooth, he's incredible. "thats that jaculate!"

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