Thursday, November 15, 2007

Writers Strike

I need this to be over. Seriously, The Sarah Silverman Program didn't come on last night. And its all because of this stupid strike. I mean, both sides are greedy, but can't they find a nice compromise right down the middle so everyone is happy. Bionic Woman might get cancelled, Pushing Daises, and a number of other new shows will get canned before people can watch them. I need 30 rock back. I don't want scrubs to be a dvd special. At least weeds, curb, and dexter are all unaffected, but every other show i watch is gone. One plus, winter big brother. I need to apply for that.


So that 14 thing has pretty much fallen by the wayside. But here's what I hate:

The Phrase "all hands on deck."
Ok, so it seems harmless, but too many people are using it like its something original. The first time, I was like, this is cool. Second time, ok, still cool, but now its wack, and it sounds played out.

Melo: I'm over her, at least until I see her again. I just don't get her and I guess thats her way of telling me she's not interested. SO i'm officially done, which is nice. I mean, I called her to wish her a happy birthday and got nothing, no call, no IM, no facebook message...its just a little inconsiderate. It would really be a shame if she tryna holla at me though. oh well, I'll never know, because this time, like Mick Vick, I'm done.

Coming down the pipeline: I got a lot of things in the works though. I might have a steve nash on my hands. She's cool, she laughs at my jokes. I just don't talk talk to her enough, If I get an opening though, I'm gonna take it.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Patriots...

are who the colts THOUGHT THEY WERE. and yes, they let them off the hook.

But First, The hills:

I Dunno how they do it, but they keep the hits rolling. The weird thing is the past two episodes I've hated it until a little past the midway point and then i've appreciated the whole episode. LAst week was no excpetion. I feel bad for the guy trying to get Audrina, and big ups to Hilary Duff making a cameo. The crazy thing is, Lauren is just as much a celebrity as they are so that has to be awkward. A listers are paryting and you're working their party when we could all see you on their level. hmm...

Now, the classic Conundrum:

Here's One. So there are three girls I want to holla at. Problem is, they're all friends. The good thing is now I get to work on them all at once, Im just getting to know their little clique. BAd thing is, once I decide to pursue one, and I have to or I'll lose my value (thanks Mystery), then the other two are off limits. You cant ask one out and then if she's not feeling it ask the other one. Its awkward. I mean, maybe it can be done, but lets say i'm successful at getting one to go out with me, then the other two are DEF off limits. Oh man, Decisions, decisions...

Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Opening Act

Well its finally here, yes i'm talking about the new NBA season. And gilbert arenas wasted no time making amends for that terrible basketball game with his face on it. I mean, how clutch is agent 0, i don't think there's anyone i'd want to have the ball in the last three seconds any more than that man.

Nuggets looked good last night. And how about AI with his 14 assists. For a shooting guard he gets the ball an awful lot and chances are they'll continue to run the offense through him. Allen isn't selfish or over the hill in my opinion.

100s- I thought devin hester was the only person with a 100 rating in madden. Nope, of course it had to be Peyton Manning and the Golden Boy for awareness, but there were a few i was surprised by. Harrison runs 100 routes, Larry Allen has 100 strength, and Bush has 100 elusiveness. Kinda Random, but whatevs.

I really like that D-wade commercial.

Things are coming together, I need to call some people back, get that good karma rolling, but i think I might have a DWAI on my hands soon enough.

Oh, my fantasy basketball team might be good this year. And I actually have three solid fantasy football teams now. This is crazy, But I guess not having much to do makes it a lot easier to run a fantasy team:-(