Monday, December 31, 2007

The end of 07

You know what I really like....checking facebook messages and wall post in my webmail. Its great, maybe I should look into that facebook mobile crap. I mean, Its nice to communicate with people and not have that annoying blue and white shit everywhere. So its new years, and that means that another year of crazy ass bitches. I've had a few this year. Man, when I sit and look back at it, I've done pretty good. I have a lot to be thnkful for, and for all the bitchin I do, Its nice and comfoting to look back and say wow, I'm really lucky. Oh, carmelo, facebooked me, I'm def just ignoring that, its a new year, I need to get a good start in a new direction. Maybe a few Awards...

Friday, December 28, 2007

I see you Stack!

pwned! I can't wait to make my NBA photos album

new teams vs dolphins

OK, realistically speaking. Why does everyone think that the patriots are unstoppable. I think Its not fair to compare the dolphins to the patriots and say that the patriots are stronger and faster so they'd win. Instead, you have to see how the dolphins matched up against their era. They'll never be able to play each other so its silly to think if you put them on the same field they'd be less talented than the pats. I mean, all the medical innovations and training programs guys have now its a no brainer. The thing is, lets look at how strong the dolphins were compared to their peers. How fast were they amongst their counterparts. Thats how you judge speed, and power. I mean, speed and power alone, I think the jaguars would beat the 72 dolphins. So I don't know who would win, but people will always think they're own era's athletes are superior to the past. period. Lets just wait 30 years and see what we think about the patriots.

Be there or be square...whoever came up with that, you suck.

I wanna get that Chelsea Handler(above) book, and the 30 Rock DVD.

I was freestylin today, It was pretty wack but some of it ended up being pretty tight. oh well, I know this, my dream isn't something I can share with everyone because people will try and take that dream away from you.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Heating up?

So this needs to get going. Posts everyday til the new year, which means, you get w/e the hell i'm thinkin about at the moment.

The Heat are terrible. Shaq looks like a big black bean bag, and d-wade got clowned on the wrong end of a sportscenter top ten.

Christmas was cool though. I got the Lost season 3 DVD. nice.

I hope the patriots lose. I want tom to throw no TDs and Randy to break his leg. I can't stand the patriots and they need to be stopped.

The Gauntlet looks to be coming back pretty soon. I'm pumped, I'm also a little upset because I think real world'll be coming to an end pretty soon. Isaac, Kelly Anne, Dunbar, Parisa and comp have really grown on me. They're the only staple on Wednesday night TV.

Speaking of TV, reality is getting really bad. The duel, that dance off challenge, clash of the choirs, mom and daughter pagaent. Well, at least clash is cool, I really like team lachey's bumblebee song.

I need to find a way to get a camera.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Wack Awards

If you get one of these awards basically, you're wack.

Zac Efron- you're wack because you're orange and I'm 100% sure that you are a douche bag in real life. I don't buy one second of that interview you had on the view. btw, you look a lot like dani, who should have been chosen by....

Tila Tequila- You have no talent. You are a myspace whore whose fame will probably only last as long as you can crank out these shots of love. A shot at love...more like a shot at herpes.

Kim Kardashian- Are you serious? now you do have a big ole booty. and I love that, but as soon as you open your mouth and don't have ray j's penis it, you blow it for me(poor choice of words) I can't stand your show, and the only people worse than you are your sisters trying to reach stardom on the coattails of their extape heiress sister. And you're mom, wow, she really thinks she's a star. Guess what bitch, when the make-up comes off, you're old wrinkley, and smelly. You're almost as bad as the next person.

Sister Patterson; you suck. at everything. and you obviously did a bang up job raising tiffany. I mean I bet you got to tell all your friends how adorable it was when the entertainer decided to slurp the nastiness that is the foot of new york. at least its not like you're daughter is sleeping with a man for his money. good work sister patterson, (mr. patterson?, you gotta say it like the agent from the matrix, mr. patterson...) make sure your weave looks good for season 3. That face...(ughlpgh...)

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!

Of all the chalie brown's in the world I feel like the charlie browniest. I mean, its christmas, but I'm really not excited. I'm not upset, but I'm certainly not pumped. I used to love christmas. Oh well, maybe it has something to do with Carmelo. I called her on her b-day. I called her a few weeks ago. Nothing.

I was thinking about calling her again sometime over break, but I think I'm done. If she wanted me to stop calling, then great. She gets her wish. Merry Christmas. But what if thats not the case at all, I make an effort and she doesnt respond, I'm not gonna put myself out there like that. Fuck her. And I care about her. But I'm gonna need some not seeing her time to really make it sink in this time. I got a new girl though. Andrew Bynum.

Maybe things'll work out with her. I can't wait to start giving out awards and doing my very own best ofs. I'm gonna do that between now and the first week of the year. So basically I'm back to where I started. This is for me, this is for me to practice. I'm gonna make it big one day. No better way to hone my craft than starting right now.

I need to get a video camera too. That would be real tight, make a bunch of boring documentaries but what evs. I might do a "My date with Tina Fey" kinda thing. Although, me and my noy were talking about this, I might not be able to get away with a white chick. Probably latina, My Date with Salma Hayek?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

So...where to?

Yup, its almost been a month and I haven't posted. Its time to catch up. Babe of the day goes to Miss Tina Fey. 30 Rock is hilarious, but its about to go off the air soon because of this writers strike. I wish I could work for her...
So what happened in the last 30 days:

Dexter has been incredible. Best show of the season. You never know whats going to happen next, and thats what I love about it. In the end, I think its the characters too, this show is a notch below Lost.

The Hills Season 3 wrapped up. Even though Lauren's big announcement was that the season isn't over and its continuing, it was cool. I'm not sure what I wanted (location change?) but w/e. You know, as much as I love the Hills, Maybe its better to go off the air a year too early than a year too late.

There's a mouse in the house: Yup there are mice, and they snuck in, the thing is, they're smart and they're organixed. They jump over mousetraps(Superman!), go around sticky pads, and always peek at me when I'm on the computer. I even thought one stole my phone for a little bit. But I got one, his ass got snapped up tryna get some bacon, thats right bitch. I left his body there so his friends would see and decide its time to peace out.

The semester is wrapping and its the best one for me so far. A couple more essays and hopefully a couple more A's.

Baseball Prospectus: I met a shortstop, and a second baseman. I need more details though. I'll have to keep scouting. I think I might have to release melo. and pick up those two free agents.

Vick is gone for 23 months. See ya in o'10

***i struggle with whether lauren is tight or not. i honestly don't know. but lo def is***