Monday, December 24, 2007

Wack Awards

If you get one of these awards basically, you're wack.

Zac Efron- you're wack because you're orange and I'm 100% sure that you are a douche bag in real life. I don't buy one second of that interview you had on the view. btw, you look a lot like dani, who should have been chosen by....

Tila Tequila- You have no talent. You are a myspace whore whose fame will probably only last as long as you can crank out these shots of love. A shot at love...more like a shot at herpes.

Kim Kardashian- Are you serious? now you do have a big ole booty. and I love that, but as soon as you open your mouth and don't have ray j's penis it, you blow it for me(poor choice of words) I can't stand your show, and the only people worse than you are your sisters trying to reach stardom on the coattails of their extape heiress sister. And you're mom, wow, she really thinks she's a star. Guess what bitch, when the make-up comes off, you're old wrinkley, and smelly. You're almost as bad as the next person.

Sister Patterson; you suck. at everything. and you obviously did a bang up job raising tiffany. I mean I bet you got to tell all your friends how adorable it was when the entertainer decided to slurp the nastiness that is the foot of new york. at least its not like you're daughter is sleeping with a man for his money. good work sister patterson, (mr. patterson?, you gotta say it like the agent from the matrix, mr. patterson...) make sure your weave looks good for season 3. That face...(ughlpgh...)

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