Monday, January 28, 2008

"So it begins"

That Lost final missing piece was off the hook! They def saved the best for last. I mean, the way it syncs up with the events that happen right after is mind blowing. This was one of the two or three pieces that felt like episodes of lost and of those three this was the only one with the wow factor.

I'm excited about the Super Bowl and the the Premiere of LOST! I can't get over how hot Nikki (aka Kiele Sanchez, above) is. At first I was like she aw-ight. but she's tight. she's the truth. And she looks good without make-up. All the lost girls do. That's why I like them, they always look better at premieres and that just builds on their natural beauty.

What else, oh tonight that flight815 things continues. Oh! and terminator with lena headey (below). I said i was gonna give her a shout out so i'mma stay true to my word. Well, its a monday so nothins poppin. Maybe this weekend. Hopefully i'll run into Kenyon. Chelsea clinton is here today, but for real . She's wack. She looks like a pug. No thank you.

You know what's gonna suck about this week. All the hype. Al the leadup to the game. Everybody is gonna say the same thing and eventually piss off the patriots so they finish this thing. I want them to lose so bad. No predictions, no score from me. I just hope no one gives the giants a chance.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Everybody think they a star

I'm tired of it too. For instance, I was searching youtube today for that dear sister SNL digital short. Did I even come close to finding it???? NO. Why? Because everybody with a fuckin camera thinks they're a star. And they make these god awful parodies that should only be seen as an alternative to waterboarding. I can't take it, they pretty much run youtube now. I guess its time for the next big thing.

So I was bored today and I decide to finallly see Juno. Wow. what a great movie. And i'm not just saying that because Sidney Bristow was in it. Ellen Page was great. Jason Bateman, who has grown on me was really good, and overall the writing was pretty incredible. Only thing is I missed the last fifteen minutes b/c I jumped ship to sneak into Cloverfield.

Cloverfield sucked. It really sucked. And the trailer was tight too. I can normally judge these kind of things. I knew about glory road, and pride, and even ghost rider. I just knew...but Cloverfield...It unzipped my pants and pulled my wiener out, and naturally I was all excited cuz i'm like this is gonna be amazing. And then what, It was terrible brain. I was limp, it didn't really care, it was a forgettable experience all in all. Five minutes in I was like, this is godzilla. And i hate godzilla, king kong movies. I dunno why I thought this would be different. I guess b/c JJ was on it. Well, I was fooled. Cloverfield sucked, but at least all I wasted was my time. Alright well, i'm out, i'm gonna go hop on youtube and catch the rest of juno.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Reality TV: Part II

MTVs Juggernaut was back Yesterday and they were really on top of their game. First of all, great cast. And by great cast, I mean 1/4 of the people were black! They had coral, nehemiah, tyree, and few other forgettables but they were black! Missing though was tina. (boo) Anyway, I was real excited to see Beth(bottom) back. She has really grown on me. Ever since she and Nehemiah became reality show item i've really liked her. Because thats when I noticed her chesticles. Until then, She didn't even register as a female. She was a manbeast and a villain and pretty disgusting.

So Beth is tight, just one problem, every time I discover a chick she blows up. Its like good luck chuck, the whole world realizes it after I do. And not just celebs. This is girls too. I'm down at the grassroots puttin in work finding diamonds and then other people come and swoop. Happened with Jessica Biel, Tina Fey, this girl at my high school. All the time. Like I'm really feelin Diane Lane(top), but I'll give the world credit for that one.

Oh but the show, Lots of Hook Ups. I even found myself hating CT and rooting for CT all in one show. I wasn't surprised by Alex though. He's too much like a normal person. Too chill to likable and too mellow. His sense of humor will be missed.

Final Verdict - Gauntlet 9/10

i need to see juno quick...maybe today. oh tmw, spotlight on lena headey, and i love jennifer garner. yeah, i called her too

Reality TV: Part I

Wow, reality televison at its best yesterday. First up, the moment of truth. These guys are idiots. First of all, DON'T LIE! Just don't answer the question! Then you've got some wiggle room. But when that big FALSE pops up in red on the big screen its over for you. And, you lose all the money for the embarassing questions you'ved answered thus far. It makes no sense. Two examples:

Have you delayed having kids because you thought you and your wife's marriage would fail?

WHoaaaa!!! look bud, here's where you stop, this is lose lose. so just stop, you get to keep the 10 thou you've earned, and you can tell your wife you didnt wanna answer because she's so amazing you don't believe she's with you. and you wanted to spare her any embarrassment cuz the lie detector can't read into caveats. bam, you're good. Instead, this fool answers yes, and his wife (who is smoking HOT btw, imagine an exotic diane lane type plus her name's catja so yeah) she's fuming. But thats not the hilarious part, the best was they asked him

As a personal trainer have you ever touched a female client more than you needed to?

my immediate reaction...OF course you did!!! Thats what being a personal trainer is all about,. If you don't cop a feel you're not doing your job! Duh, just say yeah, no one (with the exception of said hot wife) will look down upon you. And even then you can explain it all away with some bullshit about being extra helpful to cute women and thats only natural but you love your wife. She'll eat it up...its catja she doesnt look that bright. Instead he answers no, and loses, with the big red screen. just like that, gone...a shot at 100 grand and the 25 thou he'd earned. Douche.
Final Verdict - Moment of Truth: 8.4/10

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm back, it was a little touch and go for a second but yes, the 2008 edition of 2 on and 2 out is ready to go...

Jabbar Gaffney- When will Jabbar Gaffney realize that he's Jabbar Gaffney. If he's not catcthing TD passes on 4th & goal to beat the ravens, he's making big third down conversions against the jaguars. This needs to stop, If Jabbar Gaffney were on any other team he'd probably get cut. right away. And if they couldn't cut him they'd pay him to stay home and not let his scrubiness rub off on others. I will not post his picture because he needs to remain a nameless face. Here's the other thing. Jabbar Gaffney is like a team that upsets a team only to get blown out by the next team they play. Don't upset a team who can beat the next team if you're going to roll over the next week. That really pisses me off. There should be a "This team is full of shit-o-meter" and if they pull off an upset and the meter reads full, the win is then overturned. I feel the same way about Jabbar. He is not that good and as soon as he gets cut he'll be back to his 1 cath -3 yards status.

White People Push It- Some do anyway, One who pushed it the other, OJs judge. "You don't respect me, you're acting this way." Oj shoulda said YAHHH!!!! Its like, bitch you are not judge Judy. Hell, you aren't even a judge Christina. It's time to move on bitch. OH! white people that really push it. I have a friend who uses the N-word. I don't even use the n-word around her but she says it all the time. One day I'm gonna snap...

Get on the Highway- Ok, if you're getting on the highway, Have a sense of piurpose. I'm tired of the people who get on all slow. Go! Its an on ramp, get some speed, MOVE BITCH!

Nas- Speaking of Nigger[s] Nas has an ablum titled Nigger. I have two problems with that. Nas you fuckin Suck. And 2, that album will be full of wack beats. Plus, you know there's some white people that can't wait to go to their local store and be like "hey, did you get that Nigger yet?"

OJ- its over man. Its over. Even R. Kelly thinks you're in bad shape.

Its unfair- Man up Terrell.

Perez hilton sucks- I don't use the F-word but he makes me want to.

Yahhhh!!!- Soulja boy tellem. Only problem here is that he tells the kids he got all F's on his report card. And you know some kids are gonna say, "well soulja boy got all F's" To which I would respond, "you FUCKIN IDIOT!"