Friday, May 30, 2008

Jeremy Bentham...There's No Place Like Home

Busy Day. Like Really Busy. Why am I so busy? Ahh, because I procrastinate.

I had to cut the grass. I looked like an Islamic Terrorist but i did it, and I didnt get sick. Yay! My Dad is always bugging me about getting an allergies test, but I don't need one. Everytime I cut the grass I become deathly ill. its like, duh nigga

LOST was amazing. I had to wait until the day after, but It was everything I hoped for. The only problem is I know what next years season finale will be. The mystery wont come into play until season 6, when they get back to the island. This whole flash-forward thing might not have been a great idea by the writers. we'll have to wait until 2010 to see how this plays out.

At the grocery store. Why is everyone so ignorant. Ok first I put my shit at end of the counter there was literally 6 inches of space behind my loaf of bread and this lady comes up behinf puts the little divider thing right next to the bread. almost squishes (squashes?) it a little and piles a shit load of groceries a mile high in this six inch space. and we're in the 12 items or less line. dumbass. and why why..i mean it never fails, i had the whole space between my loaf of brad and the ladies last item. I waited until it was the last thing before I put my shit on the counter. But when it gets up to the line,..about five seconds after she swiped the last item...she's like, is this your bread. No bitch. how fuckin retarded are you? I know you're a 42 year old checker but cmon. pay fuckin attention bitch! *too mean?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Get the ball rolling

I'm tired of this "new" baseball home run controversy. Seriously, I think its just that we're paying more attention to it than we have in past years.

My Jodi Lerner

Falling: Who does Carlos Beltran think he is? He can't call out the manager as a reason of frustraion when he can't even get his act together at the plate. You make way too much to be hitting .260 bud. Btw douchebag, you're killing the team chemistry on my fantasy squad. Don't complain about being on the bench if you're not going to produce.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day!

Just saw Indiana Jones today and it was amazing. I loved the entire movie. It's been a while since I've seen the flicks but that feeling you get the first time you watched an Indy movie, well its still there. But better! I'm not gonna make any comparisons, but I hope they make another one. I'm sure they won't, but I hope they will.

Rising: Indiana Jones

Falling: Danica Patrick

Is it just me, or is she a major douche bag. Like seriously, she's always whining. And then she wins one time and everybody makes a big deal out of it. She is fine, She is sooo fine. But every time she opens her mouth she comes off as a prick. I could not imagine hanging out with her. All of her interviews are painful to watch, because I want to drool over her, but she's just so abrasive. You can take your top off, but if your endeavors don't including posing for playboy I am not a supporter.

Battlestar is getting really good. one word. JUMP! it was that serious. I can't wait for friday. And looks like I've gotta get that VCR up and running thursday because I have to work. I know. My personal douchebag/supervisor is making me come into work that night. Thats so wack. what would Indy do???

Friday, May 23, 2008

May Maddness

So whats up? Not much around here. I just got done watching the L word season 5!!! it was incredible, I can't wait to see where they go from here. The crazy thing is I had access to it all along. Thank goodness for on demand, as it turns out if you have the channel you can get pretty much all the shows. score! i'm re-watching weeds right now. I think the new season starts next month actually. Its a very slow developing show, but its smart, funny, and a nice 30 min diversion to your week. Anyway, OMG I love those girls, or lez girls.

I need to hear back from SHOwtime.

I got a postcard from my girl today. I need a clever nickname for her although she didn't seem too thrilled about the possibility of her having one. It would make shit a lot easier though. Especially since I'll probably end up marrying her, or at least getting her pregnant. Gucci!

Lebron is done. boo, the playoffs are pretty lame now actually. I just want Kobe to lose. Thats the only compelling thread left.

I need LOST i NEED it. And wtf is up with Hulu having the never to not put up Battlestar the day after it airs. assholes, looks like im gonna need to find a VCR.

So i a nutshell, I'm bored. I don't start work until next week, and I don't even have a paying job. wack.

Bright spot, my fantasy baseball teams are starting to come into their own. I could totally be a GM. I just need to figure out how to unload tejada. alright, well i'm out until next time

Monday, May 5, 2008


Yeah, I got almost all of my drama out the way and I'm ready for what will hopefully be the most kick ass summer ever. Oh, I got featured by razzy today. I sent her an email about Angelique "I want have some zex in ze pool wit Bret" Morgan. And she totally wrote a piece about it. Maybe there's hope for me yet as a contributor.

I gotta cut the grass today. Bummer. IT needs it though. Its pretty bad. And I have to ask the rents for 500 dollars for a plane tickets to go visit some friends. Should be pretty wack. But actually I think I've found just the right time to hit up pops because he's unusually happy. This only comes around once maybe twice a year so you have to be ready to pounce.

Barack, C'mon dawg, you really fucked up today calling Matt Lauer Tim. You know its gonna be all over youtube and Bill O. And you don't need this right now. I don't know how Hillary's doing, but it looks like she's whoopin that ass. Actually, it kind of makes sense. Hillary is lengthening the game. Barack bum rushed her and got a huge lead. But hillary has slowinly chipped away. And its like when 60 mins was up Hillary was like no, we're going to keep playing forever. ANd even the giants couldn't hold off the patriots forever. They just ran out of time.

The Hills will be on today, and I have to cherish each episode because I never know if its my last.