Monday, May 5, 2008


Yeah, I got almost all of my drama out the way and I'm ready for what will hopefully be the most kick ass summer ever. Oh, I got featured by razzy today. I sent her an email about Angelique "I want have some zex in ze pool wit Bret" Morgan. And she totally wrote a piece about it. Maybe there's hope for me yet as a contributor.

I gotta cut the grass today. Bummer. IT needs it though. Its pretty bad. And I have to ask the rents for 500 dollars for a plane tickets to go visit some friends. Should be pretty wack. But actually I think I've found just the right time to hit up pops because he's unusually happy. This only comes around once maybe twice a year so you have to be ready to pounce.

Barack, C'mon dawg, you really fucked up today calling Matt Lauer Tim. You know its gonna be all over youtube and Bill O. And you don't need this right now. I don't know how Hillary's doing, but it looks like she's whoopin that ass. Actually, it kind of makes sense. Hillary is lengthening the game. Barack bum rushed her and got a huge lead. But hillary has slowinly chipped away. And its like when 60 mins was up Hillary was like no, we're going to keep playing forever. ANd even the giants couldn't hold off the patriots forever. They just ran out of time.

The Hills will be on today, and I have to cherish each episode because I never know if its my last.

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