Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Breakfast at Wimbledon

Wimbledon is here. And I love it. Dechy put up a good fight today. I was very impressed. Thats why I love this tournament. I'll admit thought, I'd much rather watch the women play because its more about skill and not just pure power most of the time. I'll watch blake and federer, but I'll watch any of the woman. And I don't see why everybody is jockin Ivanovic so much. She's like Kerry Collins in my book.

*wow, so after i wrote this, ivanovic got eliminated, blake and roddick tanked, and sharapova...awww, got the boot. i saw her match, and she was lookin fine. i will not be happy that she won't
be around for the second week.*

You know what rocks. NERD. their album is fire. the tracks i've been listening to anyway. sooner or later/love bomb/yeah you/laugh about it/what it is/ They have at least six smooth tracks that I really like.

And my blog is off the ground at fox. So lets check in to ABDC...Fanny Pack was Hot! But Supreme SOul destroyed everybody!!!!!!!! with touch by omarion

I gotta get focused over here.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Beauttiful Day

It really is. And so unexpected too. I just walk outside and realize that its 74 degrees. I'm in the shady, the birds are chirping, It honestly doesn't get any better than this.

On Friday June 13th, 2008 Robert Sylvester Kelly was aquitted by a jury of his non-peers!!!!!!!!!!! "Non-peers" because as the "World's Greatest," Kells is by definition peerless. -Razzy

I need to get tickets to the baseball game, so I can take Jodi out. I think she'll like it, but I mean, she's impossible to read.

The happening...can't wait to see it, and i want to see Zohan, and Get Smart. Anne Hathaway is so fucking Hot. She's still under the radar in my opinion. But i'm guessing after this movie that'll be all over. This summer is seriously packed with movies. And I just saw the sneak trailer for pineapple express and I just wanna see it for Seth Rogan jumping off a building. You know what I don't get though...just about every good movie out this summer is rated R. How are you gonna make money if the young teens with tons of disposable income can't see it. I dunno, I guess thats why I'm not a mive exec. although I'd make a damn good one.

Weeds!!! I should be able to check out the first episode today on demand. Sometimes I hate charter, but its days like these that i'm willing to look past their monopoly.

And Battlestar!! No more until 2009. Thats a bold move to leave us finally at earth. The sole driving plot of the entire franchise. But I'm curious as to how Kara is somehow the harbinger of death. And where the fuck is the final cylon. Already on earth is my guess. Oh well, I'll be waiting.

And who keeps letting their dog shit in my yard???? I swear if i see you, it's over for you. and your dog. boom...outta here.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Is Tamra Home?

If you ever hear these words, RUN! Better yet, find a gat, and cap whoever asks you this. Don't think, just *pop* *pop*! For real, the strangers was a great movie. It's not gonna win any awards because the stuck up hollywood types don't appreciate shit. In my opinion, I would put funny games, and strangers on par with No country for old men. I don't get it, maybe I'll do positive awards this year to go along with the wack awards.

Lil wayne...doesnt get half the press he deserves. Why the fuck do white people and news outlets constantly tell me that kanye is releasing an album, but you never hear about weezy's shit from mainstream outside of those who know hip-hop. Honestly, I feel like its because people are afraid of wayne. And wayne is probably the best rapper out there, but he doesn't fit that corporate image. Diddy did it, Jay did it, Kanye looks the part, but wayne is too street, like 50 but at least black people know whats up.

Rob & Big shirt...came up big for me. Some girl out the clear blue sky was like, "I really like your shirt." And then she told me all about how she was a fan of the show. See thats whats up. Wg's that appreciate black men. I gotta find me some more of these. Too bad they live in St. Charles.

The New interesting, I like it, but it isn't as smart as the first two moles. Its on par with the celebrity ones. I will however, give Jon Kelley his props because he is great as a host replacing Anderson Cooper. Anyway, I am 100% sure that paul is not the mole. And I'm pretty sure it ain't Nicole. Other than that. I'm clueless and thats just how I like it.

Toni smoking hot. You know, the mom from little miss sunshine. Anyway, she's getting a new series about some mom with multiple identity disorder or some shit. It should be pretty wild. And if showtime is involved, it should be pretty good.

Greg is GONE!...(He Gone) from the real world house. I don't know though, I'm kinda sad to see him go. Not because I feel bad for him. But he was the only one stirring things up in the house. What will entertain us now that greg isn't around to steal panties, rub house mates toothbrushes in grease, or call girls associates. Goodbye chosen one. your ignorance will be missed.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Carter III (C3)!!!!!!

It's here. Yes I downloaded the leak, but unlike a bunch of thieving niggas i'm actually gonna cop the album next week. But It's hot, In my opinion Carter II was hotter than the Carter. And thats sayin a lot because the Carter was a hot album, Go DJ! So I was worried about a possible letdown. The Goldmember of the Austin Powers series if you will. But now, It's here. And I'm still bangin C2 thats how hot weezy is. Kanye may be the biggest rapper on a pop world kinda level, but strictly Hip Hop, weezy is the best rapper alive. I remember when he used to say that I was like, yeah, I guess I can kinda see that, but Weezy is. The Best Rapper Alive. Carter III, I'll be listening to this for a long while. I'm so happy right now. I'm gonna get back to vibing to this for a bit before work.

And my girl, who I have yet to come up with a clever nickname for is amazing. She just keeps getting better. Like Lebron. The best is certainly yet to come on that tip. Summer might be wack, but at least I got my job and my girl. And hopefully I'll turn this around into a nice recommendation and get a job workin for my girl Tina Fey!

My fantasy teams are just kind cruising along to. I'm where I wanna be I just have to make a push sooner or later. I'm wondering whether or not I should deal Arod in two of them? Can I get better value for him. They are head to head leagues so I'm thinking it might be possible. I just have to find somebody who wants to overpay.