Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where have I been?

I dunno, in a weird place I suppose. I've been wheeling and dealing in my fantasy league. Seriously, I have made so many trades. I finally got rid of carlos quentin and honestly, not a moment too soon. Sure he's blowing up now, but he's wildly inconsistent and he's killing my average. I like where my team is going, but who knows? So yeah, I've dealt, Mclouth, Lidge, Quentin, Ludwick, Reynolds, Greinke, Tejada , Hamilton, and hopefully I've set myself up nicely. We shall see. Honestly, Its hard being in a roto league and a head to head league because they really require different approaches. In a roto league you can have inconsitency, but not so much in head to head, because the even keel is overvalued. I mean, if you have one bad week its over. But the good thing is, if you have one bad week during the season its over. With roto its sticks to you. Like a bad hangover. It just doesn't go away.

So New York goes to Hollywood. Will I watch...probably. No scratch that. yes. Of course I'm gonna watch it. And I'm also really liking G's to Gents. I can't Believe Marcellus, yes, Big Brother marceluss managed to parlay his 15 minuted into being a celebrity stylist. Good work man. Maybe that means I'll blow up.

And Dark Knight was really good. I wanted to hate it. Because everyone loved it so much. And intially I was like, it was ok. But I think it was a great movie. and Heath did a great job. But I'm not gonna just hand him the oscar because he's dead. Ok that was a bit mean, but if he did the best job, give him the oscar. I just have to see the other nominees first.

And I finally got my new Ipod. But lost my flash drive. I think somebody in the office took it. And Sandy Miller. oh Sandy. You complete me. Stay tuned for season 2. Yeah we got renewed. Like the hills on August 18th. I shall return. Sometime before the end of the month anyway.

Friday, July 4, 2008

usa! USA!

Happy 4th of July!! I wanted to go to this Joss Stone Concert soo bad, but nobody likes her. I feel bad for joss, but more for me, I wanna go. Oh well, I guess I'll just watch some wimbledon. Venus vs. Serena, I can't wait. I think Venus will win though. She looks a lot better, and much more dominant than Serena. Plus, Serena wins US, Venus wins Wimbledon. End. of. Story.

Ok Whoa! I love Agent 0. But Gilbert Arenas getting a 111 MILLION, dollar deal for six years. (A millie, a millie, a mille, a Millie!!) He missed almost of of last year. He missed the playoffs the year before. Can he stay healthy. I hope so, but I don't think a guy who hasn't won a playoff series has justified this type of cash.

And I just heard this
for the first time yesterday, and its stuck in my head. If you haven't heard, Shan Foster shook up the NBA Draft world by producing and starring in his very own NBA Draft song. But wait, its genius, and inspiration all rolled into one light bouncy tune. Believe me, you'll find find yourself singing this at some point today.

Honestly, how can you not get behind this guy? The NBA wouldn't have as much of an image problem if it marketed more guys like him. And it obviously worked, because he won over Mark Cuban, getting picked by the Mavs in the second round. Well I'm out, I think I'm gonna go create Shan in nba 2k8, and watch him slaaaammmmm.