Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Where have I been?

I dunno, in a weird place I suppose. I've been wheeling and dealing in my fantasy league. Seriously, I have made so many trades. I finally got rid of carlos quentin and honestly, not a moment too soon. Sure he's blowing up now, but he's wildly inconsistent and he's killing my average. I like where my team is going, but who knows? So yeah, I've dealt, Mclouth, Lidge, Quentin, Ludwick, Reynolds, Greinke, Tejada , Hamilton, and hopefully I've set myself up nicely. We shall see. Honestly, Its hard being in a roto league and a head to head league because they really require different approaches. In a roto league you can have inconsitency, but not so much in head to head, because the even keel is overvalued. I mean, if you have one bad week its over. But the good thing is, if you have one bad week during the season its over. With roto its sticks to you. Like a bad hangover. It just doesn't go away.

So New York goes to Hollywood. Will I watch...probably. No scratch that. yes. Of course I'm gonna watch it. And I'm also really liking G's to Gents. I can't Believe Marcellus, yes, Big Brother marceluss managed to parlay his 15 minuted into being a celebrity stylist. Good work man. Maybe that means I'll blow up.

And Dark Knight was really good. I wanted to hate it. Because everyone loved it so much. And intially I was like, it was ok. But I think it was a great movie. and Heath did a great job. But I'm not gonna just hand him the oscar because he's dead. Ok that was a bit mean, but if he did the best job, give him the oscar. I just have to see the other nominees first.

And I finally got my new Ipod. But lost my flash drive. I think somebody in the office took it. And Sandy Miller. oh Sandy. You complete me. Stay tuned for season 2. Yeah we got renewed. Like the hills on August 18th. I shall return. Sometime before the end of the month anyway.

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