Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Night Live


Tina is dead on as sarah palin. she has the accent and the hair. this is crazy. TheY could swap her out and no one would know! seriously if i didn't know that was tina....

Phelps is not funny,

I like swim cop though!
can he not read. is that the deal?

and amy poehler IS carrying the show. Hillary and phelps mom


kristen wiig...tiny gremilins

you knew they would do a swimming skit
phelps said like 2 words. it was just will forte dancing around. it was funny though. the crazy thing is that its happening live. he's making a fool of himself onstage in front of a live audience and the cast. its crazy but so cool

kristen has the best weird jerky movements

they're doing a good job of playing around him. again, he had like 2 lines

who the fuck is james franco

oh shit! they did a weezy tease. i can't wait!

i don't think he should have done got money. its cool though. he better come harder on his second song. cmon wayne. dont let us down weezy.


weekend update
amy is great

alaska pete. held that baby like the lion king.

nick feen

tremendous segment!


keenan got a sketch..charles barkley
darrell hammond and its not politcal.

well done keenan!

t-mobile, phelps was good in this one

shorts at the end??? what?? how did they not get wayne to help out. oh yeah, he had to go to court.

whoa, i dont like him. the new guy. quit bein black. phelps is settling in. he was nervous
this guy aint all bad. pepper monster lol!

wayne! lollipop, cmon man, thats old. i am officially disappointed weezy. you could have done sooo much. oh well, you had a tough week. you get a pass

phelps diet! genius

bravo. tina looked so fine. great night. and good luck.

The Premiere

Tonight is the first SNL of the season. I can't wait to see Weezy. Honestly, I feel like Michael Phelps will suck. Because when JB Smoove was talking to him on Jay Leno he seemed real nervous. You've gotta be able to just improv something on the spot and be goofy. We'll see, but I think they'll have to severely limit what he does and let the cast do their thing. Something i'm worried about, as Amy Poehler is the size of a planet and probably won't have her full load.

**I dodged Barry Zito, she's just not right for me. She wanted to watch SNL tonight, but i'm not having a white girl that I don't care about at my house.***

Paper Trail might be the hottest T.I. album since urban legend. I thought KING was great, but so far, every song on this album has been tight. And I love how he turned that wack numa numa song into a live ya life! hey!!!!

Julie Benz was hottt on Chelsea Lately. At first I was like, she's cute, who is she. and then when they said Dexter I was blown away. I think they don't put make-up on her to play Rita. Its kinda like the women of the office. I can't wait for season 3 of Dexter. I am trying so hard to avoid spoilers. Which brings me to my next point...

Weeds has sucked this season. No little boxes, No Conrad & Helia, no U-turn. The show isn't funny. There's hardly any weed at all. Seriously what has the show become. Maybe they should burn it all down again and start anew for next year. I hope Dexter is better than this. And I'm pretty sure it will be. I think the botwin crew needs to move back to agrestic. And get rid of those spoiler intros. I hate em.

Friday, September 12, 2008

The House Bunny and Anna (Oh, Anna)

Anna Faris is Great.

I loved her in scary movie, and she introduced me to (and got me hooked on) entourage. Then I saw the movie smiley face on ONDemand, which was great. And that inspired me to go see the House Bunny. I've been meaning to see this for a while, but I loved the movie. It was stupid, but in a funny way. And the film managed to make me care, I was actually emotionally invested in seeing the characters do well. That's what surprised me so much. This movie has heart. And the jokes are stupid and cutesy but a lot of times just Anna Faris' facial expressions are enough to have you cracking up. Go see the House Bunny. There are playmates. Tons of beautiful women. And Anna's ass. Which was great. Unless she had an ass double. But I will just hope that was hers. *Oh, fyi, Rumor Willis is a butterface.* Yes, her body is banging. Plus Kat Dennings is a cutie. And buy it on DVD too. I can't wait for her next project. Pleassssse be on entourage this sunday.anna's ass. yes its great.

kat is always cuterumor has an incredible body. trust me. its just that face...

Fanny Pak

They are just amazing. They are a group. A real group, no stars, just a solid group. And they are everybit as good as the jabbawockeez and supercr3w. They're just different. And that's what makes them so hot. Now here's where the craziness starts...I was just saying to my girl "I wish I could have Fanny Pak in my life everyday." Just performing out of nowhere. Like "we now interrupt the hills to bring you a performance by Fannk Pak!" and then, this song is stuck in my head. And thennnnn, Fanny Pak performs that song at the VMAs!!! of course they won, it was Damaged by Danity Kane. The one before that was When I grow Up, and that was hot too.

Brady!! Done for the year! and so is my fantasy team. I mean, I'm happy he's done because the pats are the most heinous shitteous team on the planet. They are the slumlords of the NFL. Despicable prosperous bastards.

Keesha, got voted out! wow was she mad, and Dan has played the most incredible game this year. His secret alliance with Memphis has been nothing short of pure genius. Putting memphis on the block...TWICE..hiding the tracks of the secret alliance. If they hadn't won every big competioin down the strecth(which they did) nobody would have voted to break them up. It was so perfect in every way. And dan chose the exact perfect time to come clean to Keesha about his beach trip with Michelle. The thing is, April, Ollie, and Jerry will vote for Memphis to win. But Keesha, Michelle and Renny will probably vote for Dan. Which leaves Libra, and she has such a fuckin bad attidtude. I expect her to be real shitty when the jury gets to question the renegades. Anyway, incredible season, with an incredible end. Two summers in a row now. I see you Julie Chen.

p.s. anyone else notice how cbs scrapped the america's player thing when they wised up to Dan being weird. I wondered how they thought they could pull that off again. anyway

p.p.s. Keesha appeared topless in this low budget film. fyi, her tits are wack. Looks like she got them done for big brother. Its crazy how tits can make a chick hot. here's the youtube link, get it while its hot

The Hills!!! Is keeping the hits coming. First of all, the Vegas trip, why was Brody so mean??? I've never seen him be such a douchebag. Not cool Brodmeister. And Spencer, to just blantantly lie to Heidi's sister and tell her she needed to leave. The best part was when he told heidi "you're not the bad guy here." LOL! I don't get it. I don't get him. I don't get them. I need to get to LA and rescue heidi. Although, when I get to be on the Hills i want to be Stephanie's crush. Yup, I'm off Lo, she's too mean. And LC, I could get doug'ed up real quick. But say what you want about the girl, you can't have a better friend in your corner than LC.
And Fantasy baseball is getting tight. Two of my three teams contending for the crown, and another competeing for a medal. Hopefully these moves work out. And I hope Rick Ankiel gets busted for roids.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

She make the people say...

Yeahhhhh, I have that song stuck in my head. I'm glad I figured out how to download it and put it on my Ipod.

Man, I really love these live big brother feeds. I could sit and watch these for hours. I'm glad the renegades have managed to secure their spot in the final four. This is incredible! But here's what I don't get. Keesha is fineee. But her face is busted sometimes. Its like she's dirty or something. And if she didn't have various "assets" I don't know if I'd be crushin on her as much.

And about this heroes game. It certainly isn't a better show than LOST. I'm about ten episodes in and I thnk the only reason I'm still watchin is Hayden Panettiere. MMM HMMM. Oooh, I can't believe it!

And Barry Zito. I still can't figure her out. She invited me to her Barack Obama job, which I promptly declined. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a McCain man, but situations like that are very stressful. I feel like I wouldn't be able to kick it with her anyway. I gotta figure out how I'm gonna play this. Maybe I should ask Paris.