Wednesday, October 29, 2008

In other news...

I have been meaning to post for a while and its a shame that it took my funky ass roommate to get me to this point. good he left. and just took that nasty towel with him. about entourage. "Gotta Look Up To Get Down" was probably the best episode of the series in my opinion. This episode is what the heart of the series is all about. I have to admit, I was caught off guard by Vince's reaction to Ari's news, but it made a lot of sense.

And Dexter, man. I didn't know where this was heading. But Now I have a better Idea and this is why I love Dexter so much. Miguel Prado. Quinn. Deb. I'm curious who she's going to fall for next. Deb always seems to get involved with the wrong guys. But I have athing for Jennifer so I just like seeing her in whatever capacity. I honestly can't wait for sundays now. This, entourage and True Blood....

My newest guilty pleasure. How is such a cooky show so poignant?? I have no idea where the storiy could possibly go, but I love just going along for the ride. I have to say though, Jason's new girl is cold blooded. She seemed like a real hippie kinda chick, but now we are starting to see her true colors. I think even Jason was a little caught off guard by "the mask." Pretty much, If you aren't watching these three shows, you should. You can thank me later.

My Roommate sucks

Yeah. he's wack. So i've been trying to get along. I really have. And I only put up with his bullshit because I don't want him to bottle up his rage. Snap. And then, run up in my house and shoot my grandmother up as lil weezy would say. Yup, he's asian. And not the cool kind, but one of those weird ones that go on a shooting spree. So yes, i'm scared of a five foot 100 pound asian nigga. There. I said it. Anyway, when I get mean and lay down the law he acts like such a passive aggressive little bitch. But at least I get my way. But its the ones that take the beating lying down that scare me the most. It's like the rope-a-dope. So enough background. Here is my manifesto on why he sucks.

1. He stinks. period. This muthafucka smells like shit.

2. He closes the door and lets his stink permeate the room. When I get back from a long day its like Monique was doing the nasty and forgot to wipe. Its bad. And here's why. This nigga farts all day long. all day. I know his tidy whities are brown. they have to be! And I've heard at least one shart. that shit is gross. literally.

3. He's sick. All the time. constantly coughing and all this other bullshit. And he refuses to take medicine. Get this. He told me, that medicine doesn't help you get better. He must be on some of that Tom Cruise purple. As far as i'm concerned, black people have been taking robitussin for decades. And we still here!

4. He doesn't wash his clothes. He has a pile that spreads from one end of the room to the other that i'm constantly battling. It's like Von's monster has a brother. Or its evolved. And he just kinda picks something off the floor, wears it, and then throws it on the floor when he's done. He tried to tell me something about washing your clothes doesn't clean them. How can you argue with someone like that?

5. He has one towel that he washes with. ONE TOWEL! I don't think he takes showers (see number 1) but for the sake of argument lets assume he does. He has one towel to wash both his face. and his nuts. and he def doesn't wash the towel so he's def rubbing his nuts on his face at some point. but this is probably moot because like i said, i feel like he doesn't wash his balls.

6. I'm constantly spraying the room with oust and lysol and cleaning surfaces in order to not catch what he has. Its just tiresome. but i spray all his shit with lysol. even his food. i don't give a fuck. If your not going to wash your clothes or your sheet i'm going to disinfect them myself.

*7. He comes in and kicks his nasty sandals off in the middle of the room. And they always work their way over to my side. I'd strangle that nigga if I thought he didn't have cooties.

8. He's up all hours of the night. He never sleeps until its noon, or afternoon, until 8. So basically I have to be quiet whenever I'm here. Its like go to sleep. Duh nigga. Actually, sometimes I wake up and he's beating it. Like really going at it. Thats mad disrespectful yo. Don't be bustin nuts when I'm five feet away!

9. He's always here. It's like get a hobby dawg! you're a student. Why not mix in some office hours or your 10AM class every once in a while. But yeah. I wake up. He's here. I come back. He's here. I feel like he only leaves to eat and shit. thats it.

Basically, he's the wackest, funkiest, most triflin, shitteous roommate one could ask for. Hopefully I'll get my housing transfer soon.

What's his name? think batman's sidekick

*I just remebered this one moments after the post was made, because he just came in and did it.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Good Morning

Mondays aren't usually the best day of the week, but this one is right up there. I had a great talk with my professor today, and she really helped me out. Plus she's hot. That always helps.

But I've been thinking about something. Dexter. "Finding Freebo" marked the official start of season 3. Seriously, I was squirming around on my bed yelling at Dexter( like he could hear me) Trying to help him out of a tough spot. That's what I love about this program. They always make you feel on edge about what's going to happen next.

Is my roommate ever going to wake up. I feel like he eats, sleeps, plays videogames and goes to the bathroom. Other than that...he's here. I wake up, he's here. I go to work, come back, he's here. How does he not have anywhere to go?? This doesn't make sense.

I think I'll watch a Entourage before class. They just got picked up for season 6! oh yeah.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Back in Action

I can't let this fall by the wayside. I'm back at school so I have considerably less time, but that's just an excuse. You know what, I'm really mad right now, because almost a year to the date I have those THREE FUCKING RED LIGHTS AGAIN. Fuck me.

You know what show i'm reallly lovin. True Blood. "Who ordered the hamburger with Aids???" I love it. That Suki is truly something. She's played by the lovely anna paquin. (Remember rogue from X-men) She is really tight in a unique kinda way. She's blonde right now, which i think works a little better for her, but who am i kidding, i'd fuck regardless.)

I've got a couple chicks i'm working on. We'll see how it goes. Including one Hail Mary, that will almost certainly blow up in my face if I throw it. At least I have options, and i'm in this group, but the worst part is that I have actual responsibility. Three days to turn around scripts. hmm, we'll see how that goes.