Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dex, Sook, and Vinny Chase

Dexter, Dexter, Dexter...I just don't know what to make of you anymore. But last time I felt this way the season turned in a dramatic way for the better. I will say this...I can't wait to see what happens next. Even though I think I pretty much have it all mapped out. I think knowing how it will inevitable end isn't bad because Dexter is about the journey. It's not like Lost where you can expect some huge shocking twist to end the season, It's about building the drama of how we got there. Sure there are twists and turns thrown out there, but Dex doesn't rely on them. So I guess that's a good thing. and here's one, is anyone else as afraid of Miguel Prado as I am??? If I saw Jimmy smits on the streets I would probably run the other way as fast as possible!

Oh Sookie, now I can't stress enough how "cheesy" this show is...but it's incredibly satisfying. They raised a couple new themes that really made me think about what they're trying to say about america today. And they're doing it with vampires. *sidenote* this silly bitch tried to trick me into seeing twilight. and I was like hell naw! she's clowned me a couple times and I have finally wised up. - I wanna know where my boy is at. Plus what is the deal with Michelle Forbes. She is so hot. (Alias, Battlestar, Lost) She's probably in something else to, but baby girl is smokin. Is she the devil? The show certainly alludes to that. And I can't wait to watch it again, because there are so many little clues cleverly tucked away and everything seems so obvious now. Man I love this show. I need to marry Michelle or Sookie.

And finally, Vinny Chase, it was good. but not great. Kinda like last year. Entourage is a show that has a story, but is a lot more about the jokes. It doesn't leave me longing for more. Well gotta run. Maybe I'll make it three in a row with a turkey day post. Oh, both my fantasy football teams came up big this week. Send Donovan and Jessica Simpson good vibes. aight homies, I'm out.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

30 Rocked!

Tina FeySo I just watched the last episode of 30 entitled "Gavin Volure" and it was crazy! I was rolling the whole time. which got me to thinking...Tina is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait til I get to work with her. Because I know I will and I just gotta tune out the haters cuz as Kanye says, "It'll always be haters, that's the way it is, hatin niggas, marry hater bitches and have hater kids!" lol. Its true though. I'm trying to meet up with a friend of mine who's a hater, but because I've known her for so long I give her a pass. I think it's because at one point I wanted to beat, but whenever I got close to her she always smelled like cats. Not cute. But yeah, me working with Tina Fey, hosting SNL, maybe getting my own sitcom...ESPN, HBO, SHOwtime...I know my destination as Mr. West says, but I'm just not there yet...

Which brings me to 808s & Heartbreak. I have to admit, when I read that he wouldn't be rapping on this album I was severely skeptical. But Yeezy managed to deliver and there's plenty of hip-hop all-stars to fill out the disk. Including Weezy F. Baby. He does a lot of collabs to keep himself hot in between records. Mad props to the best rapper alive. Sorry Jay. Also just copped Theater of the Mind, and thinking about I Am...Sasha Fierce. That Halo track is fire!!! But I really like Luda's "Last of a dying breed" with Wayne. Nicely done.808s & HeartbreakSo what else, It's break. I'm at home. I've got a few targets on my radar at school, and besides my funky ass roommate things are great. I can't believe I just had my very first sketch comedy performance. I flubbed a couple lines, but no one noticed, and I got a lot of compliments from people that meant a lot to me. I can't wait for the next show! Oh, so my target closest Suzy Kolber, and my other is gabby, but there's a couple more chillin in the cut. I'm waiting for advice on how to move on these chicks. Well I'm out for now, but after I watch dexter, and the finales of entourage and true blood. I'll be back. But real quick Miguel Prado! Dexter you never cease to amaze me. and Kudos to Desperate Housewives for making me want to watch again. That's more than I can say for you Heroes....

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Yes, T-Pain has done it. Look. The man is weird. Real weird. But he's almost Weezy weird. And that's why I like him. He's hood, but funny with it. And he really brought it with his new album. I hope he sells a ton of records, I actually have to buy it cuz I bootlegged it like everybody else. In my defense, his last two albums have been garbage. He had some hits, no doubt. But this is his coming out party. And on top of it being G.O.O.D. music, you will laugh. There are skits, and songs and you will laugh at both. HARD. I'm serious. This n*gga's album is off the hook.

Women Folk- I'm still trying. I might even be having some luck. But as my BFF says, girls at this school are masters of playing hard to get. Which sucks cuz this one girl is always coming by my room to chill. Then there's Melo 2, and we hit it off. But she stood me up Saturday so I don't know what to make of it. Plus the muthafucka acted like nothing happened. Never a good sign. Then there's Meg, she's kinda weird, and i need to get to know her better but she has some Tig Ole Bitties!!! And Finally we've got the twin towers. If I go for one, the other is out of the equation, adn its hard to isolate them one on one so I don't know who's interested more. And I'd be willing to go either way!

Our Comedy Group- I'm in this sketch comedy group, but here's the problem. There is a very real chance that people aren't going to laugh AT ALL. My thoery, they are going to come into this already pissed off because they have to pay six dollars. First of all, this should be free. We aren't tight yet. We can't act like we're tight. I know what you're thinking. You should believe in yourself. I DO! I believe! But I'm also a realist. I don't have much clout in the group yet so they don't really listen, and i'm the only black person so they have a very different sense of humor and cultural references. And then this one chick had the nerve to tell me that having a character named Tanisha Jenkins was racist. As a black person, I think its racist to say that there's something wrong with the name Tanisha or that it suggests anything. I think Tanisha is a real character.