Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LinkedIn = New Facebook?

facebook vs. linkedinI mean, am I right? So how did this all begin you ask. Well not too long ago my friend told me to join and so I did, and he friended me. He told me about how great it was and how you could network, and the possibilities are endless, blah blah blah. Skip to 3 months later. A friend adds me! woot! So I check it, and I get draw in. I start seeing who else in on there. I check my contacts( I only have 2). But I look at their profiles and then I start snooping some more until I realize that I'm facebooking!!!

And so of course I check Sandy Miller, but she's not open to receiving invitations or InMails. Does that mean I shouldn't add her??? Cuz if you add someone you don't know you get punished. As if the shear humiliation factor isn't enough. Yes, they've upped the ante. If you get caught randomly facebooking connecting to people you don't know you have to start entering people's email addresses. This isn't bad if someone just gave you their card, but its def horrible for old friends or people you worked for a long time ago. Anyway, I'm so nervous that it feels like they've literally recreated facebook and tossed me back into freshman year mode.

Oh well, back to studing for finals. done tmw. hooray beer!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Gub'ment Cheese

katy perryFortunately I can't take credit for this title. I was listening to those music channels that no one listens to because they're terrible. But when this title popped up I had to turn the TV off mute. (why was the tv muted for a station that you can only listen to you ask? well because my roommate will sit over my shoulder and watch the tv unless I flip to another station. and he is literally entertained by anything. So a black screen was last resort..whoa-detour -----So good old gub'ment cheese. anyway, the song was as poor a quality as the title would suggest. Man, black people just can't catch a break. Juice is gone for nine, Plaxico shoots himself in da club and fucks up his leg, his money, his team, and most importantly my fantasy team. I needed that big go to go in the endzone. At least I have a bye though. But back to Plax, I don't get it. (Not why his momma named him Plaxico, that makes perfect sense, I'll explain some other time) But didn't Marvin harrison take a nine and go rat a tat tat on that ass earlier this summer? I guess the trick is to never say a word. To anybody. You don't have to tell him to remain silent.

So I was taking out the trash this morning, and coming out the back fire escape was this chick who really thinks she's tight, and I'm not gonna lie, she's got a nice body and she's cute, but her personality leaves a lot to be desired. So anyway, I caught her by surprise, she thought she was gonna sneak out to the dumpster, but ya man was there. To catch her in all her BUSTED glory. I wish I would have had a camera. I would have felt no shame in taking a picture. Yes, she was sooo busted, and it made me feel so good to see her face knowing she was busted looking busted. Now, I don't have anything against girls not always being at %100. It's cool, but she just has her nose in the air so its good to have this to hold over her head. It's the little things...

Now here's and my friend were talking about how we can't wait to go to high school reunion together so we can sit back and make fun of people. People like LaRaisha. LaRaisha posted this as her facebook status
"LaRaisha had to put her cat to sleep. i have had him for 10 years. not okay about it."

Look, i'm not a monster that likes seeing people hurt. I really do hope she feels better. but here's the kicker. she did it from her phone. facebook mobile. what???? you couldn't wait until you got home!?! For reals bitch. I guess we all grieve differently. Oh no, STS thoughts creeping into my head. moving on...

What's up with Katy Perry's shorts? They bug me, and she's hot, she can pull it off, and I like looking at her legs. On second thought why am I complaining. I think i'm gonna listen to Hot N Cold now. i'm outttt

Saturday, December 6, 2008

I called it!/Power Trippin

So you know what bugs me? People that want power for the sake of having power. And now we've got a brother sister tandem in power. This is not good. Plus he's super creepy overprotective/attracted to her. I think that he wants to bang her, so he just makes excuses to be all over her all the time. But she does have big titties. I voted for her titties.
And I hate to say it. But the Britney Spears MTV special is really good. I'll admit, Jamie Spears (Dad) is scuzzy, I almost turned it off right at the beginning when he was making grits. Ugh. But It evolved into a great piece on how MTV blew her up to the point where she cant continue to be herself. That's the trade off though. If you want the fame there are sacrifices, but at the same time, you hate to see someone forced into a robot cookie cutter role for the sake of record sales. Just seeing them escort her out of the store with a curtain, and then having her compare it to Groudhog's day. Saying her life's not out of control, it's too in control! whoa! props for the reference Brit. You make a mistake and you move on, I feel you Brit. I really do.

P.S. Madonna cameo, sometimes she looks smokin, but there are other times where she looks every bit of 50 plus 12 years. Good luck ARod.

And here's one. You ever run into someone you don't particularly care for, or just dont want to talk to, but you do anyway because its polite. Sometimes I wish I had the balls to be like "you know what? I just don't have anything to say to you. Best of luck." and then just walk away. How awesome would that be right???

And I have been so busy I have not railed on audrina enough! seriously, how are you the victim? Here's what happened. JB def cheated with some blonde chick, just not LC. It's laughable. Doesn't audrina watch the hills. And it takes a lot. A LOT. to make Justin Bobby look like the voice of reason. btw: what is that thing on the back of her neck

Also, what is the deal with the new best week ever. That show used to be funny, but now with one guy its lost its uniqueness. Thats what made it funny was you had a ton of people telling jokes. Now with one guy they're trying to be the soup and there's no out Joel McHale-ing Joel McHale. or however you spell his name.

I just finished 4 major projects in 5 days. I feel so blessed. Plus I talked to my advisor and she cleared everything up for me. Man she's great. I know I've said this before, but God has put people in my life that I am sooo thankful for. Now just 3 finals and I can say "I'm Good!"

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Me! I'm ME!!! Email ME!!! (weezy voice) seriously,
So lets recap-

I'm a sucker for:
1. Tina Fey
2. Sandra Bullock <-------(pictured) most likely to be my wifey
3. Amanda Bynes
4. Jodie Foster
5. Jessica Simpson

Love: Barry Bonds, NBA, MLB and Kelly Clarkson. I know. shenanigans

TV: Not even gonna go there, but guilty pleasures consist of the Hills, Big Brother, and Desperate Housewives!!!

And R. Kelly is with a doubt. THE WORLD"S GREATEST!

Today I was at this work party. And I was like, I don't know anybody here. So I bounced. But I stuck around long enough to end up in a few pictures so they can't prove I left early. note to self: those little brownies from trader joe are off the hook. uh oh, i'm bout to go upside the head of this spider with my nikes. peace

Monday, December 1, 2008

And We're Back!

I gotta know, what the %&$* is a coffee? Do you want a coffee? Can I have a coffee? No! nobody says can I have an apple juice? You sound like a first grader. So why do we let people say "a coffee" instead of a cup of coffee. It doesn't make sense. I don't drink coffee though, maybe its a coffee drinker thing.And why, why did this guy on the plane smell like mexican food and boo boo. And then he kept touching my arm. I conceded the armrest and was well within my space but he would keep rubbing his arm against me. I don't like the term, but I wanted to yell no homo so many times. I really wanted to hit him in his chest, but he seemed harmless. Anyway, back to the point about armrest. So there's three chairs DEF, and 4 armrests. So somebody has 2 armrests. right? yes. ok, so I think the person in the window seat should get two armrests. Its impossible to get out without inconveniencing two other people. Now a case can be made for the middle seat, but if you're in the middle seat why would you want to spread out and be all over both armrests. It doesn't make sense. But undoubtedly the person on the outside gets the outer armrest, so the next one goes middle, and then boom. two armrests for the window guy. end of discussion.

***Also, while I was on the plane I saw this flight attendant chick with a great ass, but she had to be at least 48.

And I was watching the Hills? Audrina, CMON!!!! Nobody wants Justin Bobby but you! This confirms that Audrina is crazy. I have to watch this episode again because Lauren's facial expressions v. Audrina's seriousness were so killer. Oh my, the Hills is back!

I have lots of work to do. I'm out