Sunday, November 1, 2009

That was it!

Damn!!! Mike's Film This is It was unbelievable. It's certainly worth the price of admission and sooo much more. To see sombody who truly was music. who owned the craft. Who cares so much about the music. It''s inspiring. I want to be like that in whatever it is that I end up doing. *Geez, I need to get on top of cover letters and apps ASAP

Saturday, October 17, 2009

School Spirit Muthafuckas!!!

School has been owning me. Plus I've missed every single new episode of everything that's come out. I will catch up, and report back soon. Never fear. I'm tweeting though

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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two minute drill

Lots to get to so I'll jump right in. Because of the amount of stories, we'll keep each topic to a twitterish 160ish characters. Real rigid, I know. Got it? Good.

Lil mama:

She is getting destroyed by the hip-hop community. #lilmamais became a trending topic and it changed my life. some of my favorites #lilmamais "havin a hard time getting into jay-z's after party. and master splinter.

Beyonce: The greatest performer of our generation. I think the only person who cares as much about performing is Kanye. he's not on Beyonce's level, but he puts on great shows because his desire is there.

Lady Gaga: Her coming out party. I've been jocking her for some time now, but people got to see that she really is good. Her live singing was amazing, and her performance was an event. Fake killing herself. Genius. Plus she stole the show with her outfits. The red cover face was amazing. i literally cracked up watching for each one of her costumes outfits.
True Blood: The finale was ok but overall it was pretty underwhelming. There were some great cinematic shots (the bull) and character moments (jessica leaving for a night out) but overall, the cliff hanger was weak and the last four episodes of the season felt like someone frantically finishing a paper before turning it in two minutes later.

Big Love: My new show. It's tight. And the intro sequence is impeccable.

The rams: lead the league with the fewest points scored. 0. *sigh* we'll get em next week. (no we won't)

Big Brother: Jordan won HoH. And it was great to see Kevin and Natalie Squirm. She gave Natalie a pass though. Smart for her. But sucks for america. I didn't see who won i flipped over to

Jay Leno: I like his new show. It's the tonight show. It's just earlier. with no desk while he interviews people. But it's good. I hope he continues to dominate.

Wasted: I really like this song by gucci mane. "I don't wear tight jeans like the white boys. But I do get wasted like the white boys." lol

Patriots: T.O. is mad. he should be. Two catches. And as soon as dude decided to return that kick I knew it was a fumble. Plus tom brady seized the moment and once again got to have one of his, smug ass press conferences. He tries to act so nonchalant, but you can see it on his face that he thinks he's the best thing to ever happen. It's like I know you impregnated Bridget Moynahan and Gisele, and won three superbowls, but do you have to be suck a douche about it. #tombradystrikesagain

Til next time. Over and out

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kanye Was Right

Don't get me wrong. It was Taylor Swift's moment. BUT Kanye Was Right. and I'll defend him since no one else will, and here's why:

1. Single ladies is an ICONIC video. Everyone has seen that video. There have been a ton of imitations on youtube and numerous spoofs on a plethora of comedy shows. There's of course the one move where you stick your arms in front and have them go know what I mean. Anyway, there's no way in H*LL that Taylor swift's video has elicited that kind of reaction from the populous.

2. He exposed just how fraudulent the MTV award process really is. How can Single Ladies will for Best Overall Video, but not Best Female video. For real? This ain't a Caster Semenya issue. Beyonce is ALL woman!! So, can a baseball team be ousted in the first round of the playoffs and win the world series? No. It's beyond reason. MTV is simply trying to give as many awards to as many people as possible, because these stars are vain. They want to win awards. And you have to give them awards or else they're much more likely to skip your show or to decline performing which cuts into your revenue. How you gonna market a show with no stars. But it's also because we want to see our favorite stars be rewarded for their work. We want to watch Taylor's moment, and Beyonce's and Lady gaga's.

3. Would we even be talking about the VMA's if it weren't for Kanye? Nope. I mean, there were some good performances. Beyonce killed it (as usual) . Pink did some crazy trapeez shit and Lady Gaga killed it with her performance. And lil mama ran on the stage at the end. (This by the way is aruably the greatest VMA moment ever, but thats for another time) But the VMA's usual ly have great performances. Beyonce destroyed ring the alarm a couple years ago but no one ever really talked about it. (She's probably the greatest performer of our generation, and the only person I would pay over $200 to see perform live but it's just that serious) MTV just got madddd publicity out of all this. People will tune in next year because of what might happen. Yeah, believe it or not, MTV is thrilled about what went down.

4. Beyonce had to know she was going to win that award. Which again proves how rigged this all is. Taylor Swift was told to wait by the side of the stage. So I honestly have no idea who's idea it was to give her a chance to finish her speech. Maybe it was Beyonce, but maybe MTV set it up. It's all too much for me to try and figure out what really happened.

5. You don't give a fuck about Taylor Swift! No one does. 13 year olds do. And they don't stir shit up about how Kanye is the worst person ever. The media does. And if you do give a fuck about Taylor Swift, and you're over 13, YOU'RE A LOSER. Your life has all been a waste. Just quit now. Quick, name a Taylor Swift song. That's what I thought.

6. I think it's mainly because taylor Swift was a white. woman. If Kanye did that to Soulja Boy, people would be like, that was weird. And just move on. They'd pull a beyonce and say "Ohhh, Kanye." (yeah she mouthed it right after he took the mic and it's hilarious.) But people don't like Kanye anyway, I think it's a sucessful, young, COCKY black man that gets them. Yes he is cocky, and he refuses to stay in his place, and unfortunatly that makes people uncomfortable. And Donald Trump needs to shut his bitch ass up about a boycott Becuzzzz

6a. He had two muthafuckin Miss America's either get busted with dope or takin nude pictures. And then he's all "they deserve a second chance, we all make mistakes." Well if that's the case you should be number one on Kanye's support bandwagon. But we see what it's about with Trump. Money rules all. He has nothing to gain financially so all that second chance talk goes out the window. I'll never believe another word out of his mouth. (Unless of course he's going off on Rosie. Best. Rant. Ever!)

7. Here's one. People get upset at Obama because he calls Kanye a Jackass. But wait a minute. You're bashing Kanye just as much as Obama. But now Obama is the bad guy. Naw dawg, you can't have your cake and hate the black guys two. Pick one black guy to hate, and do ya thang. This just shows that they're actively trying to bring down sucessful black men. If you're truly mad at kanye there's no way you jump on Barack. So they're not really mad at Kanye. He snacthed the mic from a white girl, BOOM, let's get him. And finally

8. IT'S A FUCKIN MTV VIDEO MUSIC AWARD. LET ME SAY THAT IN A KANYE-ESQUE ALL CAPS RANT! MTV. VIDEO. MUSIC. AWARD. Not an emmy, not a grammy, not an oscar. The trophy is a fuckin MOONMAN. It's one half step up from that hideous golden popcorn that they reuse every year. (yeah, they don't let them keep that one) The whole thing is a joke. He wasn't in front of congress. Though that Obama Kanye mash-up is hilarious. Listen, I laughed when I saw it. It was funny to me. Why didn't taylor, just say, 'Ok, that's awkward." and then go on thanking people. I mean cmon girl, step yo game up. and with that. I'm done.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Woman Scorned

They say hell hath no fury like one. And Jeff learned that the hard way on big brother last night. So basically Jeff screwed his pal Russell and made a deal with Natalie (left) and Kevin (his sworn enemies for like 60 days now). First of all, the only reason he evicted Russ was because Kevin said Russ was planning on backstabbing him. Ummm, Jeff, CONSIDER THE SOURCE!!! Geez. I wonder if Kev has anything to gain from misleading you. But Jeff not willing to lay down decides to reason with Natalie. Well natalie considers the deal, but here's the cold part. In the voting room, Natalie is all like. This is for Jessie! What? for Jessie!? You mean the guy Jeff evicted like five weeks ago. Way to hold onto a grudge bitch. And it was a tie vote so Kevin came out with his diva ass (he's gay) and was like *snap, snap* shut yo trap. Bye Jeff! and he was gone. Which is why I am also wondering about meeting up with this chick next week. Me and her had a thing that didn't end so well, so i'm thinking she may either stand me up, or try to kill me. Note to self: Better make our date at a public, well lit, place. Oh! I also met this girl the other night and she was cute, but she had a big fuckin head. I mean her head was fuckin huge. Like she had steroids injected straight into her dome. Which made me think. Do big head girls give better head? And if they do, do bobblehead proportioned head girls give out of this WORLD head! Honestly, i feel like she gives Mondo Burger Head. Real talk- I am so. Calling. Her. Back! But finishing up my BB thought...Jeff was mad because he was lied to, but you did the same thing to russ last week. As you would say, Cmon Bro...a [big brother] woman scorned? you should have seen it coming.

(As far as who i'm pulling for, I dunno. Natalie Looked kinda good, she almost made it to cutie with a booty territory before she blurted out. This one's for Chima! Ugh, so unnatractive....Michelle (left) who looks like a pig sometimes and cute the next is prolly my best bet. The hottest one Jordan (bottom) is Sooooo dumb, she ain't winnin shit and that will be her downfall. We'll see)

So LeGarrette Blount is suspended for a year after getting nice with a Boise football player. I mean, he DROPPED that other dude. watch the video. But for Hoyt, this has got to be embarrassing. I mean he gets hit and goes straight down. No stagger, he just collapses on himself. But real talk for a second. Hoyt comes over and taps blount on the shoulder and says *something*. Now I don't know what he said, but as Robert Smith of ESPN Gameday says, "there's only one word that he could have said" that would make him go. Hmmmm, what word was that? Death-panel. Public-option. No that's only reason to throw in a town hall meeting. Yeah, I'm guessing he called him the N word. Yeah, if so, he deserved to get clocked. Why hasn't Blount called him on it then. He would get a lot more sympathy that way. *as far as it being a sucker punch. I don't think so, If you watch the clip, blount throws the punch almost immediately after Hoyt taps him on the shoulder and talks shit. Rule number 1, If you talk shit, keep your head on a swivel* But Blount may have already burned up any good will by needing to be held back from going int the crowd. And this wasn't a "hold me back" situation, he needed to be held back or that one guy would have been on the wrong end of a (halo voice) Double kill. All that said, he's a senior, I don't think he should be suspended the entire year. He needs a couple of games to prove that he can play football or else he won't be drafted, and I fear he could end up like maurice clarrett.

-sidenote- Greg Paulus sucks. I can't believe the Syracuse high ups ok'd a duke PG to run their offense. He couldn't make the DUKE team. They haven't won a game in about 6 years. They haven't won multiple games in about 30 years. And they decided to pass (no pun intended). His throws are so weak. They are all of the dreaded "floating duck" variety. The next spiral he throws may freak his receiver the fuck out. It looks like he's still on high school football mode. He needs some of that brady quinn protein shake. first time i saw him throw a pass i was like damnnnn, the other qbs must suck. cuz they pulled him straight off the hard wood and gave him the starting job. i'm sure part of it was to sell tickets and get people talking about Syracuse again. but still, he looks ridic...
Shawty swing my wayyyyyy, Sho look good to me....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

September Call Ups

So yeah, Didn't mean to leave you hanging until September, but It happens right? right. So you know, per usual, whatever.

So Sandra Bullock is on Conan tonight! And she looks amazing. Ok, so the plan was to wait for Britney Spears to shave her head again and wife her up, BUT, I'mma need to go ahead and swoop on Sandra. I just gotta get past that big dummy Jesse James. And not the one that sings "wanted." can't. stand. her. I think it's official. I may have a type. But as for the power rankings (last weeks rank), here we go. Even one surprise call up from Alias making the cut.

1. Sandra Bullock (2) Her movie comes out tmw
2. Tina Fey (1) Always gonna be my girl.
2. Amanda Bynes(3) She's amazing. Follow her on twitter!
4. Jodie Foster (5) Total lez, but I still love her to death
5. Jessica Simpson (-) Single, Dumb, may be my best shot
6. Jennifer Garner(-) Too many kids. But I'd still holla.

Whoa, big news for my boy..

Michael Vick. Welcome back to the league. Week three! That's what's up. I feel Goodell on not wanting you to be the main storyline going into the start of the season, I mean you did lie to his face, but all in all, you got off EASY! If he really wanted his pound of flesh he could have waited until week six and then suspend you so yup. good job my nigga. Just don't fuck up, because I swear those peta degenerates enthusiasts will be all over you...
Donovan wants Michael to succeed.

Well Weeds ended with a bang this season. First of all. Mary Louise-Parker looked GOOD. REALLY GOOD. For the first time in a long time. She got made up real nice. She almost made a run at the power rankings. And without spoiling anything I'm glad that this season was not wasted. Honestly, Season four was garbage, but if you watch season four straight til the end of season 5 it's not that bad. 4 & 5 were essentially an extended season and there were about three solid stand alone episodes between them. Every episode I was like, why am I still watching. Then halfway through this season the threw something out there and I'm like ok. I see you weeds, and then I thought they forgot about it, but they didn't and I'm so happy. I can't wait to see where the series goes from here but hopefully they'll shift the focus back to being a dark comedy and not bland caricature-filled drama. I fucking swear, they were honestly one episode away from blowing it completely. Whew!

Sometimes you gotta double dip. She's hot

Oh man. I saw this today and I fell out because "Autotune the News", got T-Pain to make a cameo. classic. I'll be back to tomorrow to hit on big brother among other things..It got crazy last night, and I'm gonna need a night to process it all.

Friday, August 14, 2009

He's Backkkkkk!!!

Welcome Michael Vick. Yes, The man who's graced the top banner from the beginning of this blog has a team. The EAGLES of all teams. This can't get any better. I was worried that he'd be signed by the panthers or worse yet the patriots. (barf) Speaking of the pats, I can't believe turtle didn't give him a piece of his mind on entourage. Plus he looks as good as the 07 version which is pretty scary.

I have no idea how Vick will be utilized, but I think they'll find an interesting way to have him on the field with Donovan McNabb. And I don't think it'll be in the wildcat formation. Also, those peta degenerates need to get a life. How about people for the ethical treatment of people? Hmmmm, stop worry about trying to get fido better tasting kibbles and bits and worry about getting people health care. Geez....

But the person who BY FAR is happiest about the michael Vick signing is none other than Rick Pitino. Don't think I've forgotten about you. Having sex in a restaurant, at a table, while your assistant is passed out a few feet away. WITHOUT A RUBBER! That's the real crime. Cmon man.....Focus. Adultery is an art form. Poor style Pitino.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I see you Stack! Part II

Looks like Jerry is up to his old tricks. This man is always in the wrong place at the wrong time. FLASH BACK!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lame Summer Days

Man. I am bored. Bored and Angry. Bored because there is nothing to do in St. Louis, and Angry because my Fantasy League is going to shit. I told all those assholes that Rotisserie leagues will continue to play out the same way until the end of mankind. One team jumps out to an incredible lead and by august the league is essentially over. This year it was over by the all-star break, which means it was REALLY over by the end of june....JUNE. that's april, may, june, three months, of a 180 day season. That's wack. And here's the kicker. I bitched the entire off-season about how we needed to switch to head to head to keep it fresh and everybody shot me down. Well fuck that type of league, I'm out for good. And fuck them for not paying attention. Also, I have to deal with people who won't trade because they get a little excited when their team does well for one week. It's a business, you have to see what's sustainable growth and what's mearly a mirage. I can't wait til this one fucking team implodes on itself and then I'm going to rob him of all his players. Should be fun. Won't matter one bit in the standing, but I'm going to do it anyway to prove a point.

Now, let's move away from the other managers and call out the fucking gutless assholes that have been killing my team.

KEVIN GREGG- Occupation: Professional Dick rider/ Closer / Dream Killer- In the last week he has an ERA of 20. He threw two pitches sunday both of which were launched a combined 847 feet in a ridculously empty ballpark.

BJ UPTON: Occupation: Slut/ Center fielder / Cock Tease - A slut/cock tease may seem like a natural contradiction, but let me explain. This muthafucka is ranked 16 overall. and isn't doing shit. He has no power. He refuses to run. And his average is around the .240 mark. What really pisses me off is that I've had him 2 years in a row and he's fucked me twice. I bet next year he hits 50 HRs and steals 100 bases, because he is such A fucking CUM DUMPSTER. You could call him a young Mariah Carey. And speaking of Jizzhounds.
CARLOS LEE: Occupation: Cum connoisseur(num num num)/ Left Fielder /? - Carlos has picked it up lately. But a jizz junky is always 1 hard dick away from falling off the wagon. I'm tired of his bullshit. He follows up 5 RBI games with 0-4 stinkers. My goodness.

Well that was cathartic

Monday, July 27, 2009

Hard Hearted Hannah

Wow, I certainly didn't mean to let the whole month go by without another post. My bad. So where to begin. The title is from True Blood, which was awesome once again. But I think they're taking a week off before another new episode. bummer. Basically, I've done nothing this summer. I wake up, and turn it on MTV. But this morning I was watching room raiders 2.0, yeah, the show has been on for about 10 years. and NOW we have 2.0. anyway, what's the most famous thing in the spy kit????? The black light, duh. Well not anymore, the go to device is the cell phone. They text their potential dates. I dunno how I feel about this. I kind of like it when things are interpreted completely out of context. There goes my plan of putting a surfboard in my room so a girl will think I'm a blond surfer dude. Oh well, I could always just lie. anywho, It's a stupid gripe, but you know, whatever. Oh, so what really pissed me off is the kid after the show. ...

Justin Bieber..WHO in the BLUE Hell ARE YOU!!?? This wanna be rapper/singer/wanksta fuckin pisses me off. I don't like Asher Roth anyway. But he did his shit on I love college. (Allen Iversohhhn, Hakeem Olajuwonnnn)The rest of his shit is wack, no doubt. But he's not tryna be a gangsta, so respect. But this lil muhfucka was tryna act all hard in the video. Well you know what. FUCK HIM! and fuck the muthafuckas who think I'mma even illegal download his garbage. I've flushed turds that have come out lookin meaner than him. whatever. I'm over it.

Meryl Streep sucked on the tonight show. She is not funny. and she is not cute. She is just a talented actress that is awkwardly unflattering to the eyes.
Update: In 2009, Diddy is poised to release his best album.....ever.
Ok Diddy. *rolls eyes* So basically Diddy has to decided to make an album with more than one single. I must say, I do like making his band, or at least the music they play during the auditions. Here's my question, If Diddy worked for himself. Would he be fired? Because it seems like he keeps churning out wack albums. I honestly have no idea. NO IDEA. how Diddy manages not to end up like Hammer.

I have a second date!!! I'm excited, and she's more awkward and shy than I am so I am sittin pretty. Only bad thing is we're going to the baseball game tmw and it's supposed to rain. I hope not, but either way, we should have a good time. Oh! So here's one, we were at a friends house the other day and a game of never have I ever broke out. So all of a sudden she gets super shy...She won't keep her fingers up and pretty much tries to hide. I'm wondering if that's how she acts, or if it was for my benefit. I dunno, but she wasn't shy when she was grabbing her tits during a game of thunder. It's funny how the closet freak in a girl can just show itself out of nowhere. Well, tmw I should start to get to the bottom of what she's all about

Oh man, I can't wait for Big Brother 11 tmw!!! This season, is shaping up to be another classic. And there's not even a black guy so I have no idea how they're doing it. Jesse and his, poor me, the girls all love me thing is getting old. and why was he always shity with Laura? He pretty much forced her out of the house, because Ronnie has no balls and is taking it in the ass from the atletes. But score one for Laura in exposing him to the group. Lame Ronnie, Lame....I'm gonna miss laura and her big ass titties. moment of silence please for Ms. Laura Crosby

Monday, July 6, 2009

It's on!

with Alexa Chung. Yeah it's official. I'm smitten. She is so funny and goofy, and witty. And there's something extremely attractive about a girl who doesn't take herself too seriously. Like today she had a hot dog eating contest, and she participated. what?!?! it was tight, plus her show is cool, her guest made up a song about an audience member's facebook profile. it was pretty funny too. but her news segments are priceless. Oh, and the transformers helmet she wore. my goodness....oh, also, I love that she called Miley out on this. That's gross miley. TMI. I can't believe I have to tell her this, but she's only 16 so here goes....Don't tweet about taking a shit sweetie. k, thanks. moving on....

I just saw a commercial for the Real World: Cancun, and I half watched the episode last week, but I think I might get hooked this week. I'm hoping anyway. I think the girl Emily is HOT! (I think she spells it emiliee or somethin crazy. damn her momma is stupid creative!) But don't take my word for it. Witness....

So I've been fielding offers from a lot of girls lately. It's weird being full court pressed. Hopefully one really pans out into something great. at least for the summer. Oh, so claire tagged photos of us from this past year. She also sent me text messages, but I def did not respond. I don't have time for girls like her. She's one of those, pay attention to me because it makes me feel good girls. I actually started to care about her and really dig her and she tried to play me like a fool. well FUCK her. How does it feel to be chasin a brotha bItch. lol! (not gonna lie though, I really wanted to beat. She had long legs and smooth skin, I mean her skin was sooooo SMOOOTH) However.......I'm going to start chasing good ones. Oh, I need to call Paris. She is great, and I've been blowing her off. I suck. But my boy is coming back in town today! Hell yeah. let the games begin.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The King of Pop and McNair leave us....

Michael Jackson. RIP, the man was incredible. I loved his music. I grew up listening to all his music. Even today his music still stands up. Nobody cares about records that the Big Tymers made, Juvenile, Jewel, Sisqo, people who were huge, but their shit doesn't Hold up. Hell I loved his last record, the one with butterlflies. That record still gets me. Not to mention, PYT, Thriller, Billie Jean, and his countless other hits. I loved what Jeremy Piven said, "If it wasn't for Mike, Justin Timberlake would be serving fries in the valley." I'm one of the few who thinks he didn't do anything to those kids. He didn't have much of a childhool , so he wanted to share what he missed with kids. He was just a black man that they tried to tear down, and are still trying to tear down even in death. Michael was great. He is a legend. And I will continue to enjoy his music. He revolutionized the game. Well done sir, your legeacy will live on. ...

And my man. Steve "Air" McNair. He was a good dude, and a great player. The thing I remember most about Steve was that he almost never practiced. Just about every week he was too beaten and battered to run drills, but he would be out there every sunday. If he played with the rules they have now who knows the numbers he would have put up. Now if you touch the quarterback you'll get a $25,000 fine. But he was so smart, and such an excellent passer that that his scrambling abilities were just the cherry on top. The man was just a Leader and a Winner. I was SO scared that he was going to rip my rams of their superbowl in 99. But I grew to love him because he was just SO GOOD. I'm glad he won an MVP, and I will retire the jersey I bought into my hall of fame. I loved playing with Steve, and it was an honor to have him onmy fantasy team. roo rooooo!

"As Your Maker, I Command You!"

Shout out to Vampire Bill Compton for this cold ass catch phrase. Well today I was all hyped for a brand new episode and they hit me with a repeat. Just means i'll have to wait another week before I find out what scratched sookie!?!?! oh but favorite quote was from tara, when andy showed up at the party - "What's andy belfluer doin here? You think he'd have better shit to do, like I don't know, solve a murder."

Whoever plays Jessica is tight though. I mean, she has grown on me and is def a super cutie. I'm guessing they aren't done filming the show yet, so they're trying to give post a little extra time to finish up the final bells and whistles. Anyway, I love the show. But there are some weird ass vampire culture people that take this shit seriously. It's a little creepy. I mean, I love true blood, but I know that it's not real. These people that pretend to be vampires are wackos. Which begs the question, do people see me that way:-O.

(man they look good together, fingers crossed for season 6)
And WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with weeds. Another year of this unfunny bullshit. And the color scheme is killing me. mix in a fucking blue or yellow or green. The brown tint of Ren-Mar is fucking OLD. Kenji whatever the fuck just shitted all over the best thing she's ever done. and good for her for getting showtime to buy those three seasons up front. I guarantee weeds will not be back for a 7th season. UNLESS, conrad returns. Conrad, or somebody who tells jokes, and isn't a charicature like doug or celia. These used to be great characters, but now they're insignifigant. Plus Nancy losing her independence was not the way to go. It's like when Jack was a janitor in lost, bein all sad and shit, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT! my goodness, I almost got worked uo for a second. on to more pleasant thoughts....

How about my girl Kelly Clarkson joanin on Perex Hilton. Now this shit is good. i love Kelly, she's so down to earth. And in this interview she pretty much confirms that I still have a shot with her because she's not a lesbian. Hell yeah! Check it out, skip to 8:15ish to see the part about perez, but the whole interview is pretty good.

Also looking forward to this flick I've been waiting on for the longest. It's got my girl Tina, and Jennifer Garner. Holla. I'll def be there on the first day! Check it. and I'm out

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return to Glory

I've been putting off blogging for a while, but it's time to jump back in. Recently, I've fallen for Alexa Chung. I don't even know how it happened. I think it's her accent, Cuz she's cute, but she's not that cute, and her personality is the kind that makes yuou want to hang out with her. She seems cool to just chill with. Unlike Megan Foxbot who i'm pretty sure is so hot she hates people . I feel like she thinks she's wasting her hottness on humans and secretly desires to woo other space creatures. Just a thought.

Am I crazy for really wanting to read Kanye's new book???? I'm not going to buy it (duh), but I am going to read all 52 bullet-pointed pages in my local border's. here's a sample.

Thank you, and you're welcome

Here's a hater's review: hilarious
Kanye West seems mildly amused that these things called "words" can actually be written down and combined into interesting groups called "phrases" or sometimes even "sentences.

Anyway, Nurse Jackie is new. I like it. I'm starting to be a showtime groupie. Although they cancelled brotherhood and I was never into that. The new season of weeds has been kinda terrible. Nancy can't let me down two seasons in a row right? Plus how weird is it that her sister Jill was abruptly out of the season never to be heard from again? hmmm....My fantasy teams are doing well. I'm wheeling and dealing and the second half will be crazy. Just wait. Ok, this is a good start. coming back tmw...

Monday, June 1, 2009

I Love Lo

Well LeBron is out. Ugh, I feel like the Magic are either really good or the cavs suck. We'll find out on thursday though. I see shaq getting on board early, when he tweeted "I'm a go wit da Lake show."

Spencer apologizing was really cool. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and hopefully he meant it.

Stephanie pounding that arrowhead. good for her.

"You're supposed to look like a godess princess amazing...on a wedding day" - Heidi, that is exactly what she said. i did not edit that gibberish

You dont bedazzle a wedding dress. Lauren showed. a miracle by the proudcers at mtv. this is so staged. kristen shows up...yeah right. why do they keep saying her full name too??? because she's taking over on the hills.

Lo's the best...You match (talking about LC and Kristen, did anyone else catch braless Krsiten jiggling down the aisle. It was A-MAZ-ING!!!)

i'm following her on twitter -

The real world Cancun = Key West....I hope not. That. sucked!

Audrina deadpanned when Kristen mentioned Justin-Bobby.

100% fake = kristen catching the bouquet.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lebron V Kobe?

I have to say. I thought it was a foregone conclusion. It looked like Kobe and Lebron would cruise to the finals, but the Nuggets and Magic made it to the conference finals for a reason. I'm still mad that Lebron lost. How you gon' let Lebron go off for 49 and NOT knock down a jumper, Delonte "Better have my Donuts" west? It doesn't make sense. Plus Dwight howard fouled out. I'm not mad at LBJ for passing the ball. That what he does. I'm mad at Anderson for letting Lewis hit a three in his face. So what if he goes in and shoots a 2. At home you play for overtime. On the road you go for the win. That's what happened. But I still love these commercials. I hope Lebron makes it. I'm not gonna be upset if the nuggets handle Kobe and co.

Speaking of the Nuggets...ok, So it's half now in the Lakers game and I thought after their crushing first loss they would roll over. And they did, but apparently the CROWD PLEAZA didn't get the memo. Huge 11 points, and chauncey with the nice off the back on Kobe. I like it. You could almost see the "fuck chauncey" on Kobe's face in that halftime interview.

Despite what I want to see though. I am 100% certain that David Stern will do everything in his power to make sure that the Kobe Lebron Final happens. He got Lakers-Celts last year so the man can do anything.

My updates. RIP Dolla. Paris is back in town for a bit! My comedy group's show might not suck this quarter. And I am very very busy. Just gotta keep grinding. And i needs me a job quick! Ahhhh, so many loose ends. it'll come tigether though. OH!! Lost finale. Crazy good. It doesn't make up for a sucky season, but I like the fact that I have no idea where they're going from here. Also, Nancy Botwin and Sookie Stackhouse will be coming to a TV near you in less than a month. yes! Ahhh yes, lets enjoy a picture of Nancy fuckin up.....

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Madden, NBA, and Heuristics Girl

I can't believe John Madden is retiring. I mean he's definitely earned it. Being arguably one the greatest football coaches of all-time and then the most coveted announcer in sports. But it's his legacy that's going to be incredible. Madden is the Game. It's always been the game. It's had good years and bad, but overall, there isn't a better football game experience. That's what John brought to the game. His dedication to excellence. His "boom" from the early games. I just hope that they bring him back to the booth for next year cuz Collinsworth is cool, but one more year of John calling the action would be incredible.

I'm excited about the playoffs. I feel like Lebron is about to dominate. I really wanna do some kind of presentation on king James, but I don't know how I can make that fly in a class like "the history of nuclear weapons." Also a girl said NeWk-Cular the other day. Is she for real?

Oh man, Heuristics girl. There's some girl in my comm class who brought up some shit about Heuristics, but I will only refer to her as heuristics girl. Sorry I'm slumping right now, I'm kinda like Papi. I just need to get back into the groove of things. But now that I think about it. Let's talk about david Ortiz. Papi, I fucking HATE YOUR GUTS YOU LAZY SLUT. he's like 4-50 to start the year and a few days ago he got caught trying to steal second. STEAL! Hit the fucking ball! I can't even be uspet anymore. Please just start producing..ugh, school sucks. I'm going to post pics/videos, and then hopefully get these regular updates together.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So whoa!

The second Half of the Hills was better than the first.

But Baseball is back! Actually I'm more excited about fantasy baseball. I should be, I do have 4, yes count em, FOUR teams to manage. The way I see it I can't lose em all.

Quick Hits

My roommate sucks

This Kobe commercial is sick.

And I think I'm gonna finish editing this in the morning....I'm sleepy

Ok so I need to talk about GaGa. Yes Lady Gaga is taking over my life. That eyepatch zipper thing she wore on American Idol sealed the deal. Plus her album is amazing. Top to bottom, It takes a lot of hard work to not just quit after you make a couple good singles. To not coast and save her stuff for another album was tight. I like her style. I read in blender that she likes to "have unprotected sex with" her music. Well whatever it is Gaga , It's working. You are a weird, seriously, like a martian, but in a weezy kind of way. As much as I love Xtina. She can piss off. Because she left the scene and you swooped n her spot.

Also growing on me is Keri Hilson. She's got a few tight songs on her album. I still however, have no idea why people like that turnin me on song. Although, wayne delivers with a solid verse, as usual...but other than that I'm not feelin the song or the beat. Knock you down rocks. So there ya go. I'm back and hopefully deliving blah on a more regular basis. We shall see.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So which one of you invited Heidi???

Kelly Clarkson to start the show! Yeah, and follow it up with BOOM BOOM POW (sadly sans fergie verse) But still. Well done, MTV normally comes hard with music in the premiere.

Is Heidi really gonna crash the boat party? Lame boo, just lame. Dramalicious! I can't wait.

Oh how I missed you Spencer. Where's the beard????? He's onto Heidi. The cameras are on, girls night must, mean LC is involved. Kudos. And grow that flesh colored beard. I miss it.

!!!!!!!!!! Heidi coming on the boat is sooooo Weird. Record screeeeeeeeech! Throw her overboard!!!! Please, I bet Lo would. She's just bitchy enough. I wish she'd go with me to formal. That would be tight. Anyway. *Commercial*

Me time! My advisor is meeting with me tmw! She's the 50 yr old milf. But she seems excited. It was so weird seeing her the other day. It was like running into a girl you told you like her only to have her run into you at the most awkward time the next day. So yeah. It was weird. But it's all good now.


Which one of you invited Heidi? And I know it wasn't Lo. Wow. Steph, party of one.

Whoa, Lo and Heidi look very similar. I guess that's why they're the two girls I have a crush on. Hmmm.

I so wanna Kelly Cutrone Heidi right now. Are you ok? Cuz I mean damn the girl is thin!

Heidi: I wanna get off the boat! *Uh, you shoulda thought of that before you crashed LC's BOAT PARTY. Um, the shit set sail like 10 mins ago bitch! (I mean boo, you know I love yo crazy ass)

ANOTHER COMMERCIAL. Ok, well, Damn, I missed DWTS Tonight. Yes, I have a thing for Shawn Johnson. So what!? She's tight. But I'm more invested in DAG. I want him to win so badly. Funniest DWTS comment goes to Weezy for this. (skip to 5 minutes)

BTW, Lawrence sucks.


ok, don't hate cuz Cam hated on you. Spencer you are not tough. Yikes. Spencer throwing on a dude. It's only because that dude was a pretty boy. He would not have thrown on a brother.

Bingo Heidi. He did it because he WAS flirting with the bartender. Is she having an epiphany! Somebody call T-Pain.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Magic vs. Cavs

Here's how bad the Cavs game is going. J.J. Redick got in the game. Thats when you know you're fuckin up. When the coach says, J.J., you're up. First of all, I'm not even gonna start with the fact that the only solid moment of you i HAVE STUCK IN MY HEAD IS HIM CRYING AFTER HE LOST A GAME AT DUKE. No I'm going to just say that he missed a wide open lay-up when his team was blowing out the cavs, I just hate how these guys get all cocky when they have a big league and get pumped. It's like you just hit a meaningless 3 to put you up by 35. Congratulations.

Oh yeah, So he's basically standing behind me pretending to do something. It's like, go away.

But back to my NBA rant.

FUCK. J.J. just scored. looks like shit just got real.

So I've just recently gotten into Gossip Girl, and Dollhouse. I'm not recommending these shows just yet. But they don't make me want to shoot myself so we'll see how it goes.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

SNL 100!

So tonight is Tracy and Kelly Clarkson!!! AHHHHHH!!! This is too much. It also perfectly coinsides with my 100th post! yeah man, i'm still goin strong!

Whoa, a tracy cold open. Very funny. I see you John Cena making a cameo.

Ohhh, cena was promoting his new film 12 rounds. Looks like a good trailer but it'll prolly suck.

Why did they recycle that dumb ass eating diaper video.

Brain Fellow's! Yeah, it's crazy seeing new cast members interact with old tracy character's. He starts off a little shaky but settles back into brian. I love the uppity cow. wow tracy.

Astronaut Jones was weak. They shouldn't have andy samburg. Put casey wilson in a dress so I can stare at her tig ole bitties. duh.

oh, abby elliot is kinda cute.

Kelly rocked out. I always love her live though. She is thick. But blue is her color. I hope she's not preggers.

Weekend Update---- Bill Hader does a great Malkovich. Bear-NARD!
Kristen Wiig as Barbie is HOT. HOT VOICE. wowee

Suppressex... Eh? If tracy wasn't in it, I wouldn't have laughed. He is a serious crutch for them.

I really liked High IQ. I see you Kristen Wiig. (SNL's weekly crutch) and again abby looked really cute in that egg costume. I thought Keenan made a good harry potter as well. That sketch started slow but actually worked. His cadence and reading of the lines is so bizzare though. Maybe he does that to keep the spontanaeity.

Kelly's back. I Do Not Hook Up! Wait, that's her 2nd single. I guess they're really gonna make sure they get her off the schneid. I'm cool with that though. Ok, I'm gonna closely examine her stomach region....I'm am lovin the fact that she's thick though! Thicky THICK GIRL!!!

Rocket Dog!! It worked.

Great Episode Tracy and Kelly. Probably one of the best of the season!

Friday, March 13, 2009

So close

I need to finish up apps. But right now I'm actually watching Battlestar Galactica. That is all.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Last Word/ Socials? You mean like socialites???

Man The L Word went out just the way it should have! Spoiler Alert. The thing about this show is that it's never really been about the plot. The plot i just there to serve character development. Whenever somebody asks me what the show is about I say "relationships." So I'm not upset that we don't know who killed Jenny. Admittedly I thought all along they were being super cheesy with their "I'm gonna kill Jenny" intros. I think the ambiguous ending pretty much atones for all that. This episode perfectly addressed Alice-Jamie-Tasha. It got to the heart of Bette and Tina being able to overcome anything. And really dove into all the messes that Jenny was creating around her. In the end I feel like Jenny was manipulative, but not malicious. I think she thought she was doing the right thing, but she was just severely misguided. I think that's what Shane saw in her. That is until she realized that she destroyed her chance with her true love. I think Shane will end up with Molly. Which btw, she now looks EXACTLY like Sybill! Anyway, this show will go down in history. Never before has their been a lesbian drama. They didn't have to be silly charicatures, but rather they were real people that anyone could identify with. Love is the most universal human theme and anyone objecting to this show never watched an entire episode. The emotional impact of the dvelopmnts matched with the music and closing credits is something that is so simple yet ultimately so powerful. As a straight male, I am so glad that I decided to pick that DVD up off the shelf at blockbuster. The L Word is television at it's best. And it will be missed. I can't wait to buy all the Dvds and watch it all over again.

The City

So I can't believe I'm watching this show. It's all Liz's fault. She got me hooked on this blog that posts the most hilarious recaps.|1

you really should check it out. But now on to this week. Whitney has feeling!?!?!?! What???? Yeah, she actually cried. And for the first time I started to think that maybe Jay actually has feelings for whitney. Probably not, but maybe. And how did MTV manage to get them, not a gig mind you, but a WEST COAST TOUR! Cmon. But It made for good television so more power to you MTV. Note: how funny was it to watch Olivia awkwardly ummm her way through that presentation. and umm the faces that all the people at the meeting made ummm. yeah she deserved it.

Anyway, i have a date on wednesday! it should be fun. but she's going to berlin on the 20th..boooo. i'm out

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day, for real?

Dear Roomie,

Sometimes its like are you really sitting there watching me in my boxers

And I slowly turn and …wow. Unbelievable. My roommate watches me in the morning. ewww.

The City/ Valentines day


Is reggie really analyizng the dunk contest. I was gong along with it until reggie started talking. Because reggie is thin on analysis ANYWAY. So get him talking about a dunk contest and it's like Jessica simpson to explain the stimulus package. Sidenote: I can’t believe she’s sucking tony romo’s dick. Some guys have all the luck.

The dunk contest is rigged. They want Dwight howard vs. nate robinson. I bet you david stern said make sure its Dwight vs. nate rob. It has to be.

Did that McDonald’s commercial really say that’s whats up. Cuz that’s whats up.

Why is rudy trying to do a dunk he cant do. *my man from desperate housewives.

My bad rudy. You showed me.

12 foot rim. NBA got what they wanted. Dwight vs. nate. This is Rigged! Am i the only one.

Proof, kryptonite. Nba orchestrated it.

Lebron James in the dunk contest next year! Hell yeah. But I bet you he only does it if David Stern makes him the winner.

This was so obviously rigged. You have not duped me david stern.

“I got the championship back to new York city.” shut up nate. you keep thinkin thats the championship nigga. Last I checked you guys have 21 wins. the last two are the hardest, you don't wanna lose 60.

If Dwight doesn’t allow him to dunk over him. He doesn’t win. End of story.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Day of Birth

Ewww...that didn't come out right. Happy Birthday to me!!!!! I'm going ot be optimistic. This might possibly be the most incredible day EVER!! So I was hanging out with my friend today and it was cool. We banged out a sketch together and she let me in on some personal things. I like it. Only problem is she's only here for like five more weeks. Well, at least I feel like I might actually have a friend that I can hang out with next year.

The L word was great this week. (Max!) No way...It's a show that honestly every week I feel like I'm watching the pinnacle of television. That's why I want to work for showtime, but def not intern, they don't pay any money. This brotha is tryna get PAID!!! (Eh eh, i'm so paid) fuck akon.

Anyway, Wayne got his Grammy's. Four to be exact. One off the Kraus and Allison bullshit that stole wayne's final grammy for album of the year. Yeah, those old fuckers weren't gonna let wayne get away with that one. I'm happy for him though. And he did a great job performing "Tie My Hands."

Well here's to hoping the rest of February 9th goes according to plan. Namaste. and Good luck.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

With No Regard, For Human Life!!!

Remember that dunk against the Celts last playoffs? I don't know why that's in my head other than the fact that today was Kobe v Lebron Part Deux and the Lake Show dominated. Handing Cleveland its first home loss of the season. And Kobe hitting the ridiculous rainbow shot to seal the game was sick. Thats why I love watching the lakers in big games because I know Kobe is gonna put on a show. Lebron on the other hand picked a terrible afternoon to have an off shooting night missing a ton of lay-ups. Oh, Big Z was impressive knocking down those 18 foot jumpers with consistency, so I still think the Cavs are gonna be back in the finals.

The Pro Bowl. Larry Fitzgerald. Or as eagles fans call him "The assailant" is dominating today. The man is a beast and I'm proud to have had him on my fantasy team this year. I think it's gonna be insanely difficult to draft him this upcoming year though. Ok, so what sucks is the fact that I can't play an exhibition game as the pro bowl teams in madden. That's so wack. What happened to the classic teams and NFL europe teams or even the teams like Tiburon or the Mummies?

When does Fantasy Baseball Start? OMG!! A-AROID!!! He carried my team to victory last year. But If I have a shot at the first pick, do I use it on a guy who is extremely soft. Can he take the New York pressure, plus EVERYONE talking about how he's tainted. It looked like he almost cried during that Katie Couric interview so It's not lookin to good for ya boy.

I just got this new tina fey poster! It's great. She's great. I got it as an early burfday present for myself. Also, I'm going to meet with this guy about sneaking me into NBC for the summer on thursday. I gotta use all my networking skills if I'm gonna pull this one off.

Finally saw "Saw V." And I must say, it was pretty good. Well, It was better than I expected good. Because saw III was terrible and saw IV was garbage. Like that NBA LIVE 08 with Gilbert on the cover when he tricked me into believing that it was the best game he ever played. I honestly don't believe that nigga ever even played that garbage once. Nobody at EA did. They finished and turned it in like I turn in papers that I've just finished before lecture. Oh also watched Eagle Eye, and It wasn't was cool, I guess, I dunno, ummm yeahhhh.

Still to see - Lakeview Terrace ( got it, watchng Sam tonight), Vicky Cristina Bracelona (show me dem tigglebitties), Slumdog Millionaire (I think people have ruined it for me, just like with Superbad,, don't lose yo damn mind and start talking about how a movie changed your life. Because you still know you always say shit like, "I'm not a racist, some of my best friends are black." Gran Torino (that old nigga is hard) and of course Benjamin Button ( I have to wonder If Brad is really, I mean really cool with all those kids, or if pussy got him hooked.) I ain't mad at ya Brad.

Grammy's Tonight!! Li weezy Let's go! The Katie Couric Interview wasn't bad. ...oh yeah, so my birthday is tmw. I feel like its gonna suck. I'm 23 and what have I accomplished? Lebron has a gold medal!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rough. Week.

So the cherry on this shitshow of a week was the fact that my dad added me on facebook...ummm, yeahhh. wtf!?!?!?! It's so stupid because we were just having a discussion on facebook privacy in class and I stuck up for Mark Zuckerburg's bitch ass. I should march down to that office right now, open his asshole up. step inside. fuck his whole asshole up. Crinkle some newspaper up, throw it on the ground, eat a candy bar, throw the wrapper on the ground. spray paint wash me on the side, and kick that muthafuckin door wide open when i leave. fuck him. that was the leon side of me talking.

-LOST & L word Break-

*Spoiler Alerts*

So LOST is kinda starting to fall into that trap that I had predicted. Season 5 is in a holding pattern, kinda just circling around the airport until the real story picks up in season 6. FUCK.

L word. Why does every episode start with someone saying..."I am Gonna Kill Jenny Schecter!"
I get it. We all get it. They all wanna "kill" Jenny. I think she'll end up killing herself which makes me sick because it's such a cop out.


So what else, there's this girl kinda jocking me but i'm so used to getting clowned that i'm not even gonna go after it. why? I'd rather not get attached to some chick, start to wanna bone her, get really awkward, then add another girl to my fuck up list.

And my birthday is coming up, which means it'll be real awkward when nobody wishes me a happy birthday. I have like 2 friends here and they'll both be off campus, and i bet nobody in the sketch group knows. ugh.

And my midterm just Kobe dunked on me today. But at least its a midterm. See you in the finals Kobe.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SHO me

1. Eagles lost. Man. It was a good game though. Desean Jackson has really matured and I think he'll be a top tier wide out for years to come. The play where he came back and stripped the ball sealed it for me. I mean he has come such a long way since his Leon Lett moment

2. SHOtime is back. The L word is incredible. They have cheesy overarching structure, but the content is still is as good as ever. Nikki was cheesy as fuck though. I think I've figured out the big mystery, and Its just not fitting. I don't like that SHOwtime! decided to spoil me. I think they could have told the story without doing it like that. Anyway, Secret Diary and Tara have been entertaining as well. The edge goes to Secret Diary though

3. Elliot 2 from scrubs. She was in something else, but ole girl is finnnnneeeeee. Aziz is great too. SY-Sy-Sy- SYphillis!

4. LOST!!! My entire world revolves around Wednesday's Now. I'm trying to get my class changed to a different night because it makes me five minutes late for LOST. It's too much I know.

5. Things are starting to fall in line for me. Except Paris is going back. But Ryley is talking to me, and this other girl (who has a bf) wants to be friends, which is great! Plus stanford Melo is single now. Well see what happens.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So it was almost a year ago that I called out a certain Jabbar Gaffney. Now Tom Brady set the world on fire last year making mr. gaffney a tangible fantasy option in the process. But unfortunately for J-Gaff Brady went down in game 1. So let's check his stats and see if I was right about him being a total shitteoous receiver and one of the reasons donovan doesn't already have a ring. Final line 468 yards and 2 TDs. With a spectacular 1 catch 4 yard performance in a 20 point beatdown to the chargers! Way to go Jabbar, stay weak nigga.

Man, I would really like to get some ass right now. I think I'm in the dreaded settle mode. If I were a facebook junkie I'd set my looking for to "anything i can get." I saw this chick that was not cute. AT ALL. and I was trying to think of scenarios where I wouldn't hit it. fail. I mean even though she looks like that weird evil rabbit from the simpsons I'd still beat. Yeah, it's like that. I think right now I might even take a run at that katelynn chick from the real world....
would i????
now's not a good time to ask that question....

My roommate just let the most horrible SBD fart rip. Fuckin asshole. and I even went halfies with him on a futon. *BIG MISTAKE*

Hey Gil. Ummm, remember that 111Million dollar contract you signed. yeah remember that million dollar pool you built. yeah. remember how you backed JOHN McCAIN! yeah, I ain't forgot shit nigga. And you wanna complain about taxes. Barack should tax your shit. You don't play nigga, you need to get a job at McDonald's or something. you know, contribute to society like the rest of us. they thought you were a zero because you've played 0 minutes in the last two regular seasons. dickwipe. that said, when this nigga is right, he's on point.

I skipped a meeting tonight. I just couldn't do it. Almost everyone in that group sucks. almost, there's like 6 cool people out of 20. the rest fuckin suck. like jabbar.

And this pretty much sums up the rams season.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The start of something beautiful

I've been gone, trying to get ass and failing miserably can bring a guy down. But i'm back and ready to start 09!

1. The Eagles. Although Sal Palantonio was talking about Westbrook being hurt. But he's always hurt. Just beat the card, we'll worry about it later. There's 2 weeks til the Superbowl.

2. I'd totally smash Chris McKendry. Real Talk

3. Kelly Clarkson's new single is fire! (the name is stupid though) I can't wait til she releases her album on ST. Patty's day. Actually I'll probably end up bootlegging it first. And she's lookin cute too.

4. When is TP-4 coming out? I love that song skin. Razzy got me hooked on it. I swear kells better in the chocolate factory right now finishing that shit.

5. I need lost to come back! ASAP. The previews are freakin me out MAN!!!

6. The golden globes were crazy. Tina looked absolutely gorgeous and 30 rock cleaned up, but how about anna. Her portrayal of sookie stackhouse was amazing. Hopefully this gets people on board. Oh....still not impressed with Madmen.
7. What is wrong with Heroes???? Everything. Just Everything. But I've boiled it down into a few key points. My Thesis: The characters make these annoying "holier than thou" speeches, vow to destory one another.. and then change their core motivaytions at the stroke of the writers pen.
8. Liz Hurley fell off. What happened. She was so fine in the 90s. And she's still just as cute. It doesn't make any sense.9. Battlestar comes back this Friday. I love those face of the enemy webisodes, they've crushed the lost webisodes by far.
10. The L Word, United States of Tara, and Secret Diary all make their return this Sunday!! I want shane so bad it hurts. I wish she was doing the spin-off.
11. My Tony Parker is back, but she has mono and she's going back to France in 2 weeks. All I wanna do is show her how incredible she is, but she's also my best friend. Ugh, and kissing her would make me deathly ill. i'm good. But when i'm with her and I leave, i miss her...A lot. I just like being around her, even if we aren't doing anything or saying a word. Do I L her??? I think so...maybe thats why my relationships don't work out. It's like my body knows im already taken. whoa!! snap out of it dude

12. My Dad stole my Ipod charger. Bastard, now I can't upload that Kelly Clarkson Commercial or the lil Weezy G commercials. Damn.

I'm out.