Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SHO me

1. Eagles lost. Man. It was a good game though. Desean Jackson has really matured and I think he'll be a top tier wide out for years to come. The play where he came back and stripped the ball sealed it for me. I mean he has come such a long way since his Leon Lett moment

2. SHOtime is back. The L word is incredible. They have cheesy overarching structure, but the content is still is as good as ever. Nikki was cheesy as fuck though. I think I've figured out the big mystery, and Its just not fitting. I don't like that SHOwtime! decided to spoil me. I think they could have told the story without doing it like that. Anyway, Secret Diary and Tara have been entertaining as well. The edge goes to Secret Diary though

3. Elliot 2 from scrubs. She was in something else, but ole girl is finnnnneeeeee. Aziz is great too. SY-Sy-Sy- SYphillis!

4. LOST!!! My entire world revolves around Wednesday's Now. I'm trying to get my class changed to a different night because it makes me five minutes late for LOST. It's too much I know.

5. Things are starting to fall in line for me. Except Paris is going back. But Ryley is talking to me, and this other girl (who has a bf) wants to be friends, which is great! Plus stanford Melo is single now. Well see what happens.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


So it was almost a year ago that I called out a certain Jabbar Gaffney. Now Tom Brady set the world on fire last year making mr. gaffney a tangible fantasy option in the process. But unfortunately for J-Gaff Brady went down in game 1. So let's check his stats and see if I was right about him being a total shitteoous receiver and one of the reasons donovan doesn't already have a ring. Final line 468 yards and 2 TDs. With a spectacular 1 catch 4 yard performance in a 20 point beatdown to the chargers! Way to go Jabbar, stay weak nigga.

Man, I would really like to get some ass right now. I think I'm in the dreaded settle mode. If I were a facebook junkie I'd set my looking for to "anything i can get." I saw this chick that was not cute. AT ALL. and I was trying to think of scenarios where I wouldn't hit it. fail. I mean even though she looks like that weird evil rabbit from the simpsons I'd still beat. Yeah, it's like that. I think right now I might even take a run at that katelynn chick from the real world....
would i????
now's not a good time to ask that question....

My roommate just let the most horrible SBD fart rip. Fuckin asshole. and I even went halfies with him on a futon. *BIG MISTAKE*

Hey Gil. Ummm, remember that 111Million dollar contract you signed. yeah remember that million dollar pool you built. yeah. remember how you backed JOHN McCAIN! yeah, I ain't forgot shit nigga. And you wanna complain about taxes. Barack should tax your shit. You don't play nigga, you need to get a job at McDonald's or something. you know, contribute to society like the rest of us. they thought you were a zero because you've played 0 minutes in the last two regular seasons. dickwipe. that said, when this nigga is right, he's on point.

I skipped a meeting tonight. I just couldn't do it. Almost everyone in that group sucks. almost, there's like 6 cool people out of 20. the rest fuckin suck. like jabbar.

And this pretty much sums up the rams season.....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The start of something beautiful

I've been gone, trying to get ass and failing miserably can bring a guy down. But i'm back and ready to start 09!

1. The Eagles. Although Sal Palantonio was talking about Westbrook being hurt. But he's always hurt. Just beat the card, we'll worry about it later. There's 2 weeks til the Superbowl.

2. I'd totally smash Chris McKendry. Real Talk

3. Kelly Clarkson's new single is fire! (the name is stupid though) I can't wait til she releases her album on ST. Patty's day. Actually I'll probably end up bootlegging it first. And she's lookin cute too.

4. When is TP-4 coming out? I love that song skin. Razzy got me hooked on it. I swear kells better in the chocolate factory right now finishing that shit.

5. I need lost to come back! ASAP. The previews are freakin me out MAN!!!

6. The golden globes were crazy. Tina looked absolutely gorgeous and 30 rock cleaned up, but how about anna. Her portrayal of sookie stackhouse was amazing. Hopefully this gets people on board. Oh....still not impressed with Madmen.
7. What is wrong with Heroes???? Everything. Just Everything. But I've boiled it down into a few key points. My Thesis: The characters make these annoying "holier than thou" speeches, vow to destory one another.. and then change their core motivaytions at the stroke of the writers pen.
8. Liz Hurley fell off. What happened. She was so fine in the 90s. And she's still just as cute. It doesn't make any sense.9. Battlestar comes back this Friday. I love those face of the enemy webisodes, they've crushed the lost webisodes by far.
10. The L Word, United States of Tara, and Secret Diary all make their return this Sunday!! I want shane so bad it hurts. I wish she was doing the spin-off.
11. My Tony Parker is back, but she has mono and she's going back to France in 2 weeks. All I wanna do is show her how incredible she is, but she's also my best friend. Ugh, and kissing her would make me deathly ill. i'm good. But when i'm with her and I leave, i miss her...A lot. I just like being around her, even if we aren't doing anything or saying a word. Do I L her??? I think so...maybe thats why my relationships don't work out. It's like my body knows im already taken. whoa!! snap out of it dude

12. My Dad stole my Ipod charger. Bastard, now I can't upload that Kelly Clarkson Commercial or the lil Weezy G commercials. Damn.

I'm out.