Tuesday, January 27, 2009

SHO me

1. Eagles lost. Man. It was a good game though. Desean Jackson has really matured and I think he'll be a top tier wide out for years to come. The play where he came back and stripped the ball sealed it for me. I mean he has come such a long way since his Leon Lett moment

2. SHOtime is back. The L word is incredible. They have cheesy overarching structure, but the content is still is as good as ever. Nikki was cheesy as fuck though. I think I've figured out the big mystery, and Its just not fitting. I don't like that SHOwtime! decided to spoil me. I think they could have told the story without doing it like that. Anyway, Secret Diary and Tara have been entertaining as well. The edge goes to Secret Diary though

3. Elliot 2 from scrubs. She was in something else, but ole girl is finnnnneeeeee. Aziz is great too. SY-Sy-Sy- SYphillis!

4. LOST!!! My entire world revolves around Wednesday's Now. I'm trying to get my class changed to a different night because it makes me five minutes late for LOST. It's too much I know.

5. Things are starting to fall in line for me. Except Paris is going back. But Ryley is talking to me, and this other girl (who has a bf) wants to be friends, which is great! Plus stanford Melo is single now. Well see what happens.

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