Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day, for real?

Dear Roomie,

Sometimes its like are you really sitting there watching me in my boxers

And I slowly turn and …wow. Unbelievable. My roommate watches me in the morning. ewww.

The City/ Valentines day


Is reggie really analyizng the dunk contest. I was gong along with it until reggie started talking. Because reggie is thin on analysis ANYWAY. So get him talking about a dunk contest and it's like Jessica simpson to explain the stimulus package. Sidenote: I can’t believe she’s sucking tony romo’s dick. Some guys have all the luck.

The dunk contest is rigged. They want Dwight howard vs. nate robinson. I bet you david stern said make sure its Dwight vs. nate rob. It has to be.

Did that McDonald’s commercial really say that’s whats up. Cuz that’s whats up.

Why is rudy trying to do a dunk he cant do. *my man from desperate housewives.

My bad rudy. You showed me.

12 foot rim. NBA got what they wanted. Dwight vs. nate. This is Rigged! Am i the only one.

Proof, kryptonite. Nba orchestrated it.

Lebron James in the dunk contest next year! Hell yeah. But I bet you he only does it if David Stern makes him the winner.

This was so obviously rigged. You have not duped me david stern.

“I got the championship back to new York city.” shut up nate. you keep thinkin thats the championship nigga. Last I checked you guys have 21 wins. the last two are the hardest, you don't wanna lose 60.

If Dwight doesn’t allow him to dunk over him. He doesn’t win. End of story.

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Day of Birth

Ewww...that didn't come out right. Happy Birthday to me!!!!! I'm going ot be optimistic. This might possibly be the most incredible day EVER!! So I was hanging out with my friend today and it was cool. We banged out a sketch together and she let me in on some personal things. I like it. Only problem is she's only here for like five more weeks. Well, at least I feel like I might actually have a friend that I can hang out with next year.

The L word was great this week. (Max!) No way...It's a show that honestly every week I feel like I'm watching the pinnacle of television. That's why I want to work for showtime, but def not intern, they don't pay any money. This brotha is tryna get PAID!!! (Eh eh, i'm so paid) fuck akon.

Anyway, Wayne got his Grammy's. Four to be exact. One off the Kraus and Allison bullshit that stole wayne's final grammy for album of the year. Yeah, those old fuckers weren't gonna let wayne get away with that one. I'm happy for him though. And he did a great job performing "Tie My Hands."

Well here's to hoping the rest of February 9th goes according to plan. Namaste. and Good luck.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

With No Regard, For Human Life!!!

Remember that dunk against the Celts last playoffs? I don't know why that's in my head other than the fact that today was Kobe v Lebron Part Deux and the Lake Show dominated. Handing Cleveland its first home loss of the season. And Kobe hitting the ridiculous rainbow shot to seal the game was sick. Thats why I love watching the lakers in big games because I know Kobe is gonna put on a show. Lebron on the other hand picked a terrible afternoon to have an off shooting night missing a ton of lay-ups. Oh, Big Z was impressive knocking down those 18 foot jumpers with consistency, so I still think the Cavs are gonna be back in the finals.

The Pro Bowl. Larry Fitzgerald. Or as eagles fans call him "The assailant" is dominating today. The man is a beast and I'm proud to have had him on my fantasy team this year. I think it's gonna be insanely difficult to draft him this upcoming year though. Ok, so what sucks is the fact that I can't play an exhibition game as the pro bowl teams in madden. That's so wack. What happened to the classic teams and NFL europe teams or even the teams like Tiburon or the Mummies?

When does Fantasy Baseball Start? OMG!! A-AROID!!! He carried my team to victory last year. But If I have a shot at the first pick, do I use it on a guy who is extremely soft. Can he take the New York pressure, plus EVERYONE talking about how he's tainted. It looked like he almost cried during that Katie Couric interview so It's not lookin to good for ya boy.

I just got this new tina fey poster! It's great. She's great. I got it as an early burfday present for myself. Also, I'm going to meet with this guy about sneaking me into NBC for the summer on thursday. I gotta use all my networking skills if I'm gonna pull this one off.

Finally saw "Saw V." And I must say, it was pretty good. Well, It was better than I expected good. Because saw III was terrible and saw IV was garbage. Like that NBA LIVE 08 with Gilbert on the cover when he tricked me into believing that it was the best game he ever played. I honestly don't believe that nigga ever even played that garbage once. Nobody at EA did. They finished and turned it in like I turn in papers that I've just finished before lecture. Oh also watched Eagle Eye, and It wasn't was cool, I guess, I dunno, ummm yeahhhh.

Still to see - Lakeview Terrace ( got it, watchng Sam tonight), Vicky Cristina Bracelona (show me dem tigglebitties), Slumdog Millionaire (I think people have ruined it for me, just like with Superbad,, don't lose yo damn mind and start talking about how a movie changed your life. Because you still know you always say shit like, "I'm not a racist, some of my best friends are black." Gran Torino (that old nigga is hard) and of course Benjamin Button ( I have to wonder If Brad is really, I mean really cool with all those kids, or if pussy got him hooked.) I ain't mad at ya Brad.

Grammy's Tonight!! Li weezy Let's go! The Katie Couric Interview wasn't bad. ...oh yeah, so my birthday is tmw. I feel like its gonna suck. I'm 23 and what have I accomplished? Lebron has a gold medal!!!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rough. Week.

So the cherry on this shitshow of a week was the fact that my dad added me on facebook...ummm, yeahhh. wtf!?!?!?! It's so stupid because we were just having a discussion on facebook privacy in class and I stuck up for Mark Zuckerburg's bitch ass. I should march down to that office right now, open his asshole up. step inside. fuck his whole asshole up. Crinkle some newspaper up, throw it on the ground, eat a candy bar, throw the wrapper on the ground. spray paint wash me on the side, and kick that muthafuckin door wide open when i leave. fuck him. that was the leon side of me talking.

-LOST & L word Break-

*Spoiler Alerts*

So LOST is kinda starting to fall into that trap that I had predicted. Season 5 is in a holding pattern, kinda just circling around the airport until the real story picks up in season 6. FUCK.

L word. Why does every episode start with someone saying..."I am Gonna Kill Jenny Schecter!"
I get it. We all get it. They all wanna "kill" Jenny. I think she'll end up killing herself which makes me sick because it's such a cop out.


So what else, there's this girl kinda jocking me but i'm so used to getting clowned that i'm not even gonna go after it. why? I'd rather not get attached to some chick, start to wanna bone her, get really awkward, then add another girl to my fuck up list.

And my birthday is coming up, which means it'll be real awkward when nobody wishes me a happy birthday. I have like 2 friends here and they'll both be off campus, and i bet nobody in the sketch group knows. ugh.

And my midterm just Kobe dunked on me today. But at least its a midterm. See you in the finals Kobe.