Sunday, March 15, 2009

SNL 100!

So tonight is Tracy and Kelly Clarkson!!! AHHHHHH!!! This is too much. It also perfectly coinsides with my 100th post! yeah man, i'm still goin strong!

Whoa, a tracy cold open. Very funny. I see you John Cena making a cameo.

Ohhh, cena was promoting his new film 12 rounds. Looks like a good trailer but it'll prolly suck.

Why did they recycle that dumb ass eating diaper video.

Brain Fellow's! Yeah, it's crazy seeing new cast members interact with old tracy character's. He starts off a little shaky but settles back into brian. I love the uppity cow. wow tracy.

Astronaut Jones was weak. They shouldn't have andy samburg. Put casey wilson in a dress so I can stare at her tig ole bitties. duh.

oh, abby elliot is kinda cute.

Kelly rocked out. I always love her live though. She is thick. But blue is her color. I hope she's not preggers.

Weekend Update---- Bill Hader does a great Malkovich. Bear-NARD!
Kristen Wiig as Barbie is HOT. HOT VOICE. wowee

Suppressex... Eh? If tracy wasn't in it, I wouldn't have laughed. He is a serious crutch for them.

I really liked High IQ. I see you Kristen Wiig. (SNL's weekly crutch) and again abby looked really cute in that egg costume. I thought Keenan made a good harry potter as well. That sketch started slow but actually worked. His cadence and reading of the lines is so bizzare though. Maybe he does that to keep the spontanaeity.

Kelly's back. I Do Not Hook Up! Wait, that's her 2nd single. I guess they're really gonna make sure they get her off the schneid. I'm cool with that though. Ok, I'm gonna closely examine her stomach region....I'm am lovin the fact that she's thick though! Thicky THICK GIRL!!!

Rocket Dog!! It worked.

Great Episode Tracy and Kelly. Probably one of the best of the season!

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