Saturday, April 18, 2009

Madden, NBA, and Heuristics Girl

I can't believe John Madden is retiring. I mean he's definitely earned it. Being arguably one the greatest football coaches of all-time and then the most coveted announcer in sports. But it's his legacy that's going to be incredible. Madden is the Game. It's always been the game. It's had good years and bad, but overall, there isn't a better football game experience. That's what John brought to the game. His dedication to excellence. His "boom" from the early games. I just hope that they bring him back to the booth for next year cuz Collinsworth is cool, but one more year of John calling the action would be incredible.

I'm excited about the playoffs. I feel like Lebron is about to dominate. I really wanna do some kind of presentation on king James, but I don't know how I can make that fly in a class like "the history of nuclear weapons." Also a girl said NeWk-Cular the other day. Is she for real?

Oh man, Heuristics girl. There's some girl in my comm class who brought up some shit about Heuristics, but I will only refer to her as heuristics girl. Sorry I'm slumping right now, I'm kinda like Papi. I just need to get back into the groove of things. But now that I think about it. Let's talk about david Ortiz. Papi, I fucking HATE YOUR GUTS YOU LAZY SLUT. he's like 4-50 to start the year and a few days ago he got caught trying to steal second. STEAL! Hit the fucking ball! I can't even be uspet anymore. Please just start producing..ugh, school sucks. I'm going to post pics/videos, and then hopefully get these regular updates together.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

So whoa!

The second Half of the Hills was better than the first.

But Baseball is back! Actually I'm more excited about fantasy baseball. I should be, I do have 4, yes count em, FOUR teams to manage. The way I see it I can't lose em all.

Quick Hits

My roommate sucks

This Kobe commercial is sick.

And I think I'm gonna finish editing this in the morning....I'm sleepy

Ok so I need to talk about GaGa. Yes Lady Gaga is taking over my life. That eyepatch zipper thing she wore on American Idol sealed the deal. Plus her album is amazing. Top to bottom, It takes a lot of hard work to not just quit after you make a couple good singles. To not coast and save her stuff for another album was tight. I like her style. I read in blender that she likes to "have unprotected sex with" her music. Well whatever it is Gaga , It's working. You are a weird, seriously, like a martian, but in a weezy kind of way. As much as I love Xtina. She can piss off. Because she left the scene and you swooped n her spot.

Also growing on me is Keri Hilson. She's got a few tight songs on her album. I still however, have no idea why people like that turnin me on song. Although, wayne delivers with a solid verse, as usual...but other than that I'm not feelin the song or the beat. Knock you down rocks. So there ya go. I'm back and hopefully deliving blah on a more regular basis. We shall see.

Monday, April 6, 2009

So which one of you invited Heidi???

Kelly Clarkson to start the show! Yeah, and follow it up with BOOM BOOM POW (sadly sans fergie verse) But still. Well done, MTV normally comes hard with music in the premiere.

Is Heidi really gonna crash the boat party? Lame boo, just lame. Dramalicious! I can't wait.

Oh how I missed you Spencer. Where's the beard????? He's onto Heidi. The cameras are on, girls night must, mean LC is involved. Kudos. And grow that flesh colored beard. I miss it.

!!!!!!!!!! Heidi coming on the boat is sooooo Weird. Record screeeeeeeeech! Throw her overboard!!!! Please, I bet Lo would. She's just bitchy enough. I wish she'd go with me to formal. That would be tight. Anyway. *Commercial*

Me time! My advisor is meeting with me tmw! She's the 50 yr old milf. But she seems excited. It was so weird seeing her the other day. It was like running into a girl you told you like her only to have her run into you at the most awkward time the next day. So yeah. It was weird. But it's all good now.


Which one of you invited Heidi? And I know it wasn't Lo. Wow. Steph, party of one.

Whoa, Lo and Heidi look very similar. I guess that's why they're the two girls I have a crush on. Hmmm.

I so wanna Kelly Cutrone Heidi right now. Are you ok? Cuz I mean damn the girl is thin!

Heidi: I wanna get off the boat! *Uh, you shoulda thought of that before you crashed LC's BOAT PARTY. Um, the shit set sail like 10 mins ago bitch! (I mean boo, you know I love yo crazy ass)

ANOTHER COMMERCIAL. Ok, well, Damn, I missed DWTS Tonight. Yes, I have a thing for Shawn Johnson. So what!? She's tight. But I'm more invested in DAG. I want him to win so badly. Funniest DWTS comment goes to Weezy for this. (skip to 5 minutes)

BTW, Lawrence sucks.


ok, don't hate cuz Cam hated on you. Spencer you are not tough. Yikes. Spencer throwing on a dude. It's only because that dude was a pretty boy. He would not have thrown on a brother.

Bingo Heidi. He did it because he WAS flirting with the bartender. Is she having an epiphany! Somebody call T-Pain.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Magic vs. Cavs

Here's how bad the Cavs game is going. J.J. Redick got in the game. Thats when you know you're fuckin up. When the coach says, J.J., you're up. First of all, I'm not even gonna start with the fact that the only solid moment of you i HAVE STUCK IN MY HEAD IS HIM CRYING AFTER HE LOST A GAME AT DUKE. No I'm going to just say that he missed a wide open lay-up when his team was blowing out the cavs, I just hate how these guys get all cocky when they have a big league and get pumped. It's like you just hit a meaningless 3 to put you up by 35. Congratulations.

Oh yeah, So he's basically standing behind me pretending to do something. It's like, go away.

But back to my NBA rant.

FUCK. J.J. just scored. looks like shit just got real.

So I've just recently gotten into Gossip Girl, and Dollhouse. I'm not recommending these shows just yet. But they don't make me want to shoot myself so we'll see how it goes.