Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lebron V Kobe?

I have to say. I thought it was a foregone conclusion. It looked like Kobe and Lebron would cruise to the finals, but the Nuggets and Magic made it to the conference finals for a reason. I'm still mad that Lebron lost. How you gon' let Lebron go off for 49 and NOT knock down a jumper, Delonte "Better have my Donuts" west? It doesn't make sense. Plus Dwight howard fouled out. I'm not mad at LBJ for passing the ball. That what he does. I'm mad at Anderson for letting Lewis hit a three in his face. So what if he goes in and shoots a 2. At home you play for overtime. On the road you go for the win. That's what happened. But I still love these commercials. I hope Lebron makes it. I'm not gonna be upset if the nuggets handle Kobe and co.

Speaking of the Nuggets...ok, So it's half now in the Lakers game and I thought after their crushing first loss they would roll over. And they did, but apparently the CROWD PLEAZA didn't get the memo. Huge 11 points, and chauncey with the nice off the back on Kobe. I like it. You could almost see the "fuck chauncey" on Kobe's face in that halftime interview.

Despite what I want to see though. I am 100% certain that David Stern will do everything in his power to make sure that the Kobe Lebron Final happens. He got Lakers-Celts last year so the man can do anything.

My updates. RIP Dolla. Paris is back in town for a bit! My comedy group's show might not suck this quarter. And I am very very busy. Just gotta keep grinding. And i needs me a job quick! Ahhhh, so many loose ends. it'll come tigether though. OH!! Lost finale. Crazy good. It doesn't make up for a sucky season, but I like the fact that I have no idea where they're going from here. Also, Nancy Botwin and Sookie Stackhouse will be coming to a TV near you in less than a month. yes! Ahhh yes, lets enjoy a picture of Nancy fuckin up.....