Monday, July 27, 2009

Hard Hearted Hannah

Wow, I certainly didn't mean to let the whole month go by without another post. My bad. So where to begin. The title is from True Blood, which was awesome once again. But I think they're taking a week off before another new episode. bummer. Basically, I've done nothing this summer. I wake up, and turn it on MTV. But this morning I was watching room raiders 2.0, yeah, the show has been on for about 10 years. and NOW we have 2.0. anyway, what's the most famous thing in the spy kit????? The black light, duh. Well not anymore, the go to device is the cell phone. They text their potential dates. I dunno how I feel about this. I kind of like it when things are interpreted completely out of context. There goes my plan of putting a surfboard in my room so a girl will think I'm a blond surfer dude. Oh well, I could always just lie. anywho, It's a stupid gripe, but you know, whatever. Oh, so what really pissed me off is the kid after the show. ...

Justin Bieber..WHO in the BLUE Hell ARE YOU!!?? This wanna be rapper/singer/wanksta fuckin pisses me off. I don't like Asher Roth anyway. But he did his shit on I love college. (Allen Iversohhhn, Hakeem Olajuwonnnn)The rest of his shit is wack, no doubt. But he's not tryna be a gangsta, so respect. But this lil muhfucka was tryna act all hard in the video. Well you know what. FUCK HIM! and fuck the muthafuckas who think I'mma even illegal download his garbage. I've flushed turds that have come out lookin meaner than him. whatever. I'm over it.

Meryl Streep sucked on the tonight show. She is not funny. and she is not cute. She is just a talented actress that is awkwardly unflattering to the eyes.
Update: In 2009, Diddy is poised to release his best album.....ever.
Ok Diddy. *rolls eyes* So basically Diddy has to decided to make an album with more than one single. I must say, I do like making his band, or at least the music they play during the auditions. Here's my question, If Diddy worked for himself. Would he be fired? Because it seems like he keeps churning out wack albums. I honestly have no idea. NO IDEA. how Diddy manages not to end up like Hammer.

I have a second date!!! I'm excited, and she's more awkward and shy than I am so I am sittin pretty. Only bad thing is we're going to the baseball game tmw and it's supposed to rain. I hope not, but either way, we should have a good time. Oh! So here's one, we were at a friends house the other day and a game of never have I ever broke out. So all of a sudden she gets super shy...She won't keep her fingers up and pretty much tries to hide. I'm wondering if that's how she acts, or if it was for my benefit. I dunno, but she wasn't shy when she was grabbing her tits during a game of thunder. It's funny how the closet freak in a girl can just show itself out of nowhere. Well, tmw I should start to get to the bottom of what she's all about

Oh man, I can't wait for Big Brother 11 tmw!!! This season, is shaping up to be another classic. And there's not even a black guy so I have no idea how they're doing it. Jesse and his, poor me, the girls all love me thing is getting old. and why was he always shity with Laura? He pretty much forced her out of the house, because Ronnie has no balls and is taking it in the ass from the atletes. But score one for Laura in exposing him to the group. Lame Ronnie, Lame....I'm gonna miss laura and her big ass titties. moment of silence please for Ms. Laura Crosby

Monday, July 6, 2009

It's on!

with Alexa Chung. Yeah it's official. I'm smitten. She is so funny and goofy, and witty. And there's something extremely attractive about a girl who doesn't take herself too seriously. Like today she had a hot dog eating contest, and she participated. what?!?! it was tight, plus her show is cool, her guest made up a song about an audience member's facebook profile. it was pretty funny too. but her news segments are priceless. Oh, and the transformers helmet she wore. my goodness....oh, also, I love that she called Miley out on this. That's gross miley. TMI. I can't believe I have to tell her this, but she's only 16 so here goes....Don't tweet about taking a shit sweetie. k, thanks. moving on....

I just saw a commercial for the Real World: Cancun, and I half watched the episode last week, but I think I might get hooked this week. I'm hoping anyway. I think the girl Emily is HOT! (I think she spells it emiliee or somethin crazy. damn her momma is stupid creative!) But don't take my word for it. Witness....

So I've been fielding offers from a lot of girls lately. It's weird being full court pressed. Hopefully one really pans out into something great. at least for the summer. Oh, so claire tagged photos of us from this past year. She also sent me text messages, but I def did not respond. I don't have time for girls like her. She's one of those, pay attention to me because it makes me feel good girls. I actually started to care about her and really dig her and she tried to play me like a fool. well FUCK her. How does it feel to be chasin a brotha bItch. lol! (not gonna lie though, I really wanted to beat. She had long legs and smooth skin, I mean her skin was sooooo SMOOOTH) However.......I'm going to start chasing good ones. Oh, I need to call Paris. She is great, and I've been blowing her off. I suck. But my boy is coming back in town today! Hell yeah. let the games begin.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The King of Pop and McNair leave us....

Michael Jackson. RIP, the man was incredible. I loved his music. I grew up listening to all his music. Even today his music still stands up. Nobody cares about records that the Big Tymers made, Juvenile, Jewel, Sisqo, people who were huge, but their shit doesn't Hold up. Hell I loved his last record, the one with butterlflies. That record still gets me. Not to mention, PYT, Thriller, Billie Jean, and his countless other hits. I loved what Jeremy Piven said, "If it wasn't for Mike, Justin Timberlake would be serving fries in the valley." I'm one of the few who thinks he didn't do anything to those kids. He didn't have much of a childhool , so he wanted to share what he missed with kids. He was just a black man that they tried to tear down, and are still trying to tear down even in death. Michael was great. He is a legend. And I will continue to enjoy his music. He revolutionized the game. Well done sir, your legeacy will live on. ...

And my man. Steve "Air" McNair. He was a good dude, and a great player. The thing I remember most about Steve was that he almost never practiced. Just about every week he was too beaten and battered to run drills, but he would be out there every sunday. If he played with the rules they have now who knows the numbers he would have put up. Now if you touch the quarterback you'll get a $25,000 fine. But he was so smart, and such an excellent passer that that his scrambling abilities were just the cherry on top. The man was just a Leader and a Winner. I was SO scared that he was going to rip my rams of their superbowl in 99. But I grew to love him because he was just SO GOOD. I'm glad he won an MVP, and I will retire the jersey I bought into my hall of fame. I loved playing with Steve, and it was an honor to have him onmy fantasy team. roo rooooo!

"As Your Maker, I Command You!"

Shout out to Vampire Bill Compton for this cold ass catch phrase. Well today I was all hyped for a brand new episode and they hit me with a repeat. Just means i'll have to wait another week before I find out what scratched sookie!?!?! oh but favorite quote was from tara, when andy showed up at the party - "What's andy belfluer doin here? You think he'd have better shit to do, like I don't know, solve a murder."

Whoever plays Jessica is tight though. I mean, she has grown on me and is def a super cutie. I'm guessing they aren't done filming the show yet, so they're trying to give post a little extra time to finish up the final bells and whistles. Anyway, I love the show. But there are some weird ass vampire culture people that take this shit seriously. It's a little creepy. I mean, I love true blood, but I know that it's not real. These people that pretend to be vampires are wackos. Which begs the question, do people see me that way:-O.

(man they look good together, fingers crossed for season 6)
And WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with weeds. Another year of this unfunny bullshit. And the color scheme is killing me. mix in a fucking blue or yellow or green. The brown tint of Ren-Mar is fucking OLD. Kenji whatever the fuck just shitted all over the best thing she's ever done. and good for her for getting showtime to buy those three seasons up front. I guarantee weeds will not be back for a 7th season. UNLESS, conrad returns. Conrad, or somebody who tells jokes, and isn't a charicature like doug or celia. These used to be great characters, but now they're insignifigant. Plus Nancy losing her independence was not the way to go. It's like when Jack was a janitor in lost, bein all sad and shit, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT! my goodness, I almost got worked uo for a second. on to more pleasant thoughts....

How about my girl Kelly Clarkson joanin on Perex Hilton. Now this shit is good. i love Kelly, she's so down to earth. And in this interview she pretty much confirms that I still have a shot with her because she's not a lesbian. Hell yeah! Check it out, skip to 8:15ish to see the part about perez, but the whole interview is pretty good.

Also looking forward to this flick I've been waiting on for the longest. It's got my girl Tina, and Jennifer Garner. Holla. I'll def be there on the first day! Check it. and I'm out

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Return to Glory

I've been putting off blogging for a while, but it's time to jump back in. Recently, I've fallen for Alexa Chung. I don't even know how it happened. I think it's her accent, Cuz she's cute, but she's not that cute, and her personality is the kind that makes yuou want to hang out with her. She seems cool to just chill with. Unlike Megan Foxbot who i'm pretty sure is so hot she hates people . I feel like she thinks she's wasting her hottness on humans and secretly desires to woo other space creatures. Just a thought.

Am I crazy for really wanting to read Kanye's new book???? I'm not going to buy it (duh), but I am going to read all 52 bullet-pointed pages in my local border's. here's a sample.

Thank you, and you're welcome

Here's a hater's review: hilarious
Kanye West seems mildly amused that these things called "words" can actually be written down and combined into interesting groups called "phrases" or sometimes even "sentences.

Anyway, Nurse Jackie is new. I like it. I'm starting to be a showtime groupie. Although they cancelled brotherhood and I was never into that. The new season of weeds has been kinda terrible. Nancy can't let me down two seasons in a row right? Plus how weird is it that her sister Jill was abruptly out of the season never to be heard from again? hmmm....My fantasy teams are doing well. I'm wheeling and dealing and the second half will be crazy. Just wait. Ok, this is a good start. coming back tmw...