Sunday, July 5, 2009

"As Your Maker, I Command You!"

Shout out to Vampire Bill Compton for this cold ass catch phrase. Well today I was all hyped for a brand new episode and they hit me with a repeat. Just means i'll have to wait another week before I find out what scratched sookie!?!?! oh but favorite quote was from tara, when andy showed up at the party - "What's andy belfluer doin here? You think he'd have better shit to do, like I don't know, solve a murder."

Whoever plays Jessica is tight though. I mean, she has grown on me and is def a super cutie. I'm guessing they aren't done filming the show yet, so they're trying to give post a little extra time to finish up the final bells and whistles. Anyway, I love the show. But there are some weird ass vampire culture people that take this shit seriously. It's a little creepy. I mean, I love true blood, but I know that it's not real. These people that pretend to be vampires are wackos. Which begs the question, do people see me that way:-O.

(man they look good together, fingers crossed for season 6)
And WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with weeds. Another year of this unfunny bullshit. And the color scheme is killing me. mix in a fucking blue or yellow or green. The brown tint of Ren-Mar is fucking OLD. Kenji whatever the fuck just shitted all over the best thing she's ever done. and good for her for getting showtime to buy those three seasons up front. I guarantee weeds will not be back for a 7th season. UNLESS, conrad returns. Conrad, or somebody who tells jokes, and isn't a charicature like doug or celia. These used to be great characters, but now they're insignifigant. Plus Nancy losing her independence was not the way to go. It's like when Jack was a janitor in lost, bein all sad and shit, NOBODY WANTS TO SEE THAT! my goodness, I almost got worked uo for a second. on to more pleasant thoughts....

How about my girl Kelly Clarkson joanin on Perex Hilton. Now this shit is good. i love Kelly, she's so down to earth. And in this interview she pretty much confirms that I still have a shot with her because she's not a lesbian. Hell yeah! Check it out, skip to 8:15ish to see the part about perez, but the whole interview is pretty good.

Also looking forward to this flick I've been waiting on for the longest. It's got my girl Tina, and Jennifer Garner. Holla. I'll def be there on the first day! Check it. and I'm out

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