Saturday, April 17, 2010

True Blood is Near and Playoff Basketball

Is anyone else as hyped as I am for season 3 of TRUE BLOOD??? I hate when it gets close to the start of a new season of a show because i get more impatient. I could have waited 7 months no prob, but be having anxiety attacks in the last week. Sidenote: Is it wrong that I'm more excited for his than I am for graduation which will be earlier that day?

The NBA Playoffs started today too. Shaq is Back. And Lebron beat Derrek Rose and the bulls to go up 1-0. There are a few series I'm excited about this year. I think Heat/Celtics, Lakers/Thunder and Cavs/Bulls will be the best series. But I'm also interested in the outcome of the Mavs/Spurs series. Dallas is basically playing the best 7 seed ever. It just speaks to how deep the West is. The absolute clunker series that no one will watch include Nuggets/Jazz, and Bucks/Hawks. Just 48 minutes of garbage. Regardless, I'm excited. It's just too bad the commercials from this year are no where near as good as the one's in years past.

Last Year: Amazing and Inspiring

This Year: Just gets the job done. Nothing more. Lame

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