Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Musical Musings

"In search of the truth even if it goes through Taylor Swift, tell her this" - Jay-Z
So a couple weeks ago Kanye's Power Remix dropped and I have to say that I didn't think it was going to be as great as he hyped it up to be. To be honest, it seemed a little unnceccessary as Power was already a solid lead single and seemingly left Ye without much place to go. Well I was wrong. The morning it dropped, Kanye had me wylin within five minutes of getting out of bed. It's the "I got the Power sample" with the Sizzy flair that takes the energy of that song to the next level. I think the song also serves as a sort of turning point for Kanye's career. Not that I was ever worried about Ye, but he had to come hard in order to ensure that the haters would be put in their place. I mean they were pretty pissed off, and about what really? He interrupted a white girl. Not attacked, or assaulted, he interrupted her rambling to make a point and then let her continue her speech. Makes me think they didn't care too much for him to begin with. (I wonder what Dr. Laura's initial reaction was.) Anyway, remember on the Diamonds Remix when Jay merked Kanye on his own single? Yeah, business..mannnnnn. Well this time Jay rips it, but by the end, you've all but forgotten that HOV was even on the track. Kanye is hitting his prime. He's the Steve Young to Hov's Joe Montana. Sure HOV is still an elite quartback, but Ye is right there. p.s. I love that Jay goes after Taylor. can. not. say it enough. fuck her!

"I remember seeing this painting and thinking…Why don’t you look like a Warhol? And then I found out he painted it was when he was 23. That’s what I feel like. I’m that painting." -Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga absolutley killed this interview on FUSE yesterday. I've seen it before, but it was a while ago, and I forgot some of the gems she dropped. That's why she's elevated herself on my depth chart. Yep, I'd marry her if the opportunity arised. She's so thoughtfully bizarre while managing to balance her crazy with a refreshing candor, genuine love of her fans, and self awareness.

"I don’t care what people think about me, I care what they think about themselves." -Lady Gaga

So Sara Bareilles' team dropped another track from the album. I personally think it will be amazing, but I'm not sure about how well the album will sell given the economic climate and the apparent lack of traditional singles. That's what killed Kelly Clarkson's "My December" and had everyone wondering if she could ever regain her luster. She did. Her next album may have had too many songs that were like singles. Almost as if it were screaming "look! look at me! a commercially viable project!" But it ended up lacking the heart of "My December." The thing about singles is that they are set to move records. They don't necessarily reflect what the artist is trying to accomplish with the album. I think a great example of this is "Lollipop." It SOLD albums, but stylistically it's nothing like the rest of the Carter III. Some people just do whatever the fuck they want, and because they're so good it doesn't matter. I loved 808s & Heartbreak, but it produced more than it's fair share of blank stares. Some called it emo while others labeled it anywhere from pure genius to a Kanye robotic fail.

'Now I just make music for me. It's like my house, because it's where I have to live. It's what I have to perform, 100 shows a year. So people may comment on it to their friends, but when they try and make a suggestion to me, it's like suggesting I change the couch in my living room - "Fuck you, it's my couch." I'm just allowing people in my home... if you don't like it, you can leave.' -Kanye

The point: I love when artists do something different. The fact that Kanye reached a point in his life that sent him in a different musical direction was awesome. Those beats on 808s were sick. And, Ye laid down the whole album in 3 weeks. Ask Dr. Dre, and his "Detox is...uhhh, I'm still workin on it, ummm, did I say this year?...uhhh..yo check these beats headphones!" how hard it is to finish an album. Look, when Wayne says he's doing a rock album like Rebirth, I get excited. These guys aren't going to embarass themselves. The music will be good. Go along for their artistic journey. When people do the same shit over and over again it gets old. It's not for you to dictate the music they give, otherwise we'd never get anything new. Think about it. Speakerboxx/The Love Below would never have happened if Outkast didn't have the courage to embrace change. Get off these artists for reaching or else people will be afraid to digress musically and stumble upon more grear music. UGH! enough of this rant though.
Hopefully Sara's album sells well, because everything I've heard is solid. + she's a hell of a singer. With that said, I'm pissed I've had to wait so long, so when the album leaks I WILL be downloading it.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Where to begin...Creativity

Gwen Stefani is tight. I've always loved this commercial.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

These are my friends

I was cleaning some files off of my desktop and I ran across this gem that I saved a while back. one time I left my aim open and my friend Sudar started talking to chase (CBryant737) as me(flognart2004). Context: 2005-2006 NFL season

CBryant737: bye bye westbrook
CBryant737: i think its safe to say
CBryant737: that the eagles are done
F******4: nah
F******4: koy detmer is the truth
 F******4: mcnabb was holding us back 
F******4: he's a great athlete and everything, but he can't lead a team 
F******4: look at the vikings
CBryant737: damn son
CBryant737: u admit that mcnabb sucks

 F******4: i hate mcnabb so much 
F******4: he drove TO out of town
CBryant737: before u were on his nuts
CBryant737: talking about how i hated all black qbs
F******4: nah i realized the truth
CBryant737: because i dodnt like mcflabb

 F******4: if matt schaub was taking snaps for the falcons they'd be 12-0 with the colts 
F******4: vick can't throw 
F******4: leftwich is okay
 F******4: but other than that 
F******4: i hate guys who can't throw the ball
CBryant737: hahahaahah
CBryant737: wow
CBryant737: thats a 180 degree turn
F******4: they should all be converted to wide receivers
CBryant737: from our last convo
CBryant737: WOW
F******4: yeah i hate the eagles man i realized
CBryant737: u dont even like vick anymore?

 F******4: nah, fuck that diseased dirty motherfucker 
F******4: he can't do shit 
F******4: he runs
CBryant737: lolll
F******4: and aaron brooks
CBryant737: what made u come to this epiphany
F******4: he's the worst of the worst 
F******4: watching how teams like the colts and pats are real winners 
F******4: peyton and tom can't move 
F******4: but theyre smart 
F******4: they chill in the pocket and run the team
 F******4: they take control of the situation 
F******4: that's what real qb's do
 F******4: i can't stand these posers
CBryant737: wait
CBryant737: this isnt [you]