Monday, January 10, 2011

About those picks

Ok, so I blew it. I was wrong about every. single. game. Ouch. You know what, I'm not worried because I can explain.

Seahawks - basically, if that Marshawn Lynch run happened against you in Madden you'd be yellin about how the computer cheats too much.

Colts - Jim Caldwell fucked up. End of story. Funniest reaction was Peyton putting his hands up trying to figure out why he called that TO. Peyton has said he'll review Jim Caldwell's job status in the next week.

Chiefs - The Ravens defense IS good. Joe Flacco is NOT. Unfortunately the Chiefs aren't very good. Lest we not forget, they lost to the raiders twice.

Eagles - Plain and simple. This is the kind of game the Eagles lost last year with McNabb. With a "new" quarterback you'd think you'd have different results. Except quarterbacks don't make stops in the redzone. I'm laying this one at the feet of Andy Reid and his staff for not dealing with the blitz protection i.e. utilizing screens and hot routes. Taking it one step further, that giants comeback never happens if Vick doesn't Houdini a blitzing Giant and Miraculously escape. The Giants won that play and essentially the game, but Vick bailed everyone out. The sole bright spot of people inevitably blaming Vick and questioning whether Kevin Kolb should be the starter (*pukes a little*..I've always said the most popular player in Philly is the backup QB) is the fact that maybe, just maybe, the Eagles won't franchise Vick. It's a longshot, but hopefully MV can get out of there. That place is just toxic. skip to 2:45

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wildcard Weekend

Just wanna get my calls on record. Who cares about the new overtime rules? They won't matter this week anyway...

Jets @ Colts - As much as I hate the Colts, I'm going with them at home. The Jets have a propensity for laying that goose egg in the big game. Sidebar: Calling Jim Caldwell a coach might be like calling Prince Charles a Prince. What does he really do? Colts by 3

@ SEA - Cmon son. It's only close cuz Seattle is at home. Saints by 10.

GB @ PHI - I'm still mad at the eagles for getting rid of McNabb, but I think since all the experts are sipping this kool-aid about how the Packers are unstobbale I'll go with Philly. One, they are at home, and 2, the Packers lost to the Redskins this year! Seriously!? And the media kills me when they dick ride a new team every week. Everybody was slurping Vick and the Eagles a couple weeks ago. Get real. Double sidebar: Remember when the Giants romped all over the Seahawks 41-7 and the media said the Giants were the team to be in the NFC. Well they won 10 games and didn't make it in while Seattle won 7 and did. Yeah... Eagles by 7.

Ravens @ Chiefs - I think the Chiefs can win at home. I mean no one really knows if Joe Flacco is any good, and the Chiefs can run the ball. Ed Reed won't factor in stopping the run. And let's not forget that the Chiefs have the 2004 Patriots GM, Offensive Coordinator and Defensive Coordinator. Yeah, I'll take KC...Chiefs win 27-10.

Deena Can NOT Get It

Earlier Today Darius held a Press Conference in front of the Arch with his friends and family to address his latest controversy. The Transcript is below:

"Hello everyone, and Thank you for being here. Yesterday
I tweeted a few remarks regarding the season premiere of Jersey Shore. Unfortunately, things took a regrettable turn when I tweeted "Deena could get it." As you may have surmised, I am deeply disappointed in myself. I would like to apologize to everyone that I have inconvenienced with my foolishness. I would also like to apologize to my family, Ashlee Feldman, and anyone else that I've let down. Everything just happened so fast. I thought I was invincible, "surely one more tweet can't hurt anyone" I told myself. But I was wrong. I was operating on very little sleep, my television was fuzzy, and I only saw the first 15 minutes of the episode. I believe all of these things contributed to my blunder, but please understand that I am not trying to make excuses. For the record, Deena can not get it, nor should she have the opportunity. I promise you, that in the future I will be better. I will not be taking questions at this time. Thank you."

Darius was then quickly choppered away from the scene.