Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tis the season

Well we're not even two weeks into the Baseball season and we've already had our first steroids scandal. Manny went manny again and got busted for some kind of banned substance. Fingers crossed Manny ain't still poppin pregnancy pills at the crib. Gotta say though, as dumb as that was, Manny played it smart and said fuck this not gettin paid til August shit I'm out this bitch!

Jay-Z got fined 50,000 large by the NBA foor going in the Wildcats lockeroom, but let's be real, it's pennies to him. The real crime was the suspect picture and that haircut. They got hats everywhere grab one. At least pull ya hoodie up jigga. As for the picture, there's a couple problems. If I'm jay, I make the dude holdin up two fingers stand ALL THE WAY in the back. He's clearly not ready for primetime. This ain't myspace. Next, what's the dude on the far left lookin at? And get your hand off his shoulder unless you wanna be in the back too. To the dude standing right behind jay that's blocked by hov and a teammate. Did you really think the camera was gonna see you? Lastly I'd like to draw your attention to the hand at the bottom left. No homo?
"You talkin' bout millions Or you talking' bout mine"

The Bonds jury has been in deliberations since Friday and I gotta say I'm starting to get worried. There's a lot of evidence to suggest that Bary will get off, but then there's also the human element. I originally thought there was no way Bonds could be convicted because 1. Greg Anderson refuses to testify 2. The trial is in San Francisco (he's beloved there) and 3. The government didn't have to prove that Bonds took steroids. They had to prove that Bonds knowingly took steroids. Do I believe the gov't proved that beyond a reasonable doubt? Absolutlety not. However, a jury can vote however they feel. That's not the way the system is supposed to work, but in the prosecutions closing statement they essentially suggested to the jury that because Greg Anderson informed the other players he injected of what they were taking there's no way he didn't inform Bonds. A weak argument, but it appeals to those who, in their hearts, despise Barry Bonds. The court of public opinion long ago convicted Barry Bonds of cheating, and as a result of that the average American isn't going to give him the benefit of the doubt. There's more evidence to suggest that Lance Armstrong doped (in a a sport that's just as dirty if not dirtier) but Lance is an icon. A rock star. He's a hero to the vast majority of the American public and we want to believe that he's clean.

"You can't sit on my lap I don't have a beard Now get off my sack..Scream at me"

If Barry is convicted he'll probably serve about 15 months of house arrest, but he'll never make it into the Hall of Fame. Which is a shame, because it'll essentially rule out Roger Clemens, Arod, Manny, and just about everyone that played from 2000 to 2007. I could go on for about 20 pages about this issue but I'll wait until after a verdict has been reached.

To the government: get off Barry's Nuts. Ha!!