Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Top 5

It just seems like every time I blog I'm talking about how I don't blog enough, so I am giving myself the seven post in seven days challenge.  Did it before, I'll do it again.  There's a lot to talk about this week so I think I can make this work.  But first I figured I show the athletic ladies some love today.  I think this'll be a weekly bit.  Just top 5 something.  Yeah, top five Tuesday.  I like it.  So here we go.   Top five female athletes I'd wife right now.

5.  Hope Solo- ESPN the body.  Dancing with the stars.  I love Hope Solo because she's thick.  She's not the stick figure type that's a dime a dozen in hollywood.  Something's off about Hope though.  She's weird. And stiff.  And not good weird, like one day she's watering the grass naked, the next day she's shittin in your prius weird.  I can't seem to get a read on her.  You know what it is, I feel like she's channeling that hot chick from Mars Attacks that acts like she's gonna fuck you and then rips your balls out.  But I mean, if it comes my way, I'll take it.

4.  Lolo Jones- Just saw her on sportsnation the other day.  That show sucks, but when beadle isn't annoying she's easy on the eyes.  Anyway, I'm literally only watching for about 5 seconds and then I see a chick that's not beadle so I stay a little longer, and i'm like who is this white girl talkin like a sistah and rockin a nice tan.  Then I googled her and found out she's half black.  I love it. Cute face, GREAT personality, (follow her on twitter) Lolo's my girl. 

3.  Sue Bird- She's crazy good.  I can stare at her all day.  She's cute, and she can hoop.  I actually almost bought her WNBA jersey, but they don't make em in men's sizes:(.  Her assists are insane, she's super hot, but still has girl next door appeal.  Doesn't get any better than that.  However, her unwillingness to join the twitterverse is holding her back from being ranked higher.

2.  Diana Taurasi- I can't even explain why I like her.  Maybe it's how smooth her skin looks.  Maybe it's because I can't have her.  Apparently she's into the ladies.  She's got crazy ass though, and a nice jumper to boot.  I def bought 2 copies of her EPSN the body cover.  Plus she's taller than me.  Long story short, I'm not giving up hope.

1.  Becky Hammon - She plays like Allen Iverson, which is the reason I was attracted to her at first.  I mean besides the fact that she's gorgeous.  Other than that, she seems humble, and she's always got a chip on her shoulder.   I like Becky a lot.  

Honorable mention/Front runner: Jeannette Pohlen

Yeah you knew it was coming.  Don't even get me started on her.  I have pined over her for the past 3 years.  Great game, great personality, great spirit.  I'll just say it, she makes me wanna be her Tony Romo.  Love that girl.  And this is despite the fact that she always shoots me down.  But that's fine.  I'm not giving up.  She's my Laura Winslow.  And last time I checked, Urkel fucked.  I think the last time I talked to her, I asked her to dance at a frat party, and she was like "maybe later."  So you're tellin me there's a chance!

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