Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Dexter Problem

I wrote a while back that I thought Dexter was slipping, but I'm starting to have some serious issues with a show that I care a lot about.  Now if you haven't seen Dexter through season 6 you should stop reading.  Furthermore, if you don't want to be spoiled by speculation about what's coming towards the end of season 6 then you should stop reading right now.  Just don't want anybody spoiled that doesn't want to be spoiled by where I think the season is headed.  Good?  Great!  Let's continue:

This season of Dexter has been problematic for a number of reasons.  The obvious main problem in Dexter is the big bad(s).  I'm firmly entrenched in the camp that thinks the Dexter writers think they have us all fooled and are going to "reveal" that the bad guys are in fact one bad guy.  They're basically stealing fight club by making Gellar a figment of Travis' imagination.  Oh, and the fact that Dexter, who is seemingly the smartest guy in Miami, has no clue, makes zero sense.  From what we see, no one ever acknowledges Gellar.  Gellar sat down at the diner and there was no place setting in front him.  Only Travis speaks to Gellar.  Which makes me even more upset when they try to play angles like he was knocked out by Gellar and chained up by the old man. AND then, when Dexter comes in the old man quickly runs up the stairs and then flies away out the window.  Child please!

So there's that revelation that I think they are trying to say is going to be a huge payoff.-- which, l;et's be honest, it can only be a payoff if Gellar turns out to be real, but

2. The writers are stalling!!! To have a trinity murder happen and Dexter takes a road trip to Nebraska to investigate was done to give the writers some time to cool on doomsday.  That story should have wrapped by episode 5 when dexter had him in the car, but he let him go.  So that the writers can have dexter capture him again, and eventually kill him no sooner than episode 12 when he in fact realizes that it was travis and his imaginary professor all along.

3.  It's clear to me that Laguerta is covering up for matthews (the real real high up dude), cuz he loves hoes, and what other reason would she have for wanting deb to close the case so quick.

4.  I don't understand why Dexter is always withholding information from the cops.  Even if he can't come out and give them leads, he can certainly give them evidence that will point to a certain target.  Wasn't the whole point of his deal to get people that evade the justice system?  I dunno, but it seems like the writers have used this device one too many times in an attempt to create a problem when there really isn't one. 

Easy fixes

1.  I get that I'm being a jerk for ragging on plot points, but my main point is don't treat your audience like a bunch of dummies.  These things shouldn't be treated as mysteries that will need reveals later on.  They should let the audience in and show travis having imaginary time, but still believeing he is talking to someone.  Show him killing his sister.  Show him chaining himself up.  They should let us know that laguerta is being put in a tough spot by matthews to keep this under wraps.  Save the mystery for legit plot points.  Looking back, I have a lot of respect for what Clyde Phillips was able to do as the showrunner for the first four seasons. 

2.  Have Deb find out that dexter kills people and make them deal with it/ partner up in a strange way that works for this show and somehow draws them closer together.  My only concern here is that we'll have to wait until season 8 for this to happen.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Bad Teacher (Cam's back!)

I'm generally in the camp that comedians should be playing the lead female roles in comedies because you know, they're actually funny, but my whole theory got blown up by the movie Bad Teacher.  If you haven't seen it, you need to, because it's probably my favorite movie of the year.  The only reason I'm just getting around to it now is because my friends don't like to see anything that's not an ultra serious documentary about making bicycles for women in a small village in Africa.  No. fucking. thanks.

In Blank Stare news Billy Crystal is hosting the Oscars.  again. o_O  After Eddie peaced, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to watch anyway, but now I'm definitely not going to watch.  One because black people having been getting shut out.  Was anyone black even there last year?  So instead of funny this year, the show is going for safe.  Think superbowl halftime shows in the post nipplegate era.  Unfortunately, Billy Crystal is now the dump off pass of Oscar hosts.  I'd much rather give James Franco another shot with a script written to his comedic strengths.  I mean the guy is funny if you give him something to work with.


p.s. following up on my bad teacher train of thought.  Can't wait for "Young Adult"

Diablo Cody + Charlize Theron = gold