Monday, January 2, 2012

The Cowboys' 2011 Season In One Picture

Muhammad Ali-LIE Manning!
RIP Tony "OhNo" 2006-2011

Welp, Cowboys got knocked da fuck out again.  Which begs the question, is there a team that more embodies what is wrong with professional athletes today?  No team celebrates more early only to be left holding the bag of jizz towels late.  Yet every year I have to listen to more noise about how they're the most talented team, or a serious contender etc.  Why!?!? Just because they're the cowboys?!!?  Now the Cowboys got a lot of problems, but I'mma put the lion share on Tony Romo.  I understand all their DBs are trash, but this bitch they got stickin his hands in between the centers thighs in 2011 is Drake's "Take Care" personified.  The man is about as inspiring as watching senior citizens do pilates.  Honestly, I'd rather go to war with the girl with the dragon tattoo. Cuz at least then we got a .0000009% chance of winning the game.  I mean damn.  All Tony does is lose.  When this man goes to the bench and picks up the phone sometimes I wonder if Jamarcus Russell is on the other end.  Just whispering sweet nothings like, "you're doing great Tony." or, "it's not your fault, I'da made the same throw."  Unfortunately, people gon forget all about this shit come September 2012.  But that's alright, I've told em before, and I'll tell em again.