Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Best in The Business: Amy Odell

Today we need to talk about one of my heroes. Amy Odell.  Blogger, fashion sage, gif lover, internet wiz, and all around funny person Amy Odell.  Amy is currently an editor for Buzzfeed, but we'll get to that later. I first got to know Amy through her work at the Cut.  As you may have surmised, I did not stumble across the Cut on my own accord.  I found out about the site because my ex-girlfriend and I used to have disturbingly involved discussions about America's Next Top Model and The Hills.  (Yes, there was a time when I believed these reality starlets were real people making unscripted decisions)  Then she started watching The City, which of course meant I started watching the city, and she put me on to this hilarious blog that recapped every episode.  What was so interesting to me is that the recaps weren't the typical "this happened, then that happened."  Instead, they were a list of lessons that could be "learned" by watching the show.  Given my fondness of lists, I was sold right off the bat.   Honestly, it got to the point where I was almost more excited for the recap than the actual show itself.  It probably doesn't make sense to post this out of context, but I believe in your astuteness.

Man I miss these girls.  I think all the episodes are on Netflix, and I posted the link to the recaps, so treat. yo. self!
Recap Snippet From the Season 2 Premiere Episode.

"Lesson 1: Being a good sidekick.
Do: Find a role for yourself and stick to it. When Whitney goes fabric shopping and explains how stressed out she is that she has to show 24 looks but only has 17, and has to cast models and figure out hair and other stuff, Roxy just stands there with a blank expression. Sidekicks either need to be like Watson, and offer pertinent information or life-saving assistance, or like Phoebe from Friends and provide comic relief.

Don’t: Stand around like a dope. Roxy might wear an absurd pair of pants rather than sing “Smelly Cat,” but she has to be and do something to make us feel she’s valuable and worth at least a fraction of our cable bills. Here she wants to be an actress and she’s on TV! Wow us, sister!"
used courtesy of The Cut
For 4 years Amy worked at The Cut as a blogger and editor.  After I started reading the Cut, my morning routine pretty much consisted of: wake up, check email, check twitter, then check what Amy posted.  Her writing is consistently witty and I admire her ability to pinpoint the absurdity of seemingly innocuous moments.  Even though I'm a fashion novice,  I can read one of her takes and feel informed enough to craft an opinion of my own on the issue.  I can't stress enough that you really need to be on board if you're interested in fashion.  Even if you're not, you'll love what she has to say, because I assure you she makes all of her material accessible to everyone.  So what does she write about? Well... Amy managed to explain that whole Tyra going to Harvard story.  Remember that time armpits were a trendy thing?  Amy got you.  Need someone to analyze a statement like "Tom Brady is the Beyonce of the NFL," Amy's your girl.  There's literally something for everyone.

And not to bury the lead, but most importantly, she shares my infatuation with Kate Middleton.  Seriously, how can you not like Kate when there are pictures of her floating around the internet like this!  Sorry Kanye, but Prince William did do it right if you assssk me!

Ms. Odell is working over at Buzzfeed now, and I've followed her over there.  More specifically she's the editor for Buzzfeed Shift.  It's technically for women, but dudes are totally allowed. The best part of her move is that now we're getting her take on things outside of fashion as well.  Fashion is certainly a substantial component of her content, but she's just as likely to comment on that unkempt chic vibe  Ke$ha's channeling as Shawn Johnson retiring from Gymnastics. 

A couple of weeks ago, I had to choose between watching Game Of Thrones/VEEP/Mad Men/Girls and the Billboard Awards. (and cmon there's no way I was choosing the billboard awards as they're maybe... maybe a notch above MTV music video awards.)  Fortunately, Amy pretty much took everything I needed to know and boxed it up into a neat little photo recap.

When commenting on Kerli's "fashion statement" she wrote: (p.s. who is Kerli?) 

"I don't know what this girl is about, or what her outfit is about, but I think she gets points for not trying. It's the Billboard Awards — why bother going home to change after the slumber party?"

Her thoughts on Brandy's dress:

"This dress is like one big unnecessary moccasin."

Not from the Billboard Awards, but at the Cannes Film Festival, she had this to say about Eva's Jumpsuit:

I believe anyone wearing a jumpsuit has thought very hard about whether or not they should wear the jumpsuit. Jumpsuits are problematic garments because you have to get naked when you go to the bathroom, and if you're tall they're likely to give you camel toe and/or a wedgie. That said, I think this one looks nice on Eva.
used courtesy of Buzzfeed Shift
 There was so much going on there that I was completely oblivious to.  Seriously, good lookin' out Amy.

Ok, I think I've gushed enough about Amy to get my point across, but on the off chance you didn't get my thesis, she's freakin' great!  One thing I really admire about Amy is that she interacts with her fans and readers.  And it doesn't seem like something she does begrudgingly.  I get the feeling she genuinely enjoys her readers.  Tweet her, and there's a good chance she'll write back.  She constantly interacts with her followers, and if you write her over at buzzfeed, she might, just might, answer your email on the site.

Sure that last paragraph seemed liked a logical conclusion, but we go the extra mile around here.  Consider this our victory lap.  Some people are just naturally funny and Amy is certainly one of those people.  Even better, she's the kind of person that you'd want to hang out with. Check her site. Follow Amy on twitter.  Follow her on Buzzfeed.  She's the best, and I'm proud to call her one of my blogging heroes.

Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Splinter Cell Without Sam Fisher?

Sure the character Sam Fisher is in the game, but the actor who has played Sam Fisher for the last 10 years, Michael Ironside, was not asked to reprise his role as Fisher in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.  It would be one thing if Mr. Ironside opted for whatever reason not to record the script for blackout (it's a long tedious job, that essentially keeps you inside a booth by yourself) but they decided he wasn't a good fit for the part.  Excuse me?  The voice of Sam Fisher is ICONIC.  Listening to Sam narrate the story is one of the reasons I love the game so much.

The biggest piece of BS is the fact that they did so they could have the new actor do motion capture.  I'm sorry, but there are a million struggling actors/ screenwriters/ waiters that would gladly put on that black suit with white balls and shut the hell up for job.  There's literally no reason Michael Ironside is no longer the voice of Sam Fisher.  Hopefully Ubisoft realizes what a huge mistake they've made, and begs Michael to return to the booth.

This Sam Fisher talks like a kid. The Sam I know is a grizzled vet.

Splinter Cell changed the way stealth games are played.  Why f*ck up a good thing?
Like I said before, the voice of Sam Fisher is Iconic.  Super Mario isn't going to all of a sudden sound like Chris Rock.  The Link character in the Legend of Zelda isn't going to suddenly have a voice.  Video games don't change their flagship characters because it's bad for business and it's bad for the fans that identify with that character.  (My guess is that it's to prime people for the eventual splinter cell movie.  But in my opinion, that's George Clooney's role.)

Can you imagine what it would be like to be his wingman? 
Anyway, I've spent roughly 50 hours of my life, (probably closer to 100) playing splinter cell games.  After 100 hours I don't want to spend time with anyone new.  I want my old Sam back dammit!! The way I see it, Conviction originally started out as a game centered around blending in in broad daylight, got delayed, and became the game that revolutionized the series and is probably second best to Chaos Theory.  After that dreadfully painful 3 year delay we got the Mark and Execute mechanic.  I would not mind another delay one bit if it meant bringing back Michael Ironside.  (Just maybe not 3 years this time guys.) 

Before Delay

After Delay

totally worth it