Monday, June 4, 2012

A New Splinter Cell Without Sam Fisher?

Sure the character Sam Fisher is in the game, but the actor who has played Sam Fisher for the last 10 years, Michael Ironside, was not asked to reprise his role as Fisher in Splinter Cell: Blacklist.  It would be one thing if Mr. Ironside opted for whatever reason not to record the script for blackout (it's a long tedious job, that essentially keeps you inside a booth by yourself) but they decided he wasn't a good fit for the part.  Excuse me?  The voice of Sam Fisher is ICONIC.  Listening to Sam narrate the story is one of the reasons I love the game so much.

The biggest piece of BS is the fact that they did so they could have the new actor do motion capture.  I'm sorry, but there are a million struggling actors/ screenwriters/ waiters that would gladly put on that black suit with white balls and shut the hell up for job.  There's literally no reason Michael Ironside is no longer the voice of Sam Fisher.  Hopefully Ubisoft realizes what a huge mistake they've made, and begs Michael to return to the booth.

This Sam Fisher talks like a kid. The Sam I know is a grizzled vet.

Splinter Cell changed the way stealth games are played.  Why f*ck up a good thing?
Like I said before, the voice of Sam Fisher is Iconic.  Super Mario isn't going to all of a sudden sound like Chris Rock.  The Link character in the Legend of Zelda isn't going to suddenly have a voice.  Video games don't change their flagship characters because it's bad for business and it's bad for the fans that identify with that character.  (My guess is that it's to prime people for the eventual splinter cell movie.  But in my opinion, that's George Clooney's role.)

Can you imagine what it would be like to be his wingman? 
Anyway, I've spent roughly 50 hours of my life, (probably closer to 100) playing splinter cell games.  After 100 hours I don't want to spend time with anyone new.  I want my old Sam back dammit!! The way I see it, Conviction originally started out as a game centered around blending in in broad daylight, got delayed, and became the game that revolutionized the series and is probably second best to Chaos Theory.  After that dreadfully painful 3 year delay we got the Mark and Execute mechanic.  I would not mind another delay one bit if it meant bringing back Michael Ironside.  (Just maybe not 3 years this time guys.) 

Before Delay

After Delay

totally worth it

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