Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Little Sunday Q & A

Who Agrees With Being Hit In The Nuts?

Not Carmelo Anthony.
Anthony in complete disagreement with being hit in the nuts.

Melo, your thoughts?

"It was definitely a cheap shot. Something like that, I don't play like that, I don't agree with that," Anthony said Tuesday before practice. "If you're going to foul somebody ... foul them hard, but you don't take a shot like that. So I don't agree with that, but at this point there's really nothing that nobody can do about it."

When Did Rick Ross Become The Hottest Rapper In the Game?

I love his verse in "I Wish You Would." It gets me so hype.  "My corner was scorchin / somehow my flow was the coldest!" Bravo Rozay. I'll be real, normally I am not a fan of shirtless rappers, but I very much enjoyed his topless video for "Hold Me Back."

I wonder if any of these guys plan on holding him back, if so I have bad news for them... 
Extra Credit: Rick Ross "Hold Me Back" Meme (Mad Men Spoilers at bottom of linked page)

photos used courtesy of popdust
Why Does Corporate Life Have To Be So Hard?

I wanna call in sick everyday.  I wanna pull a Michael Phelps and retire right now.  If I hit that lottery money I'm out.

What's Not To Like About Usain Bolt?

The guy gets a "wake up call" and then goes out and destroys everyone in the 100 M and 200M.  The crazy thing is he didn't match his world record time in the 100 but the next four guys all ran the best times of their careers.  Usain is cold.

Hold my diiiiiiick...

How Great Is That lil Click Before a Lil Wayne verse?

A: Pretty Great. Moving On.

Are You Listening To The JV Club Podcast?

Alison Brie anyone?
She had a great interview on janet's podcast.  Seriously, treat yo self!
You Mind If I Do Some Shout Outs? 

Shout out to Bill Cosby
Shout out to Twerk teams
Shout out to the milk left in the bowl
Shout out to spreadsheets
Shout out to Jackie Chan's broken English
Shout out to Poetry
Shout out to Dwayne Wade's Yellow Eye
Shout out to Jerry Sandusky
Shout out to insensitivity
Shout out to Kim K's virginity
Shout out to Dragons
Shout out to Morgan Freeman's dead hand

Is Anyone Having A Better Year Than LeBron?

Definitely not if you measure it in dancing.

Danicing After Beating Boston

Dancing After Beating OKC (Winning NBA Finals)

Dancing After Beating the World (Olympic Gold)

How Did True Blood convince me to stop caring about every storyline?

Season finale is today and I give exactly 0 fucks.

Both me and Pam are tired of listening to whatever bullshit Sookie is whining about.

Which brings me to my final much longer before I get to see this man back on television?


one of my favorite meme series lately

til next time...