Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This One Goes Out to All the "Suit and Tie" Haters

Haters...  "I do it for my haters."  "This for my haters."  It's played out.  You don't have haters.  Bieber has haters. (rightfully so?) You do not.  Just when it appeared that haters had exhausted all their living, breathing, hate-able options, they rediscovered audio files.  A series of ONES and ZEROES that are converted...semi-miraculously I might add...into sound waves that are then interpreted by your brain. In other words, haters are truly going to hate.

Nothing confuses me more than people who don't like the song "Suit and Tie."  When did this become a thing to not like?  I can truthfully say I would be less confused by a white man, at a Tyler Perry movie, dressed like Madea, on opening night, in Salt Lake City.  There are people who actively dislike the song.  With Activity!  It boggles the mind.  This isn't a Dane Cook situation where it's cool to hate the song, but there are definitely two camps.  And it's the mere existence of the Anti-"Suit and Tie" camp that gets on my nerves.  I just don't understand the hate.  I mean imagine if someone came up to you and said "I don't know about you but I hate cereal boxes.  All cereal boxes too, I just hate em so much.  Especially the cardboard ones."  The suit and tie hate just feels similarly out of left field.

What exactly is there to hate?  The smooth beat?  Justin's angelic vocals?  A slick Jay-Z verse?

Serious sidebar:

I think it gets back to people wanting you to do the same thing over and over.  They wanted Sexyback 2.0 and didn't get it, so they're complaining.  The kicker is had they gotten Sexyback 2.0, they'd be talking about how it isn't as good as the original.  It's the haters dilemma.

So shout out to Justin for an incredibly solid effort.  It's definitely for R&B heads so I don't expect the masses to really embrace this (although he moved about 980,000 copies in the first week so what do I know).  I'd say make sure you at least check, Pusher Love Girl, Mirrors, Strawberry Bubblegum, and Blue Ocean Floor (my favorite).

End serious sidebar.

Back to these professional "Suit and Tie" haters.

What is your purpose?

You know why A$AP Rocky's hook isn't "I hate Suit and Tie, that's my fuckin problem"

Because that's a stupid fuckin problem.

If you don't like "Suit and Tie" you should try NOT listening to it.

Simple as that.
What do you mean Darius?

For example, I don't DRINK the juices of pomegranates because I don't LIKE pomegranates and the juices they produce(s).

In conclusion...
I don't pay attention to the people hating on suit and tie because...

The people hating on suit and tie are the same people holding up the self-checkout line trying to save 23 cents on a 100 - pack of toilet paper. <<  You can't even wipe your ass with 23 cents.  You know what you *can* wipe your ass with?...SO LET THAT 23 CENTS BREATHE!!    

The people hating on suit and tie are still mad at Beyonce for using a backing track during Obama's inauguration.

The people hating on suit and tie have an egg as their twitter avatar with 10,000 tweets and 3 followers.

The people hating on suit and tie appointment watch Two and a Half Men.  (Thursdays 8:30/7:30 CT)

The people hating on suit and tie ARE LOST.

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