Thursday, June 20, 2013

Game 7 Burning Questions

The big game is tonight.  Heat vs. Spurs in game 7 of the 2013 NBA Finals.  I've got some questions.  

How many minutes will LeBron’s headband see?
Set the over / under at 25 minutes.

Whose game will it be?
LeBron fingerprint game, D-Wade wake up game, Manu Wake-up game, bench blow up game, Tim Duncan Legacy game?  I’m not sure.  I’m guessing the rare LeBron *takeover*  game (38-8-5) coupled with a big heat three.  Whether it’s Mike “I may look like a racist, but I’m not” Miller, 2k13 Ray Allen, or Chalmers.  It sure ain’t gonna be Bosh.  He'll be happy as long as he can do this:

What N the Hell Chris? SMH...

Will the Birdman soar?
Best nickname to talent ratio in the entirety of team sports.

Taking a break from the rigors of the "birdbox." *The birdbox is his "office." It's basically just any area a foot or less from the basket.
If Spoelstra wins two titles is he a good coach?
Or the more troubling question:  Are you prepared to live in a world where Udonis Haslem has three rings?

Does Danny Green matter ever again in life after game 7?

You're right that was a stupid question.

Did Juwan Howard sleep at all last night?
This will be by far his most pressure packed night of standing, clapping, high fiving, towel waving etc.

This gotta be photoshop right?
How obnoxious will my tweets and fb posts be if LeBron wins “not one”?

How obnoxious will the tweets and fb posts of LeBron haters be if he loses “not one”?

Equally obnoxious, choose your side.  Enjoy the game.  I'm out.

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