Sunday, October 27, 2013

The First Line of Jay Z's "Holy Grail" Confuses Me

One of the hottest songs of the summer still confuses me so yesterday I decided to shoot Randiesel an email hoping he could clear things up for me.

This is Hov's first line of Holy Grail:

I still think the youtube video was hotter than the whole album but we'll get to that later this week.
Blue told me remind you n*ggas,F*ck that sh*t y'all talkin' bout, I'm the n*gga

(note: for the uninitiated, Blue is Jay's daughter.  She's 22 months old.)

Simple enough right? Wrong.  That shit is cryptic as hell.

Here are my questions:

1.  Did blue tell him to remind us about something then he's like "f*ck that shit, i'm the n*gga"  --- essentially saying, f*ck whatever blue told him to remind us about because he's in charge.  like is he dissing blue?

2.  Is Blue aware of all the other n*ggas running around (thinking they are the king of new york etc) and she's like, no jay, f*ck all that sh*t, you're that n*gga.  If so, blue is incredibly advanced as i believe i was blissfully unaware of the status of my father at that age.

3.  Getting back to number one, maybe it's not a direct diss of blue, but just as he's about to remind us what blue is telling he says "f*ck that sh*t."  that's a fact.  so whatever blue told him he's officially off that.  then he decides to declare he's that n*gga.

Randiesel's response:

1. I don't think Jay is dissing blue. that would be crazy, a father daughter diss track. And blue can't even defend herself!!! I feel like he's saying like when he says "f*ck that shit i'm the n*gga", he's saying.... you right blue good call. I mean if i could influence one line in Jay's song that's a win.

2. I think blue is the most aware. I could see her in Jays ear all day, talking about (Lance) Kendricks (Perkins) Lamar, A$AP Rocky, etc. I feel like she is real critical of other rappers out there right now, and is pretty upset with hip hop in general. I wonder what her thoughts on Yeezus were?

3. Whoa, i see what you did there, you right. Maybe he's like, wow, even blue questioning me? I don't know. And it's like, I feel like beyonce's gotta be in blue's ear saying like "don't disturb jay in the studio". I feel like blue ruined studio time for this one.

4. When jay is like "but look what that did to Hammer" and "look what that did to tyson".... like is he taking free shots? No one is like...hey man lay off hammer, hey lay off tyson. Like these dudes have been through a lot. I feel like jay is the floyd money mayweather of rappers. he's taking shots at guys he know he can beat. like hammer's not gonna bounce back and create a jay diss track. well played jay, get your guaranteed money

[Editors note:  This isn't the first time Jay's gone after Hammer either (see So Appalled), but props to Hammer for not taking it lying down.]

5. I'll leave it at this, this is safe for work.

Alright...that's all I got for today.  The Hiatus is over.  New season of the blog starts this week. I'm out!